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CTET Level-1 English Last Year Questions

Q1. Which of the following teachers will you like most?
(a ) A lowing teacher
(b ) A teacher of highly idealist philosophy
(c ) A teacher Who often amuses his students
(d ) A disciplined teacher

Which ofthe following is not a successful communicator?
(a ) One who presents material in a precise and clear Way
(b ) One who is able to adopt himself according to the language of theCommunicate
(c ) One who knows a lot but is somewhat reserve in his attitude
(d ) One who sometimes becomes informal before the receiver and developsrapport

Which ofthe following teachers will you like?
(a ) One Who uses board occasionally
(b ) One Who uses chart and maps
(c ) One Who uses film projector along with the proper use of the board
(d ) One Who uses motion picture as a last resort

Onmatters of academics (knowledge ) a researcher should consider himself as
(a ) entirely dependent on the teacher
(b ) open minded and radical
(c ) a status-quo mountaineer
(d ) fairly knowledgeable

Which ofthe following should a teacher adopt in his lecture?
(a ) Precise and low tone
(b ) Elongated tone
(c ) Precise and high tone
(d ) Moderate tone

The bestmethod to evaluate the achievements of student is the
(a ) Quarterly examination
(b ) Monthly examination
(c ) bi-annual examination
(d ) annual examination

Forwhom, is ‘special education’ targeted?
(a ) For naughty children
(b ) For those children Who are slow learners
(c ) For disabled children
(d ) All of these

In aschool of little children
(a ) There must be a library
(b ) There must be open space
(c ) There must be a canteen
(d ) All of these

Who isknown as the father of educational psychology?
(a ) Spencer
(b ) Devy
(c ) Herbert
(d ) Pestology

Who decides the direction of education?
(a ) Teachers
(b ) Students
(c ) Curriculums
(d ) Parents

Whatever the child learns in his family and community,is known as
(a ) Formal education
(b ) Planned education
(c ) Informal education
(d ) Community education

The objective of education is to
(a ) Create learned citizens
(b ) Create good citizens
(c ) Create persons who are useful for the society
(d ) All of these

According to Devy, education is a
(a ) Theoretical need
(b ) Personal need
(c ) Psychological need
(d ) Social need

Motivation is a
(a ) Natural state
(b ) Psychological state
(c ) Physical state
(d ) None of these

Which scholar had stated that ‘the brain of the childis like a blank slate’?
(a ) Adler
(b ) Butler
(c ) Plato
(d ) Rousseau
1. (d ) 2. (c ) 3. (c ) 4. (b ) 5. (c ) 6. (b ) 7. (c ) 8. (b ) 9. (c ) 10. (c ) 11. (c ) 12. (d ) 13. (d ) 14. (b ) 15. (c )

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