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CTET Level-1 English Questions

Q1. Why was the rich businessman thrilled on being invitedover to dinner by Mayadas?
(a ) He was thrilled to have dinner for free
(b ) No one had ever invited him over for dinner since he was very miserly
(c ) Mayadas had promised to serve in gold dishes which the guests were allowedto take home with them
(d ) Mayadas had promised many delicacies in the dinner

Which ofthe following is true” in context of the passage?
(a ) It was Raidas brother Ruber’s plan to teach the rich businessman a lesson
(b ) The rich businessman had to return empty stomach from Mayadas’s house
(c ) Mayadas Was a trustworthy friend of the rich businessman
(d ) None of the above

What didRaidas and Mayadas do when the rich businessman came over for dinner?
(a ) They Were thrilled to have a rich businessman as their guest and servedhim Well
(b ) They served him in gold utensils which he later took with himself
(c ) They did not serve him any food until he learnt a lesson on What he haddone with Raidas
(d ) They forced him to give away his necklace to Raidas in return of thedinner which they had served

Which ofthe following word is most opposite in meaning to the word Trustworthy?
(a ) Worthless
(b ) Unfair
(c ) Unreliable
(d ) Discriminating

Why didpeople flock outside the rich businessman’s house everyday?
(a ) The businessman was very kind hearted arid generous
(b ) They sought and explanation from him on not keeping the promises made tothem
(c ) All of them. Wanted to recite poem to him as he was fond of poems
(d ) They would hope for some generosity from the businessman since he was rich

Why didthe people always return home dis-appointed from the rich businessman’s house?
(a ) He would donate less than what he had promised to them
(b ) He made promises to them but never kept his words
(c ) The rich man would only reward those who had written poetry on him
(d ) Both 2 and 3

How didthe rich businessman react when he realized his mistake of not keeping hispromise which he had made to Raidas?
(a ) He asked Raidas to Come to his house the next day to take his reward
(b ) He left Mayadas’ house immediately without having dinner
(c ) He justified that Raidas did not deserve an award since his poems werevery ordinary
(d ) He said that Raidas Was lying and that he had already awarded him with anecklace

Which ofthe following is the moral of the story?
(a ) A house divided against itself Cannot stand
(b ) A bird in hand is worth two in the bush
(c ) Never make a promise
(d ) Never go back on your promises

Why wasthe rich businessman pleased with Raidas?
(a ) Raidas had recited poems to him but had not asked for any gifts in return
(b ) Raidas was also as miserly as him
(c ) Raidas had invited him over for dinner
(d ) The businessman liked his poetry, especially the one written on him
Directions: Read the passage given below and answer the questions thatfollow by selection the most appropriate option.
The farmer is up before dawn on shearing day, driving his flock into pens.By eight o’clock the shearers arrive and, after a hearty breakfast, they taketheir places on long benches that the farmer has improvised in the pens. Shearsare taken from leather cases and sharpened with whetstones; a fire is lightedto heat pitch for the making; and the work begins. Soon the shearers fall intotheir routine, A lad seizes a sheep from the pen and ties its feet not with acord, because that might injure it, but with a strip of sacking. The sheep iscarried to the benches, and the shearer begins to slice off the wool. First heshears the coarse wool from the sheep’s belly, then lays the animal on its sideon the bench between his legs while he snips at the curly wool round the neck.He works to and fro along the ribs, peeling the wool back until it hangs like acloak doubled back over the animal. Then he turns the sheep over and begins onthe unclipped side. In a few moments the whole fleece falls away in one piece,looking like a dirty grey rug. A few more snips from the shears and the wool iscut from either side of the sheep’s tail, leaving the animal white and naked. Theshearer pushes the sheep to the ground and immediately calls from anotheranimal. Meanwhile the lad daubs the farmer’s mark in pitch on the newly shornsheep, unties her legs, and drives her out of the shearing pens.
A second lad the farmer’s son seizes the fleece as it is tossed aside, rolls itup, tucking the tail wool in first, and secures the bundle by knotting theneck. Any loose clippings are gathered separately.
The work continues till one o’clock, when the farmer’s wife summons the men todinner, Each man finishes the sheep that is beside him, then the whole partygoes back to the farmhouse the men troop into the farm kitchen, leaving theirdogs to scuffle in the yard. After the shortest if dinner breaks for there ismuch to be done – the shearing continues, and the pile of fleeces mounts.

What expression in the first paragraph suggests thatshearing does not take place very often?
(a ) Improvised
(b ) Flock
(c ) Whetstones
(d ) Shearing day

The shearer first cuts the Wool from the ….. of thesheep.
(a ) underside
(b ) ribs
(c ) tail
(d ) legs

Why are loose clippings of wool gathered separately?
(a ) So that they do not get spoiled
(b ) Because they are not so valuable as Whole fleeces
(c ) Because they are needed to fill up the top of the bags
(d ) Because they weigh less than a Whole fleece

Wool which has been sheared from a sheep is
(a ) Cut into two pieces by the shearer’ with a few snips
(b ) rolled and bundled
(c ) tied with sacking
(d ) bagged on Shearing day

What Word from the passage best tells us that shearsare like a very large pair of scissors?
(a ) Snips
(b ) Cut
(c ) Slice
(d ) Sharpened

“The sheep is carried to the benches.” It isan example of
(a ) an interrogative sentence
(b ) a negative Sentence
(c ) passive Voice
(d ) degree of comparison
1. (c ) 2. (a ) 3. (b ) 4. (c ) 5. (d ) 6. (b ) 7. (d ) 8. (d ) 9. (d ) 10. (d ) 11. (a ) 12. (b ) 13. (b ) 14. (d ) 15. (c )

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