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Q1. The limb bones of children become bent if there is deficiency of vitamin

(a) a

(b) b

(c) D

(d) E


Q2. Normal blood pressure of man is

(a) 80/120 mm Hg

(b) 90/140 mm Hg

(c) 120/160 mm Hg

(d) 85/120 mm Hg


Q3.  Which one of the following pairs is NOT correctly matched?

(a) Haematite : Copper

(b) Bauxite: Aluminium

(c) Monazite: Thorium

(d) Pitchblende : Uranium


Q4.  When a spoon is to be electroplated with nickel the spoon is

(a) dipped in a nickel sulphate solution

(b) made anode and a pure nickel rod the cathode

(c) made cathode and a pure nickel red the anode

(d) coated with nickel sulphate and dried


Q5. The metal whose electrical conductivity is more is

(a) copper

(b) aluminum

(c) silver

(d) lead


Q6. What happens to substrate molecules at an enzyme active site?

(a) They become covalently bonded to the enzyme

(b) They become catalysts

(c) They react with oxygen in the air

(d) They undergo change to a desired product


Q7. Asia’s largest inland saltwater lagoon as well as world’s largest breeding place for colonies of flamingoes, white-bellied sea eagles, jacanas and herons is

(a) Bhittar kanika Wild Life Sanctuary

(b) Ranganathittu Wild Life Sanctuary

(c) Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

(d) Chilka Lake Bird Sanctuary


Q8. Some of the regional bases of militant nationalism are given below. Find the odd one out

(a) Bengal

(b) Punjab

(c) Gujarat

(d) Maharashtra


Q9. The Gandhi led Champaran satyagraha aimed at

(a) securing the rights of Harijan’s

(b) establishing Hindu-Muslim Unity

(c) solving indigo cultivators problem

(d) None of the above


Q10. One of the following is wrongly listed with regard to National Health Policy (2002)

(a) To achieve acceptable standard of good health system

(b) To lay emphasis on rational use of medicines

(c) To improve health care

(d) To upgrade the infrastructure in the existing institutions


Q11. Which state has witnessed the highest growth rate of population during 2001-11?

(a) Arunachal Pradesh

(b) Bihar

(c) Meghalaya

(d) Andhra Pradesh


Q12. Arrange the various writers of Sanskrit drama in an ascending chronological order:





(a) 1,4, 2, 3

(b) 2,1,4,3

(c) 3, 1,4,2

(d) 2,3,1,4


Q13. Pituitary gland is located in

(a) brain

(b) kidney

(c) liver

(d) intestine


Q14. A test tube baby means :

(a) a baby grown in a test tube.

(b) embryo fertilised in uterusand developed in test tube.

(c) embryo fertilised and developed in uterus.

(d) fertilisation in vitro and thentransplantation in the uterus.


Q15. 82(12) ° E longitude is geographically significant to India because

(a) it determines the Indian standard time

(b) it has a bearing on the tropical climate of India

(c) it divides India into eastern and western zones

(d) it enables determining local time in eastern India


Q16. Nagpur gets scanty rainfall because it is located with reference to Sahyadri Mountains towards

(a) windward side

(b) seaward side

(c) onshore side

(d) leeward side


Q17. The first metal used by man was

(a) Alumunium

(b) Copper

(c) iron

(d) Silver


Q18. Which of the following PSU’s has been privatised?

(a) HZL

(b) CMC

(c) Hotel Corporation of India



Q19. Why the needle of iron swimson Water surface when it is kept gently ?

(a) It will remain under the water when it will displace more water than its weight

(b) the density of needle is less than that of water

(c) due to surface tension

(d) due to its shape


Q20. If the temperature of a place Increases suddenly the relative humidity

(a) Increases

(b) Decreases

(c) Remains constant

(d) Fluctuates


            1 c       2 a       3 a       4 c       5 c       6 d       7 d       8 c       9 d       10 b     11 c     12 b     13 a     14 d     15 a            16 d     17 b     18 a     19 c     20 b

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