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IIT Main Physics Quiz

Q1.The bob of a simple pendulum is a spherical hollow ball filled with water. A plugged hole near the bottom of the oscillating bob gets suddenly unplugged. During observation, till water is coming out, the time period of oscillation would
(a) first decrease and then increase to the original value
(b) first increase and then decrease to the original value
(c) increase towards a saturation value
(d) remain unchanged

Q2. The change in the value of ‘g’ at a height ‘h’ above the surface of the earth is the same as at a depth ‘d’ below the surface of earth. When both ‘d’ and ‘h’ are much smaller than the radius of earth, then which one of the following is correct?
(a) d = 3h/2
(b) d = h/2
(c) d = h
(d) d = 2 h

Q3. The core of any transformer is laminated so as to
(a) reduce the energy loss due to eddy currents
(b) make it light weight
(c) make it robust and strong
(d) increase the secondary voltage

Q4. The current in the primary circuit of a potentiometer is 0.2 A. The specific resistance and cross-section of the potentiometer wire are 4 × 10–7 ohm metre and 8 × 10–7 m2, respectively. The potential gradient will be equal to
(a) 1 V /m
(b) 0.5V/m
(c) 0.1 V/m
(d) 0.2 V/m

Q5. The difference in the variation of resistance with temeperature in a metal and a semiconductor arises essentially due to the difference in the
(a) crystalsturcture
(b) variation of the number of charge carriers with temperature
(c) type of bonding
(d) variation of scattering mechanism with temperature

Q6. The dimension of magnetic field in M, L, T and C (coulomb) is given as  
(a) MLT–1 C–1
(b) MT2 C–2
(c) MT–1 C–1
(d) MT–2 C–1

Q7. The displacement of a particle varies according to the relation x = 4(cos πt + sin πt). The amplitude of the particle is
(a) – 4
(b) 4
(c) 4√2
(d) 8

Q8. The earth radiates in the infra-red region of the spectrum. The spectrum is correctly given by
(a) Rayleigh Jeans law
(b) Planck’s law of radiation
(c) Stefan’s law of radiation
(d) Wien’s law

Q9. The energy band gap is maximum in
(a) metals
(b) superconductors
(c) insulators
(d) semiconductors.

Q10. The escape velocity for a body projected vertically upwards from the surface of earth is 11 km/s. If the body is projected at an angle of 45°with the vertical, the escape velocity will be
(a) 11√2 km/s
(b) 22 km/s
(c) 11 km/s
(d) 11/√2 km/s

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