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SSC MTS Tier-I 2017 Memory Based GK Questions

SSC MTS Tier-I 2017 GK Questions 19 September

Q1. Who got 2016Arjun award?

Ans. shiv thapa

Q2. Who inventedthe airplane?

Ans. wrightbrothers

Q3. On violationof fundamental right, a person can go to supreme court this comes under whichright?

Ans. right toconstitutional remedies.

Q4. One questionfrom book & authors

Q5. One questionfrom primary device.

Q6. One match thefollowing in which river & state was given. You have to find out the wrongone.

Q7. Sunil Chhetriis related to which whihc sport?

Q8. An object ismoving in straight path with uniform velocity?

Q9. Chabahar portagreements between india,afganisthan and____________?


Q10. Who adoptedthe title of Maharajadhiraja?

Ans. Chandragupta

Q11. Who iscalled the soul of indian constitutional?

Q12. Flood offire is written by whom?

Q13. What iscalled national income.

Q14. PradhanMantri Suraksha bima yojna age is between 18 to _____.

Q15. What is thefunction of Salivary amylase?

Q16. Ram andcache memory are primary memory?


SSC MTS Tier-I 2017 GK Questions 18 September

Q1.When wasSukanya Samridhi Scheme launched?

Q2.Weaving ofclothes comes under which sector?

Q3.Where polestar lies?

Q4.Which countrydo not have documented Constitution?

Q5.Which isresponsible to transport water in plants?

Ans. Xylem

Q6.Midrib of leafis known as?

Q7. When day andnight are of approximately equal duration?

Ans. Equinox

Q8. Who among thefollowing Sultan shifted from Delhi to Daulathabad?

Q9. Salts ofSoaps and sodium contains which acid?

Q10. Another nameof vitamin C?

Ans. Ascorbicacid

Q11. Who is theauthor of “Playing it my way”?

Ans. SachinTendulkar

Q12.Which form ofenergy does a wound watch spring have?

Q13. How manynumbers of players are there in football?

Q14. Race &religion comes under which act?

Q15. Nightblindness is the deficiency of which Vitamin?

Ans. Vitamin A

Q16. Which wasthe first sound movie?

Ans. Alam Ara

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