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Part 331 – Parajumbles Previous Year Questions

Q1. (a) The traveller said, “Can you tell me the way to the nearest inn ?”
(P) “Do you want one in which you can spend the night ?”
(Q) “Yes”, said the peasant.
(R) “Go right down the road and turn to the left.”
(S) “Yes”, replied the traveller.
(6) “thank a lot.”
(a) PSRQ (b) QPSR
(c) SPQR (d) QSRP
Ans: (b) QPSR

Q2. (a) Money is not the root of all evils.
(P) Or, what about the desire for power driving people to horrible crimes ?
(Q) Even purposeless cruelty can be seen in many instances of evil behaviour.
(R) For example, neither teachers nor parents profit in any way by torturing children.
(S) The evils of sexual offenders are not motivated by financial gains.
(6) No, we can only say that money is the root of some evil.
(a) QRPS (b) SPQR
(c) RSPQ (d) QPRS
Ans: (a) QRPS

Q3. (a) Even the smallest insect of the living world is made up of a large number of cells.
(P) Furthermore, the cells in these small creatures widely differ in their structure and function.
(Q) An ant, or a gnat, for example is composed of hundreds of thousands of cells.
(R) Even a mite has cells making up its skeletal structure.
(S) It also has cells dedicated to digestive and reproductive functions.
(6) The cell system of small organisms is microscopic but marvellous, isn’t it ?
(a) SRQP (b) QRSP
(c) SQPR (d) QPRS
Ans: (d) QPRS

Q4. (a) Advocates of space programme argue for spending huge amounts of money on exploring Mars.
(P) But there is no firm evidence of any valuable mineral that can be extracted from Mars and transported to Earth.
(Q) Worst, nobody has any idea what undesirable microbes or poisonous materials we will be importing from Mars.
(R) They are also unrealistic about the cost of transportation that will be involved in interplanetary movement of men and materials.
(S) These enthusiasts argue that Mars could be a perennial source of materials for us earthlings.
(6) Our race to Mars is likely to be a wild goose chase.
(a) SPRQ (b) QPRS
(c) PRSQ (d) SRQP
Ans: (a) SPRQ

Q5. (a) When a light passenger plane flew off course sometime ago, it crashed in the mountains and its pilot was killed.
(P) Snow lay thick on the ground.
(Q) It was the middle of winter.
(R) The woman knew that nearest village was miles away.
(S) The only passengers, a young woman and her two baby daughters, were unhurt.
(6) When it grew dark, she turned a suitcase into a bed and put the children inside it, covering them with all the clothes she could find.
(a) PQRS (b) QPRS
(c) SQPR (d) RSPQ
(c) SQPR

Q6. (a) The lead story
(P) at 4 AM
(Q) in tonight’s news
(R) concerns the fire
(S) which engulfed the Columbia College
(6) this morning.
(a) RSPQ (b) QRSP
(c) QRPS (d) RPSQ
Ans: (b) QRSP

Q7. (a) In less than a week
(P) the processor controlled exchange
(Q) have restored the functioning of
(R) which had suffered
(S) the telecommunication people
(6) a major disaster
(a) PRSQ (b) SRPQ
(c) PQSR (d) SQPR
Ans: (d) SQPR

Q8. (a) As my joggingenthusiast sister
(P) was often bothered by neighbourhood dogs
(Q) with a stick in hand,
(R) her husband started to accompany her on a bicycle,
(S) on her daily run,
(6) to ward off any attackers.
(a) SPQR (b) PSRQ
(c) RPQS (d) PRSQ
Ans: (b) PSRQ

Q9. (a) An electrical circuit
(P) which is
(Q) of wires
(R) designed to
(S) is a circle
(6) carry electricity.
(a) SQPR (b) QPRS
(c) RQSP (d) PRSQ
Ans: (a) SQPR

Q10. (a) We have pleasure
(P) a double room with bath
(Q) for five days from September 4 to September 8,
(R) that we have reserved
(S) in informing you
(6) both days inclusive
(a) RQPS (b) SRPQ
(c) RPSQ (d) PQSR
(b) SRPQ

Q11. 1 A dictionary P. arranged words

Q. about which information R. containing alphabetically S. is a book 6. is given.
(a) RPQS (b) QRPS
(c) SRPQ (d) SPRQ
Ans: (c) SRPQ

Q12. 1. Agriculture P. cotton for our clothes

Q. raw materials like jute R. and sugarcane for our industries S. gives us food 6. and food for cattle.
(a) SRQP (b) RQPS
(c) QPRS (d) SPQR
Ans: (d) SPQR

Q13. 1. Today political freedom P. and the right

Q. however money and all that money R. assures people equality before law S. to elect their Government 6. can buy is not fairly distributed.
(a) SPRQ (b) RPSQ
(c) QRSP (d) PSRQ
Ans: (b) RPSQ

