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Q1. Which of the following circuit elements is used to block DC in an electronic circuit ?

(a) Resistances

(b) Capacitance

(c) Inductance

(d) Diode


Q2.  Which Fundamental Right according to Dr. Ambedkar is like the heart of the Constitution?

(a) Right of Constitutional remedies

(b) Right to religion

(c) Right to equality

(d) Right to freedom


Q3. Money Bills originate in the State Legislative Assembly on the recommendation of

(a) the Governor

(b) the Chief Minister

(c) the Finance Minister

(d) the Speaker


Q4.  Humburger effect is otherwise known as

(a) Sodium pump

(b) Anaerobic metabolism

(c) Choloride shift

(d) Respiratory product


Q5.  German silver used for making utensils is an alloy of

(a) copper silver nickel

(b) copper zinc nickel

(c) copper zinc aluminium

(d) copper nickel aluminium


Q6. Who introduced MMX technology?

(a) IBM

(b) Apple

(c) Microsoft

(d) Intel


Q7. The deflection of the winds to the right in the northern hemisphere is caused by :

(a) revolution of the earth

(b) rotation of the earth

(c) uneven heating of the earth

(d) All the above


Q8. Which of the following is a perfect match ?

(a) Coronary attack – vascular dilation

(b) Atherosclerosis – blockage of arteries

(c) Hypertension- low blood pressure

(d) Hypotension – heart attack


Q9. BT seed is associated with

(a) Rice

(b) Wheat

(c) Cotton

(d) Oil seeds


Q10.  Cement is formed by strongly heating a mixture of

(a) limestone and graphite

(b) limestone and clay

(c) chalk and graphite.

(d) clay and graphite


Q11.  Which one of the following is used as preservative for foodstuff ?

(a) Sodium Benzoate

(b) Picric acid

(c) Glycerine

(d) Sodium Chloride


Q12. Which application in Microsoftoffice is feasible for preparing presentations?

(a) Microsoft Excel

(b) Microsoft Word

(c) Microsoft Power Point

(d) Microsoft Publishers


Q13. Myopia is the same as

(a) Near sightedness

(b) Astigmatism

(c) Presbyopia

(d) Longsightedness


Q14. Which of the following nonmembers of Parliament has the right to address it ?

(a) Attorney General of India

(b) Solicitor General of India

(c) Chief Justice of India

(d) Chief Election Commissioner


Q15. Following the addition of artificial or non-artificial substances such as nitrates and phosphates through fertilizers or sewage to a fresh water body, there is:

1.Great increase of phytoplankton

2.Enhanced growth of aquatic vegetation i.e. phytoplankton and algal bloom

3.Natural eutrophication

4. Human-caused eutrophication

(a) 1,2,3

(b) 1,2,4

(c) 2,3,4

(d) 1,2, 3, 4


Q16. Some of the important-peasant revolts of the 19th colonial India and their leaders were as follows:

1.Santhal Rebellion – Sido and Kanhu

2.Khonds of Ghumsar – Chakra Bisoi

3.Savare Rebellion – Radhakrishna Dandasena

4.Pabna Uprising – Kesab Chandra Roy

Select the code for correct statements:

(a) Only 1

(b) 2,3

(c) 4 only

(d) 1,2,3, 4


Q17. The Congress was passing through midnight gloom, and Gandhiji himself withdrew from politics altogether, devoting himself to his social programme. This refers to which period of the Indian National movement

(a) failure of Round Table Conference and its after-math

(b) post non-cooperation phase

(c) world-wide depression of 1930s

(d) none of the above


Q18. One of the following is true about India’s foreign policy:

1.It seeks to promote independent foreign policy

2.India’s faith in peaceful co-existence is deep-rooted

(a) 1 only

(b) 2 only

(c) Both 1 and 2

(d) Neither1 nor 2


Q19.  What is true about ITC?

(a) it is a high pressure belt

(b) it is also known as the horse latitudes

(c) it is the zone of convergence of the trade winds

(d) it is the zone of convergence of the westerlies


Q20. We derive our information regarding Harsh from

(a) Harisena

(b) Kalhan

(c) Bana

(d) Kalidasa


            1 b       2 a       3 a       4 c       5 b       6 d       7 b       8 d       9 c       10 b     11 a     12 c     13 a     14 a     15 b            16 d     17 b     18 c     19 c     20 c

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