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CTET English Practice Test

Q1. The value’ of a word in a text means the
(a ) significance of the word in a particular Context
(b ) appropriate use of the Word in a particular context
(c ) number of Ways a word can be used
(d ) dictionary meaning of a Word

Which ofthe following is most important in the process of learning?
(a ) Heredity of child
(b ) Style of learning
(c ) Examination result of the Children.
(d ) Economic condition of the child

Which ofthe following would be better suited to enable children to express their viewson public issues?
(a ) Scrapbook
(b ) Chart
(c ) Wall magazine
(d ) Flash Card

Ria isunable to pronounce the words “smile’ and ‘school clearly. As her teacher,what will you do?
(a ) Make Ria repeat the Words’ many times
(b ) Make Ria understand the leaning and Sound pattern and get the class as aWhole to listen to these Words through an audio visual medium
(c ) Humiliate Ria by isolating her and asking her to repeat the Words
(d ) Asking the entire class to repeat the Words and appreciating Ria. When sherepeats them correctly

Rituoften makes errors in Subject verb concord. The teacher can help her by
(a ) taking up many examples for the entire class and paying Special attentionto Ritu
(b ) explaining to her the rules of grammar
(c ) asking Ritu to learn the rules and Scolding her
(d ) asking Ritu to Write the rules ten times in her notebook

How Willa teacher best teach ‘writing skills to a class?
(a ) By brainstorming ideas and asking students to Write in their own Words
(b ) By asking Students to Write neatly
(c ) Through dictation
(d ) By asking students to learn articles and rewrite them

Which ofthe following statements is true?
(a ) While all formative tasks are meant for improving teaching learning, someare used for assessment too.
(b ) Formative assessment helps us to grade students into good, average andpoor.
(c ) All formative tasks are meant for assessment.
(d ) Formative assessment, to be effective, must be conducted only afterteaching a lesson

Groupproject Work helps in developing
(a ) Competition among learners to excel in academics
(b ) good memory in young learners
(c ) a high level of ambition LO achieve
(d ) Collaboration, Critical thinking and problem solving

“Ashe was stabbed fatally, he died.” is a
(a ) Simple sentence
(b ) Compound sentence
(c ) complex sentence
(d ) Complex- Compound sentence

In the sentence T shall go to the place where my friendlives.” Where my friend lives is a
(a ) Null clause
(b ) Adjective Clause
(c ) Adverb Clause
(d ) None of these

When young learners seem to lose interest in a lesson,the teacher should
(a ) allow them to go out and play
(b ) ask them to sleep for a While
(c ) tell a story or Conduct an interesting activity
(d ) ask them to sit quietly for Some time

The Constructivist Approach to learning means
(a ) involving the Students in a variety of activities to encourage them tolearn new Words and structures by accommodating them with those that they havealready learnt through a process of discovery
(b ) teaching rules of grammar and Consolidating through rigorous practice
(c ) helping learners acquire new Vocabulary by Studying literature intensively
(d ) reaching new Words and structures using a variety of audio visual aidsfollowed by practice through drill

What is the skill among the ones given below thatcannot be tested in a formal Written examination?
(a ) Reading for information
(b ) Meaning of Words and phrases
(c ) Extensive reading for pleasure
(d ) Analyzing texts

While preparing a lesson plan on the topic”Syntax’ What will be your first step?
(a ) Select teaching aids
(b ) Frame objectives
(c ) Go through the topic many times
(d ) Prepare introductory questions

Remedial teaching cannot be done for ………..students.
(a ) dyslexic
(b ) gifted
(c ) showing lower than average performance
(d ) showing above average performance
1. (b ) 2. (b ) 3. (c ) 4. (b ) 5. (a ) 6. (a ) 7. (a ) 8. (d ) 9. (c ) 10. (b ) 11. (c ) 12. (a ) 13. (c ) 14. (b ) 15. (b )

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