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SBI PO Pre Puzzles

A, J, W, L, P, D ,T, G Live on 8th floor of a building. Ground floor numbered 1 and floor above on ground floor is numbered 2 and so on till topmost floor. All engineering student studies different streams i.e. mechanical, electronics, chemical, Aeronautical, instrumentation, petroleum, software, biomedical (not in same order).

More than four people live between D and who studies chemical. D lives on floor above the one who studies chemical. D do not lives on floor 7. Four persons live between P and who studies biomedical. One who studies biomedical lives below P. As many as lives between D and P as between one who studies biomedical and T. T does not study chemical. As many live below T as below the one who studies Aeronautical. More than two lives between who studies biomedical and A. A not lives on floor 7. As many live between A and T as between Aeronautical and software. who studies Software lives below one who studies Aeronautical. Number of people live between A and software is same as between D and who studies Petroleum. Two lives between W and one who studies petroleum . More than 1 people live between A and L. J lives below A but not immediately below A.One who studies Instrumentation lives above one who studies electronics.



A, B, C, D, P, Q, R, S  seated  straight line facing north.All have different ages 14,16,17,19,21,23,26,31,(not same order). B sit extreme  on the end of the line. Three people sit b/w B and 16 yr old. 23 yr old sits second left of Q. Q sits right of 16 yr old but not immediate. Two persons sit b/w 23 yr old and D. Three persons sit b/w 26 yr and C. C sits right of 26 yr. Neither B nor D are 26 yr old. The difference of ages of neighbours of D is 5. Oldest is not neighbor of D. D is not oldest. P sits right of 31 yr old. More than1I sit b/w 31 and 19 yr old. A sits second right of R.


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