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IIT JEE Mains Physics Quiz

Q1.If the binding energy of the electron in a hydrogen atom is 13.6eV, the energy required to remove the electron from the first excited state of Li++ is
(a) 30.6 eV
(b) 13.6 eV
(c) 3.4 eV
(d) 122.4 eV

Q2. A body of mass m = 3.513 kg is moving along the x-axis with a speed of 5.00 ms–1. The magnitude of its momentum is recorded as  
(a) 17.6 kg ms–1
(b) 17.565 kg ms–1
(c) 17.56 kg ms–1
(d) 17.57 kg ms–1

Q3. Wavelength of light used in an optical instrument are λl = 4000 Å and λ2= 5000Å, then ratio of their respective resolving powers (corresponding to λ1 and λ2) is
(a) 16: 25
(b) 9: 1
(c) 4: 5
(d) 5: 4

Q4. A spring of spring constant 5 × 103 N/m is stretched initially by 5cm from the unstretched position. Then the work required to stretch it further by another 5 cm is  
(a) 12.50 N-m
(b) 18.75 N-m
(c) 25.00 N-m
(d) 6.25 N-m

Q5. If 13.6 eV energy is required to ionize the hydrogen atom, then the energy required to remove an electron from n = 2 is
(a) 10.2 eV
(b) 0 eV
(c) 3.4 eV
(d) 6.8 eV.

Q6. A 2 kg block slides on a horizontal floor with a speed of 4m/s. It strikes a uncompressed spring, and compresses it till the block is motionless. The kinetic friction force is 15N and spring constant is 10,000 N/m. The spring compresses by  
(a) 8.5 cm
(b) 5.5 cm
(c) 2.5 cm
(d) 11.0 cm

Q7. 100g of water is heated from 30°C to 50°C. Ignoring the slight expansion of the water, the change in its internal energy is (specific heat of water is 4184 J/kg/K):
(a) 8.4 kJ
(b) 84 kJ
(c) 2.1 kJ
(d) 4.2 kJ

Q8. A light string passing over a smooth light pulley connects two blocks of masses m1 and m2 (vertically). If the acceleration of the system is g/8, then the ratio of the masses is  
(a) 8: 1
(b) 9: 7
(c) 4: 3
(d) 5:3

Q9. An object 2.4 m in front of a lens forms a sharp image on a film 12 cm behind the lens. A glass plate 1 cm thick, of refractive index 1.50 is interposed between lens and film with its plane faces parallel to film. At what distance (from lens) should object shifted to be in sharp focus of film ?
(a) 7.2 m
(b) 2.4 m
(c) 3.2 m
(d) 5.6 m

Q10. The electrochemical equivalent of a metal is 3.35109–7 kg per Coulomb. The mass of the metal liberated at the cathode when a 3A current is passed for 2 seconds will be
(a) 6.6 × 1057 kg
(b) 9.9 × 10–7 kg
(c) 19.8 × 10–7 kg
(d) 1.1 × 10–7 kg

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