Q14. 1. By far the most logical step P. to relieve the housewife of routine

Q. which can be programmed R. to carry out standard operations S. is to provide a robot 6. when switched by the housewife.
(a) RSPQ (b) PSQR
(c) QSPR (d) SRQP
Ans: (b) PSQR

Q15. 1. During the reign of the Emperor Tiberius P. called Phaedrus

Q. an Augustan story teller R. translated Aesop’s fables into Latin S. in ancient Rome 6. and also added some tales of his own.
(a) QRPS (b) PQRS
(c) SQPR (d) RSPQ
Ans: (c) SQPR

Q16. 1. The pigeons were used P. as messengers

Q. which were tied R. in the olden days S. to carry messages 6. to their feet.
(a) PQRS (b) SPRQ
(c) PRSQ (d) PRQS
Ans: (c) PRSQ

Q17. 1. The school has always been P. tradition from one

Q. the most important R. the wealth of S. means of transferring 6. generation to the next.
(a) PSRQ (b) QSRP
(c) RSQP (d) QRSP
Ans: (b) QSRP

Q18. 1. When she got to her house, there was nothing to retrieve. P. All valuables were smashed or stolen

Q. The curtains were burned; books were ripped to shreds R. Her medals and trophies had been flung everywhere S. The house had been completely ransacked 6. Mrs M stood in the centre of her bedroom looking at a ruined copy of the Koran forcing back her tears
(a) PQRS (b) PRQS
(c) SPRQ (d) RSQP
Ans: (a) PQRS

Q19. 1. The student came late to the school P. He went home weeping.

Q. The watchman didn’t allow him inside the school R. The boy was waiting outside for sometime. S. He then decided to go home 6. It was a bad day for him
(a) QSPR (b) QSRP
(c) QRSP (d) QPSR
Ans: (c) QRSP

Q20. 1. Oliver dozed off again and it has been bright day for hours when Oliver opened his eyes. P. He belonged to the world again.

Q. In three day’s time, he was able to sit in any easy chair, well propped up with pillows, and he was still too weak to walk R. He felt cheerful and happy S. The crisis of the disease was safely past 6. Mrs. Beduin had him carried downstairs into the little housekeeper’s room which belonged to her.
(a) PQRS (b) RSPQ
(c) QRSP (d) SPQR
(c) QRSP

Q21. 1. The fox and the crane remained friends for a long time. P. She served the dishes in a beaker to the fox. The fox could not eat it because the beaker was very high.

Q. The crane could not eat the dishes because of its long beak. The next day it was the turn of the crane to host the lunch for the fox. R. But the fox wanted to show that he was cleverer than the crane. S. So one day he invited the crane for dinner and served the dishes on a plate. 6. The fox put down its head in shame and went away.
(a) PQRS (b) QSRP
(c) RSQP (d) PSQR
Ans: (c) RSQP

Q22. 1. There are examinations at school which a pupil can pass by cramming the texts. P. But for spiritual knowledge mere memory of holy texts will be of no use in passing the tests.

Q. One can score in them by the power of memory. R. A competent guru alone can provide the necessary guidance to an earnest disciple. S. What the text says has to be reflected upon and experienced by the speaker. 6. Thus, reading, reflection and experience are the three stages in gaining spiritual knowledge.
(a) RSPQ (b) RSQP
(c) SRPQ (d) QPSR
Ans: (d) QPSR

Q23. 1. No one can deny that peasant forms the backbone of the nation. P. Hence he is the most useful member of the society.

Q. Yet this fellow is exploited by the rich. R. He grows food for the whole country. S. It is our duty to improve his lot. 6. We should grant him the social status he deserves.
(a) RPQS (b) RSPQ
(c) SRPQ (d) SPQR
Ans: (a) RPQS

Q24. 1. Priya went to the first counter at the post office as she needed stamps for six rupees. P. She was shown the corner where gum bottle was kept.

Q. The woman behind the counter said it was registration counter and directed her to the last counter. R. She was looking for gum to affix the stamps on the envelope. S. She thanked the lady and came to the counter on the left extreme and got the stamps. 6. She went to the corner, took two drops of gum, affixed the stamps and put the letter in the post box.
(a) PSRQ (b) RPQS
(c) SQPR (d) QSRP
Ans: (d) QSRP

Q25. 1. It is very misleading to say that computers can ‘think’ like people. P. However, they make it possible for people to ‘bottle’ thought.

Q. They have no more a mind of their own than a lawn mower. R. They can not. S. You work out how to do a particular job, write a program and then the computer applies your thinking to that job as long as you like. 6. In this sense computers are half alive because they perpetuate thinking of their creators.
(a) RQPS (b) PSRQ
(c) SQPR (d) QSRP
(a) RQPS

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