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NDA Science Practice Test

A ray of light is incident normally on one of the faces of right angled isosceles prism as shown above. It undergoes total internal reflection from hypotenuse. Which one of the following is the minimum refractive index of the material of the prism?
(a) 1.0
(b) 1.33
(c) 1.414
(d) 1.6

Q2. A coin in a beaker filled with water appears raised. This phenomenon occurs because of the property of
(a) reflection of light
(b) refraction of light
(c) total internal reflection of light
(d) interference of light

Q3. A one-rupee coin is placed at the bottom of a vessel. Water is then poured into the vessel such that the depth of water becomes 20 cm. If water has refractive index 4/3, the coin would be seen at a depth of
(a) 20 cm
(b) about 26 cm
(c) 15 cm
(d) 25 cm

Q4. The following question consist of two statements, one labelled as the Assertion (A) and the other as ‘Reason (R), You are to examine these two statements carefully and select the answer:
Assertion (A): A person stands at a distance of 1m in front of a concave mirror. If the radius of curvature of the mirror is 4m, the image of the person lies at a distance 2m behind the mirror.
Reason (R): The general mirror equation confirms the location of the image from the mirror and it could be a real image.
(a) Both A and R are individually true and R is the correct explanation of A
(b) Both A and R are individually true but R is NOT the correct explanation of A
(c) A is true but R is false
(d) A is false but R is true

Q5. A hollow sphere of radius 50 cm is charged, such that the potential on its surface is 500 V. What is the potential at the centre of sphere?
(a) Zero
(b) 10 V
(c) 200 V
(d) 500 V

Q6. A bar magnet is placed inside a uniform magnetic field. What does it experience?
(a) A force
(b) A torque
(c) Both a force and a torque
(d) Neither a force nor a torque

Q7. Which one of the following is the resistance that must be placed parallel with 12 ohm’s resistance to obtain a combined resistance of 4 ohm’s?
(a) 2 ohm’s
(b) 4 ohm’s
(c) 6 ohm’s
(d) 8 ohm’s

Q8. A hollow metal ball carrying an electric charge produces no electric field at points
(a) outside the sphere
(b) on its surface
(c) inside the sphere
(d) only at the centre

Q9. The torque on a rectangular coil placed in a uniform magnetic field is large when the
(a) number of turns is large
(b) number of turns is less
(c) plane of the coil is perpendicular to the magnetic field
(d) area of the coil is small

Q10. A positively charged particle projected towards west is deflected towards north by a magnetic field. The direction of the magnetic field is
(a) towards south
(b) towards east
(c) in downward direction
(d) in upward direction

Q11. Which one among the following radiations carries maximum energy?
(a) Ultraviolet rays
(b) Gamma-rays
(c) X-rays
(d) Infra-red rays

Q12. Which one among the following transitions is associated with the largest change in energy in hydrogen atom?
(a) n = 5 to n = 3
(b) n = 2 to n = 1
(c) n = 3 to n = 2
(d) n = 4 to n = 2

 1. (c)2. (b)3. (c)4. (c)5. (d)6. (b)7. (c)8. (c)9. (a)10. (d)11. (b)12. (a)

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