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CTET English Questions

Q1. Which of the following is the highest level ofcognitive ability?
(a ) Knowing
(b ) Understanding
(c ) Evaluating
(d ) Analyzing

Why isstorytelling most important in an English language class at primary level?
(a ) It is useful for developing integrated language skills
(b ) It develops moral Values among the students
(c ) It improves students Vocabulary
(d ) It creates fun in the class

A goodteacher is one who
(a ) gives them ample opportunities to learn
(b ) gives them useful information
(c ) explains concepts and principles
(d ) gives printed notes to students

Which ofthe following helps in learning the second language without using the printedtext?
(a ) Situations approach
(b ) Natural approach
(c ) Language immersion
(d ) Grammar-translation method

Aperson, who is a fluent speaker, is likely to possess
(a ) Logico-mathematical ability
(b ) Bodily-kinesthetic ability
(c ) Musical ability
(d ) verbal-linguistic ability

Whichapproach emphasizes. interaction as the means and the goal of learning alanguage?
(a ) Communicative
(b ) Oral-aural
(c ) Immersion
(d ) Silent way

Maximumparticipation of student’s during teaching in a language class room is possiblethrough
(a ) lecture method
(b ) translation method
(c ) inductive method
(d ) discussion and demonstration methods

Dyslexiais an intellectual disability that negatively affects the understandingabilities in terms of
(a ) Oral language
(b ) sign language
(c ) dialect
(d ) reading

TheLinguist, Noam Chomsky maintains that every child has an innate LanguageAcquisition Device (LAD ) that he/she uses for
(a ) Phonemes
(b ) Universal Grammar
(c ) Complex words
(d ) Semantics

The structural approach advocates
(a ) resorting to fluency
(b ) selection and gradation of material
(c ) assessing learners’ performance using mother tongue
(d ) using mother tongue

According to socio-cultural theory of Vygotsky
(a ) sel-directed speech is the lowest stage of the scaffolding
(b ) children can think in abstract terms if abstract material is provided at alower age
(c ) children drink in different domain and do the take a complete perspective
(d ) culture helps in language development

What is the main purpose of poetry recitation in alanguage classroom?
(a ) To appreciate and enjoy the poem
(b ) To give their opinions about the poem
(c ) To become aware of the poet and her Work
(d ) To know the historical background of the poem

Who strongly maintains that language is learnt byimitation of stimuli and reinforcement of correct responses?
(a ) Albert Bandura
(b ) Kurt Lewin
(c ) Tolman
(d ) BF Skinner

Under which activity do recognizing sounds and deducingmeanings from them come?
(a ) Speaking
(b ) Listening
(c ) Reading
(d ) Writing

During the process of language learning, students lackconfidence in their pronunciation. How can one overcome this?
(a ) Providing scope for special activities with the help of language expertsfor removing speaking defects
(b ) Correcting mistakes immediately
(c ) Reading aloud in the classroom
(d ) Organizing play like tasks in which children can talk to one another
1. (c ) 2. (a ) 3. (a ) 4. (b ) 5. (d ) 6. (a ) 7. (d ) 8. (c ) 9. (b ) 10. (b ) 11. (d ) 12. (a ) 13. (d ) 14. (b ) 15. (c )

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