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NDA Science Practice Test

A man with a dark skin, in comparison with a man with a white skin, will experience
(a) less heat and less cold
(b) less heat and more cold
(c) more heat and less cold
(d) more heat and more cold

Q2. A bucket full of water is kept in a room and it cools from 75°C to 70°C in time T1 minutes, from 70°C to 65°C in timeT2 minutes, and from 65°C to 60°C in time T3 minutes, then
(a) T1 =T2 = T3
(b) T1 < T2 < T3
(c) T1 > T2 > T3
(d) T1 < T3 < T2

Q3. If the length of second’s pendulum is increased by 2%, how many seconds will it lose per day?
(a) 3600 s
(b) 3456 s
(c) 1728 s
(d) 846 s

Q4. Microwave oven consumes less power due to
(a) small frequency of radiation
(b) short wavelength of radiation
(c) large frequency as well as wavelength of radiation
(d) small frequency as well as wavelength of radiation

Q5. Which on of the following is correct? Large aperture telescopes are used for
(a) greater resolution
(b) greater magnification
(c) reducing lens aberration
(d) ease of manufacture

Q6. An object is placed at a distance of 12 cm from a convex lens on its principal axis and a virtual image of certain size is formed. If the object is moved further 8 cm away from the lens, a real image of the same size as that of the virtual image is formed. Which one of the following is the focal length of the lens?
(a) 15 cm
(b) 18 cm
(c) 16 cm
(d) 20 cm

Q7. ‘The stars seem to be higher on the sky than they actually are’. This can be explained by
(a) atmospheric refraction
(b) dispersion of light
(c) total internal reflection
(d) diffraction of light

Q8. Telescopes are placed in space to view distant galaxies primarily to
(a) get closer to the observed objects
(b) avoid the absorption of light or other radiations in the atmosphere of the earth
(c) avoid light pollution from the earth’s populated areas
(d) avoid steering the telescope against the earth’s motion

Q9. What is the number of neutral points for a bar magnet with its north pole pointing geographical north?
(a) Zero
(b) One
(c) Two
(d) Infinite

Q10. Which one of the following is correct? One unit of electric power is consumed when
(a) 1 A of current flows for 1 sec at 220 V
(b) 1 A of current flows for 1 sec at 10 V
(c) 100 A of current flows for 1 sec at 10 V
(d) 10 A of current flows for 1 hour at 100 V

Q11. The force experienced by a unit positive test charge placed at a point is called
(a) magnetic field at that point
(b) gravitational field at that point
(c) electrical field at that point
(d) nuclear field at that point

Q12. If two conducting spheres are separately charged and then brought in contact
(a) the total energy of the two spheres is conserved
(b) the total charge on the spheres is conserved
(c) both the total energy and charge are conserved
(d) the final potential is always the mean of the original potential of the two spheres

 1. (c)2. 3. (d)4. (b)5. (a)6. (b)7. (a)8. (b)9. (c)10. (d)11. (c)12. (b)

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