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SSC Quant Mix Quiz

Q1. The speed of 10 m/s is the same as 

(a) 63 km/hr

(b) 36 km/hr

(c) 69 km/hr

(d) 18 km/hr


Q2. P travels to 6 hours at the rate of 5km/hour and for 3 hours at the rate of 6km/hour. The average speed of the journey in km/hour is

(a) 16/5

(b) 16/3

(c) 20/9

(d) 12/5



(a) 243

(b) 143

(c) 343

(d) 443



(a) 0

(b) 1

(c) 2

(d) 3


Q5. A person lends 40% of his sum money at 15% per annum, 50% of rest at 10% per annum and the at 18% per annum rate of interest, What would be the annual rate of interest, if the interest is calculated on the whole sum?

(a) 13.4 %

(b) 14.33%

(c) 14.4%

(d) 13,33%


Q6. Two numbers are in the ratio 17: 45. One third of the smalleris less than 1/5 ofthe bigger by 15. The smaller number is: 

(a) 51/2

(b) 135/2

(c) 153/2

(d) 173/2


Q7. A and B working together; can do a piece of work in 9/2 hours. B and C working together can do it in 3 hours. C and A working together can do it in 9/4 hours. All of them begin the work at the same time. Find how much time they will take to finish the piece of work.

(a) 3 hours

(b) 2 hours

(c) 2.5 hours

(d) 3.25 hours


Q8. A car and a jeep were sold for Rs. 2,40,000 each. The car was sold at a loss of 20% while the jeep at a gain of 20%. The entire transaction resulted in

(a) neither loss nor gain

(b) gain of Rs. 1000

(c) loss of Rs. 20,000

(d) gain of Rs. 500


Q9.   The length of a room is 3 meter more than its breadth. If the area of a floor of the room is 70 meter2, then the perimeter of the floor will be 

(a) 14 miter

(b) 28 miter

(c) 34 miter

(d) 17 miter


Q10. When a number is divided by 56, the remainder obtained is 29. What will be the remainder when the number is divided by 8?

(a) 4

(b) 5

(c) 3

(d) 7


Q11. Given that, 10% of A’s income = 15% of B’s income = 20% of C’s income. If sum of their incomes is R 7800, then B’s income is :

(a) 3600

(b) 3000

(c) 2400

(d) 1800


Q12. A boat covers 12 km upstream and18 km downstream in 3 hours, while it covers 36 km upstream and  24 km downstream in 13/2 hours, what is the speed of the current ?

(a) 1.5 km/hr

(b) 1 km/hr

(c) 2 km/hr

(d) 2.5 km/hr


Q13. If the difference between S.I and C.I for 2 years on a sum of money lent at 5% is Rs. 6, then the sum is:

(a) Rs.2200

(b) Rs.2400

(c) Rs.2600

(d) Rs.2000


Q14. The marked price of a radio is Rs. 4,800. The shopkeeper allows a discount of 10% and gains 8%. If no discount is allowed, his gain per cent will be     

(a) 18%

(b) 20%

(c) 22%

(d) 25%


Q15. The top of two poles of height 24m and 36 m are connected by a wire. If the wire makes an angle of 60° with the horizontal, then the length of the wire is 

(a) 6m

(b) 8√3 m

(c) 8 m

(d) 6√3 m


1. b 2. b 3. c 4. c 5. c 6. c 7. b 8. c 9. c 10. b 11. c 12. c 13. b 14. b 15. b


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