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CTET English Practice Test

Q1. In language Creative answers require
(a ) direct teaching and direct questions
(b ) Content based questions
(c ) open ended questions
(d ) a highly disciplined classroom

Diagnosisof the gaps in the learning of students should be followed by
(a ) appropriate remedial measures
(b ) intensive drill and practice
(c ) Systematic revision of all lessons
(d ) reporting the findings to learners and parents

Which ofthe following does not reflect ‘teaching for understanding”?
(a ) Ask students to explain a phenomenon or a concept in their own words
(b ) Teach students to provide examples to illustrate how a law Works
(c ) Help students see similarities and differences and generate analogies
(d ) Enable students to memorize isolated facts and procedures

When ateacher asks her students to write a letter after having a group discussion,she is
(a ) adopting the Direct Method of language teaching
(b ) integrating different language skills
(c ) following a traditional method
(d ) likely to confuse the Students

Speakingskill can be best developed by enabling the learners to
(a ) read challenging and difficult texts
(b ) Communicate in real life situations
(c ) listen to the model provided by the teacher
(d ) avoid all errors while speaking

Constructivismis a theory where students
(a ) are facilitated by the teacher and use a variety of media to research andCreate their own theories
(b ) Construct their own learning aids, thereby gaining hands on experience
(c ) study a Variety of dissimilar samples and draw a well founded Conclusion
(d ) form their own understanding and knowledge of the World, throughexperiencing things and reflecting On those experiences

Thestudents make mistake while playing a grammar game. The teacher should
(a ) quietly note down the mistakes and hold a remedial class for the’erring” students
(b ) quietly note down the mistakes and discuss them with the class after theactivity
(c ) call aside the erring student and offer some guidance
(d ) call aside the student in charge in the group and instruct him/her toguide the student

Languageskills are best learnt
(a ) When they are introduced in isolation, One skill at a time
(b ) only through Written tests and assignments
(c ) if they are taught in an integrated manner
(d ) With the help of challenging and mechanical language drills

Theprimary objective if using role play is
(a ) to develop acting talent
(b ) to evaluate dialogue Writing skill
(c ) to promote the reading habit
(d ) to improve the Communicative

The main responsibility of a language teacher as afacilitator is
(a ) to read the lessons aloud and provide explanation for each line
(b ) to Create a number of opportunities for the learners to use the languagemeaningfully
(c ) to provide a lot of information and make the learner’s listen to it
(d ) to strictly Control the class and cover the Syllabus in quick time

Ari example of lying adverbials is
(a ) so
(b ) your
(c ) the
(d ) these

Language acquisition.
(a ) refers to the process of learning a native or a second language because ofthe innate capacity of the human brain
(b ) is a technique intended to simulate the environment in which childrenlearn their native language
(c ) requires the memorization and use of necessary vocabulary
(d ) involves a Systematic approach to the analysis and comprehension ofgrammar as well as to the memorization of vocabulary

“Please do this work.” is a
(a ) Imperative Sentence
(b ) Interrogative sentence
(c ) Complex Sentence
(d ) Complex-Compound sentence

Choose the appropriate intonation.
(a ) falling rising
(b ) rising
(c ) falling
(d ) rising-falling

Which is not a teacher centered instruction?
(a ) Lecture
(b ) Individualized instruction
(c ) Demonstration
(d ) Modelling
1. (c ) 2. (a ) 3. (d ) 4. (b ) 5. (b ) 6. (d ) 7. (a ) 8. (c ) 9. (d ) 10. (b ) 11. (a ) 12. (b ) 13. (a ) 14. (d ) 15. (c )
Directions:Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow by Selectionthe Pronost apporopriate option.
ARussian proverb advises us not to buy a house, but the neighborhood. While tillsome years ago it was impossible to dictate who lived with you in the samequarters, today when you think of buying a home, you could actually create yourown dream neighborhood thanks to the internet and the group buying model.
 The group buying model has been appliedin different industries, from cars to baby merchandise to pet care products.Now, the trend is catching on in the real estate sector, with many sites aswell as broking firms offering group deals on real estate projects in India.
The way it works is simple. Take for e.g., This is an online andoffline integrated platform which showcases property. It uses social medianetworks to let buyers know about possible good deals, and leaving it to themto do some viral marketing. Once a large group of buyers is thus formed, introduces it to the developer and helps negotiate a suitable discount.
Since, the developer doesn’t have to pay for the marketing, It is Willingenough to pay these companies a transaction fee which is a percentage of thetotal value of the deal. For the buyers, it offers the best rates at no fee,thus making it a win-win proposition for all involved.
The developers also benefit by getting substantial cash flow, giving them agood amount of working capital. “In today’s real estate scenario, bulkbuying could be the answer to the market slump and the long awaited cash flow,”says the Founder of Sometimes, the discount size is not to be sneeredat. Discounts on group buying vary from 5-30%, the average divergence frommarket, rate being 25-30% customer buy-in’ is the model. But is it a temporaryfad?
In a way, the online group buying setup is similar to the model developersshare with speculators, who buy in bulk even before the project gets kickstarted and get discounts of 30-40%. They pay 50% of the property valueupfront. Group buying companies prove more beneficial for developers as theyget away with providing lesser discounts than to speculators.
 Some sound a note of caution on thetrend. Present conditions are conductive for this business model as groupbuying works well in a situation where stocks are moving slowly, markets arejittery and there is ample supply. It may not work in a seller’s market.Another caution is very often the builders do not offer the best inventory tothe group in terms of location and utility. The buyers have to use their astutejudgment to avoid such traps.

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