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CTET Level-1 English Practice Sets

Q1. What type of question would you like to ask during thecourse of class teaching?
(a ) Those whose answers can be given by students in terms of Yes/No”
(b ) Those that are thought oriented
(c ) Those that are problem oriented
(d ) Both ‘2’ and ‘3″

What isthe loss accruing to the students because of their habit of Cramming?
(a ) Their intelligence is not developed
(b ) They are not able to do genuine contemplation
(c ) Their self-confidence is lost
(d ) They are cut off from class teaching

Duringthe course of class teaching students put their queries and doubts before you.What would you do in such a situation?
(a ) You would note down their queries and doubts. Later, you would answer thequeries and eliminate the doubts of Students
(b ) You would tell them that they should remove their doubts at a later stage
(c ) You Would remove their doubts and answer their queries immediately
(d ) You would reprimand those students who raise doubts and put forth queriesand tell them to sit down

Whom doyou deem the axis of the process of education?
(a ) Education
(b ) Teacher
(c ) Student
(d ) Curriculum

What isyour opinion?
(a ) The Curriculum is for teachers
(b ) The student is for the curriculum
(c ) The Curriculum is for Students
(d ) None of these

Ifstudents are taught through such a language over which, they do not have goodcommand them
(a ) students develop the habit of Cramming or mugging up
(b ) genuine Contemplation is not possible
(c ) it is difficult for the students to express themselves
(d ) All of the above

Theclass teaching work would not be of good quality until and unless
(a ) students are not disciplined
(b ) the teacher does not interest in teaching
(c ) the student does not take interest in studies
(d ) there is not enough of Contact between the students and the teacher

Youthink that the teacher can give the right type of guidance to his studentsbecause
(a ) he is the teacher of his students
(b ) students obey his Commands
(c ) students are afraid of him
(d ) he understands the psychology of students

Underthe project method, the teacher
(a ) remains silent spectator
(b ) only guides
(c ) only evaluates
(d ) only asks questions

Which one of the following is the most effectiveelement for making class teaching interesting?
(a ) Les Son plan
(b ) Personality of the teacher
(c ) Teaching method
(d ) Study material

You agree from this point that the objective ofeducation is to
(a ) impart knowledge to the child
(b ) give the child an opportunity for Self-expression
(c ) protect the child from evils
(d ) enrich the child with fine interests

What is your opinion?
(a ) Development of a child is quite natural
(b ) The teacher develops the child
(c ) Process of the development starts in the School
(d ) If the teacher does not teach with dedication and zeal, then there can beno development of the child

What do you consider discipline to be?
(a ) Negative
(b ) A means
(c ) Spontaneous
(d ) All of these

Do you think that students are the opponents of theteacher?
(a ) Yes, because they do not like discipline imposed by the teacher on them
(b ) Yes, because they want to be free and do whatever they like but theteacher does not let them have their own ways
(c ) No, they are not the opponents of the teachers, they protest the Systemthat does not take Care of their needs
(d ) No, they do not have any opposition for or clash With their teacher

One of the advantages of the inductive method ofteaching is that in this method
(a ) the habit of Cramming is not developed
(b ) student does not have to do home Work
(c ) discipline of the class is not spoiled
(d ) students can learn much more in a short period of time
1. (d ) 2. (b ) 3. (c ) 4. (c ) 5. (c ) 6. (d ) 7. (d ) 8. (d ) 9. (b ) 10. (c ) 11. (b ) 12. (a ) 13. (d ) 14. (c ) 15. (a )

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