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CTET Level-1 English Quiz

Q1. A teacher gives many sentences and asks her students toarrange them into a letter using appropriate connectors. The skill that ischiefly involved in this task is
(a ) expanding notes
(b ) organizing
(c ) rewriting
(d ) collecting information

Thelanguage skills that cannot be assessed through a traditional pen paper testare
(a ) reading and speaking
(b ) Writing and listening
(c ) reading and listening
(d ) listening and speaking

Which ofthe following is not a study skill?
(a ) Note taking
(b ) Using a dictionary
(c ) Getting information from an encyclopaedia
(d ) Writing formal reports

When a teacheruses lessons in Science and Social Science to teach language, such an approachcan be termed as
(a ) pluralistic language teaching
(b ) discipline-Wise language teaching
(c ) language across the Curriculum
(d ) objective language teaching

Remedialteaching refers to teaching
(a ) to address gaps in learning
(b ) after the regular school hours
(c ) to help bright learners to excel
(d ) to test learners periodically

“Rahulreceived the following telegram on his birthday, Write three sentences aboutit. The input is given
This writing task requires this skill
(a ) Creating
(b ) analysing
(c ) knowing”
(d ) applying

In thesentence “She did it as I advised her to do.” as I advised her to dois a
(a ) Noun clause
(b ) Adjective clause
(c ) Adverb Clause
(d ) None of these

Schoolbased assessment is primarily based on the principle that
(a ) teachers know their learners’ Capabilities better than external examiners
(b ) students should at all costs get high grades
(c ) schools are more efficient than external bodies of examination
(d ) assessment should be very economical

Accordingto Kohlberg, a teacher can instill moral values in children by
(a ) giving importance to religious teachings
(b ) laying clear rules of behaviour
(c ) involving them in discussions on moral issues
(d ) giving strict instruction

“You have to bring your own stationary. Youwill need 2 pencils, an eraser and a ruler. The underlined Word is a
(a ) Substitute word
(b ) reference Word
(c ) conjunction Word
(d ) lexically similar word

“You ask, what has my government done for you? Ican answer in two Words A lot!” The question put here is
(a ) rhetorical
(b ) stylised
(c ) a prompt
(d ) explanatory

According to the observation in the NCF 2005 [3.1.3],English is a ……………… language in India.
(a ) Second
(b ) foreign
(c ) first
(d ) global

I suggest that we all watch the movie TIGER. It hasbeen suggested that we watch the movie TIGER together. The two given statementscan be differentiated by drawing student’s attention to the
(a ) change in the Verb forms
(b ) the roles of the Subject and object in both sentences
(c ) use of ‘by’ in the passive form
(d ) the arrangement of Words

The purpose of “rapid reading’ is
(a ) for interest
(b ) for specific detail
(c ) extended reading
(d ) seeking information

Read this exchange.
 Teacher Shall we go out to the gardenand find out the names of those flowers near the wall?
Students Yes, yes, yeah…..
Teacher Yes, Ma’am, please.
 Here the teacher
(a ) relates language function With politeness
(b ) makes a polite suggestion to start reading
(c ) confirms the student’s request
(d ) offers an alternative language activity
1. (c ) 2. (d ) 3. (d ) 4. (c ) 5. (a ) 6. (b ) 7. (c ) 8. (a ) 9. (c ) 10. (a ) 11. (a ) 12. (a ) 13. (b ) 14. (b ) 15. (a )
Directions: Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow byselection the most appropriate option.
In thetown of Agra there lived a rich businessman. But he was also quite a miser.Various people used to flock outside his house everyday hoping for some kind ofgenerosity, but they always had to return home disappointed. He used towardthem off with false promises and then never lived up to his word. Then one day,a poet named Raidas arrived at his house and said that he wanted to read outhis poems to the rich man. As the rich man was very fond of poetry, he welcomedhim in with open arms.
 Raidas started to recite all his poemsone by one. The rich man was very pleased and especially so when he heard thepoem that Raidas had written on him. In those days it was a custom for rich menand kings to show their appreciation through a reward or a gift, as that wasthe only means of earning that a poor poet possessed. So the rich man promisedRaidas some gifts and asked him to come and collect them the next day. Raidaswas pleased.
The next morning when he arrived at the house, the rich man pretended that hehad never laid eyes on him before. When Raidas reminded him of his promise, hesaid that although Raidas was a good poet he liked the poem which was writtenon him and the rest of the poems were very ordinary. He also said that he hadearlier promised a reward to Raidas not because he was really pleased orimpressed, but to simply encourage him. Raidas was extremely upset, but asthere was nothing that he could do, he quietly left the house. On his way homehe saw his brother Kuber riding a horse. So, he stopped him and asked for hishelp after narrating the whole incident. Kubertook him to his own house inorder to come up with a plan. After giving it some thought he asked Raidas togo to a friend’s house with five gold coins and request the friend to plan adinner where the rich man would also be invited. He then narrated his plan tohim.
Raidas had one trustworthy friend whose name was Mayadas. So, he went up to himand told him the plan. The next day, Mayadas went to the rich man’s house andinvited him for dinner. He said that he intended to serve his guests in vesselsof gold, which the guests would get to take home after the meal. The rich manwas thrilled to hear this and jumped at the offer. After the rich man arrivedat Mayadas’ house, he was surprised to see no other guests there but Raidas.Anyhow, they welcomed him in and started a polite conversation. The rich manhad come on an empty stomach and so was getting hungrier by the minute.
Finally at midnight the rich man could bear his hunger no longer and askedMayadas to serve the food. Mayadas sounded extremely surprised when he askedhim what food was he talking about. The rich man tried to remind him that hehad been invited for dinner. At this point Raidas asked him for proof of theinvitation. The rich man had no answer. At the point Raidas reminded the richman of the same treatment that he had meted out to him. The rich man realisedhis mistake and begged for forgiveness. He said that Raidas was a good poet andhad not asked him for any reward. He himself had promised to give him somegifts and then cheated him out of them. To make up for his mistake he took outthe necklace that he was wearing and gifted it to Raidas. Then, they all satdown to eat a happy meal.

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