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NDA General Ability Practice Test

Q1.  While Proclamation of Emergency is in operation, the term of the Lok Sabha can be extended for a period not exceeding?
(a)  Six weeks
(b)  Three months
(c)  Six months
(d)  One year

Q2. Which among the following statements is/are the feature(s) of a Federal state?
1. The power of the central and the state (Constituent Unit) Government are clearly laid down.
2. It has an unwritten constitution. Select the correct answer unsig the
code given below:
(a)  1 only
(b)  2 only
(c)  Both 1 and 2
(d)  Neither 1 nor 2

Q3. The Speaker of the Lok Sabha can resign his office by addressing his resignation to
(a)  the President
(b)  the Prime Minister
(c)  the Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha
(d)  the Chief Justice of India

Q4. Which among the following statements with respect to the Comptroller and Auditor General of India is/are correct?
I. The procedure and grounds for his removal from the office are the same as of a Judge of Supreme Court.
II. He prescribes the form in which accounts of the Union and the States are to be kept. Select the correct answer using the
code given below
(a)  I only
(b)  II only
(c)  Both I and II
(d)  Neither I nor II

Q5. Who among the following has a right to speak and otherwise take part in proceedings of either House of Parliament and to be a member of any parliamentary committee but is not entitled to vote?
(a)  Chairman, Finance Commission
(b)  The Attorney General
(c)  The Comptroller and Auditor General
(d)  The Chief Election Commissioner

Q6. Which Five-Year Plan had an objective of “Rapid Industrialization with particular emphasis on development of basic and heavy industries?
(a)  First
(b)  Second
(c)  Third
(d)  Fourth

Q7. Socialism is opposed to
(a)  social security scheme
(b)  equal distribution of wealth
(c)  unrestricted competition
(d)  collective ownership and management

Q8. The following eight items consist of two statements, Statement I and
II. You are to examine these two statements carefully and select the answers to these items using the
code given below: Statement I: Indian economy has experienced slower growth rate during the years 2010-11 and 2011-12.
Statement II: Indian economy has experienced weakening industrial growth during the period.
(a)  Both the statements are individually true and Statement II is the correct explanation of Statement I.
(b)  Both the statements are individually true but Statement II is not the correct explanation of Statement I.
(c)  Statement I is true but Statement II is false.
(d)  Statement I is false but Statement II is true.

Q9. S.R. Nathan is the President of which one of the following countries?
(a)  Mauritius
(b)  Singapore
(c)  Fiji
(d)  Trinidad and Tobago

Q10. In which one of the following One-Day Cricket World Cups, did India lose in the Finals?
(a)  World Cup, 1992
(b)  World Cup, 1996
(c)  World Cup, 1999
(d)  World Cup, 2003

Q11. Who among the folloinwg sports personalities is known as the payyoli Express?
(a)  Shiny Abraham
(b)  P.T. Usha
(c)  Jyotimoyee Sikdar
(d)  K.M. Beenamol

Q12. Which one of the following is not a component of the scheme Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE) launched by the Union of India?
(a)  Scheme for early attraction of talents for science
(b)  Scholarship for higher education
(c)  Assured opportunity for research careers
(d)  Vocational training after higher education

Q13. Consider the following paragraph about one of the prominent personalities of India and identify him/her using the
code given below: One of the founder members of the Progressive Artists Group, he/she painted several important series of paintings like the Mahabharata and Ramayana, Christ and the Lamb, Peace Doves, Women with Roosters and Mother Teresa. He/She made a symbolic film, Through the Eyes of a Painter, which won him/her the Golden Bear Award at the Berlin Film Festival.
(a)  Dhiraj Choudhaury
(b)  Satish Gujral
(c)  M.F. Hussain
(d)  Amrita Shergil

Q14. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the
code given below the Lists. List- I(Ship) List-II (Type)
A. INS Arihant 1 Aircraft Carrier B INS Vikrant 2 Landing Platform Dock C INS Shiwalik 3 Nuclear Submarine D INS Airavat 4 Stealth Frigate
(a)  A-3; B-4; C-1; D-2
(b)  A-3; B-1; C-4; D-2
(c)  A-2; B-1; C-4; D-3
(d)  A-2; B-4; C-1; D-3

Q15. Which among the following islands in the South China Sea are the source of conflict between several countries?
(a)  Marshall Islands
(b)  Solomon Islands
(c)  Kuril Islands
(d)  Spratly Islands

1. (d) 2. (A) 3. (c) 4. (C) 5. (b) 6. (b) 7. (c) 8. (a) 9. (D) 10. (d) 11. (B) 12. (D) 13. (c) 14. (b) 15. (d)
1.   While proclamation of Emergency is in operation be extended by parliament by law for a period not eceeding one year at a time and not extending in any case beyond a period of six months after the proclamation has ceased to operate [Article 83 (2)]
3.   The speaker of the Lok sabha can resign from his office by addressing his resignation to the deputy speaker of the Lok Sabha.
5.   The Attorney General for India is the Indian government’s chief legal advisor, and its primary lawyer in the Supreme Court of India. He is appointed by the President of India under Article 76(1) of the Constitution and holds office during the pleasure of the President. He must be a person qualified to be appointed as a Judge of the Supreme Court.
7.   Socialism is opposed to unrestricted competition.
8.   India’s growth rate for 2010-11 has been lowered by a notch to 8.4 per cent on account of changes made recently to the Index of Industrial Production (IIP), the statistics ministry said. The growth rate for financial year 2009-10 has been increased to account for the same changes in IIP. In 2009-10, the economy grew by 8.4 per cent, higher by 40 basis points (a basis point is one-hundredth of a percentage point) in relation to the original estimate. The growth data for 2008-09 was lowered by 10 basis points to 6.7 per cent, according to the statistics ministry statement.
10.   In 2003 one day cricket World Cup India lose final.
13.   Maqbool Fida Husain is a Qatari artist of Indian origin. After controversy over his paintings in his home country, he was on a self imposed exile from 2006. In January, 2010, he was offered the citizenship of Qatar, which he accepted. Husain first became well-known as an artist in the late 1940s. In 1947, he joined the Progressive Artists’ Group, founded by Francis Newton Souza.
14.   Ship Type A – INS Arihant — Nuclear submarine B – INS Vikrant — Aircraft carrier C – INS Shiwalik — Stealth frigate D – INS Airavat — Landing platform dock
15.   The Spratly Islands dispute is a territorial dispute over the ownership of the Spratly Islands, a group of islands located in the South China Sea. States staking claims to various islands are: Brunei, China (People’s Republic of China), Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan (Republic of China), and Vietnam. All except Brunei occupy some of the islands. The Spratly Islands are important for a number of reasons: the Spratly area holds significant reserves of oil and natural gas, it is a productive area for world fishing and commercial shipping, and coastal countries would get an extended continental shelf. But only some states, such as China (PRC), Taiwan (ROC), and Vietnam have made claims based on historical sovereignty of the islands.

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