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CTET English Previous Year Questions

Q1. Meteorologist took time to understand El Nino because
(a ) it was neither a disaster nor a boon for the people living in desert areas
(b ) they recognized it as an atmospheric equivalent and hence called itSouthern Oscillation
(c ) they suffered from lack of knowledge about El Nino as they were notscientifically advanced
(d ) All of the above

El Niñoin a layman language is
(a ) a natural disaster
(b ) Southern Oscillation
(c ) a Weather event
(d ) None of these

What arethe two types of landscapes that are effected by El Nino?
(a ) Coastal areas and Sea
(b ) Tropical shores and land
(c ) Deserts and Oceans
(d ) All of these

Whichword in Para 3 is the antonym for Fertile’?
(a ) matted
(b ) abundance
(c ) barren
(d ) None of these

What,according to the author, is a positive effect of El Nino? –
(a ) It causes change in atmosphere
(b ) It results in vegetation of barren lands
(c ) It COII around Christmas
(d ) It is regarded as Inane

How canwe say the El Nino proves to be a boon for South American Coast?
(a ) It causes and ups Welling of rich nutrients making it the most productivein the World
(b ) It Causes the destruction of many marine species such as anchoveta
(c ) It Warns up normally Cold Surface Waters off causing heavy rains
(d ) It enhances Warm currents around every Christmas

Theyears of abundance is when
(a ) El Nino occurs during Christmas
(b ) the deserts are matted green
(c ) Marine species is destroyed
(d ) None of these

Thephrase, “damning effect means
(a ) negative effects
(b ) destructive effects
(c ) full effects
(d ) disrupting effects

Peopletoday, pray to God to keep
(a ) Tains and drought
(b ) drought away
(c ) El Nino away
(d ) El Nino and droughts a Way
Directions : Read the passage given below and answer the questions thatfollow by selecting the most appropriate option. Nature is an infinitesource of beauty. Sunrise and sunset, mountains and rivers, lakes and glaciers,forests and fields provide joy and bliss to the human mind and heart for hourstogether. Everything in nature is splendid and divine. Every day and everyseason of the year has a peculiar beauty to unfold. Only one should have eyesto behold it and a heart to feel it like the English poet William Wordsworthwho after seeing daffodils said? And then my heart with pleasure fills anddances with the daffodils?. Nature is a great teacher. The early man wasthrilled with beauty and wonders of nature. The Aryans worshipped nature. Onecan learn the lessons in the vast school of nature. Unfortunately the strife,the stress and the tension of modern life have made people immune to beautiesof nature. Their life is so full of care that they have no time to stand andstare. They cannot enjoy the beauty of lowing rivers, swinging trees, flyingbirds and majestic mountains and hills. There is however, a cry to go back tovillage from the concrete and artificial jungle of cities. Hence the townplanners of today pay special attention to provide enough number of naturalscenic spots in town planning. To develop a balanced personality, one needs tohave a healthy attitude which can make us appreciate and enjoy the beauty ofnature. There is other balm to soothe our tired soul and listless mind than theinfinite nature all around us. We should enjoy it fully to lead a balanced andharmonious life, full of peace and tranquility.

Which of the following words has the SAME meaning asthe Word care as used in the passage?
(a ) grief
(b ) Waft
(c ) needs
(d ) pleasure

Choose the word which is most OPPOSITE in meaning ofthe word “unfold as used in the passage.
(a ) declare
(b ) Conceal
(c ) describe
(d ) perpetuate

Which of the following statements is not made in thepassage about Nature?
(a ) Nature is an infirmity Source of beauty
(b ) Everything in nature is splendid and divine
(c ) Nature is a great teacher
(d ) The early man Was scared of Nature

What is needed to develop balanced personality?
(a ) interpersonal skills
(b ) reading poetry
(c ) healthy attitude
(d ) going back to villages

Why do people mot enjoy the beauty of Nature?
(a ) They are running after material pleasures
(b ) They do not Consider nature as balm Lo soothe their fired minds
(c ) Their life is full of Worries and tensions
(d ) They are afraid of nature

What should we do to enjoy tranquil life?
(a ) Get totally immersed in Our daily routine
(b ) Believe We that nature is infinite source of beauty
(c ) Lead a disciplined aid dedicated life
(d ) Enjoy the nature around
1. (c ) 2. (c ) 3. (d ) 4. (d ) 5. (b ) 6. (a ) 7. (a ) 8. (b ) 9. (d ) 10. (a ) 11. (b ) 12. (d ) 13. (c ) 14. (c ) 15. (d )

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