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CTET English Practice Sets

Q1. Fluency in English can be developed through
(a ) Creating opportunities to use the target language for Communication
(b ) the teacher talking for most of the time
(c ) the teacher being alert to spot the errors and Correct them
(d ) allowing students who are not confident to have the freedom to be quiet

Knowledgeof more than One language
(a ) Causes interference in learning a new language
(b ) becomes a burden to the teacher in the language classroom
(c ) Confuses the learners while learning a new language
(d ) is very helpful in teaching and learning a new language

Aneffective lesson for teaching a language begins with
(a ) listing the learning objectives of the lesson
(b ) presenting the Content of the lesson
(c ) recapitulation and motivation through fun activity
(d ) Writing on the blackboard

Somenoise in the language class indicates
(a ) indiscipline of learners
(b ) teacher’s lack of Control over the class
(c ) in Competence of the teacher
(d ) Constructive activities with learners engaged in language learning

(a ) does not place students in thought provoking situations
(b ) encourages quiet learners
(c ) does not nurture Creative thinking in students
(d ) allows learners to raise questions

Correctspeech habits can be developed most effectively through
(a ) dictations
(b ) pronunciation practice
(c ) Vocabulary practice
(d ) quizzes

“Hewas stabbed fatally, so he died.” is a
(a ) Simple Sentence
(b ) Compound sentence
(c ) Complex Sentence
(d ) Complex-Compound sentence

In thesentence ‘I shall go where my friend lives.’ Where Lay friend lives is a
(a ) Noun clause
(b ) Adjective clause
(c ) Adverb Clause
(d ) None of these

Which ofthe following is best suited for improving the speaking skills of learners?
(a ) Recitation of poetry
(b ) Reading a prose and drama aloud
(c ) Oral language drill
(d ) Debates and group discussions followed by role play

Which one of the following is against the spirit ofpedagogy of Language?
(a ) Making Connections to students’ lives
(b ) Aligning experiences to important outcomes
(c ) Making Students appear in as many tests as possible
(d ) Designing experiences that interest Students

Introduction of Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluationhas made the evaluation system
(a ) more reflective of the entire personality of a child
(b ) Complex by incorporating too many details
(c ) vague as exact rank of the student cannot be found out
(d ) more Comprehensive to analyse the performance only in the scholastic areas

‘Micro teaching’ is
(a ) teaching by observing minutes behavior of students
(b ) organized practice teaching
(c ) micro managing the routine of students in the School
(d ) teaching students in small groups

Constructivist approach to language teaching expectsthe teacher to
(a ) Construct his own Curriculum
(b ) make learners prepare their own textbooks
(c ) help Construct knowledge using their experiences
(d ) give pre-Constructed knowledge to learners

A child centered classroom is characterized by
(a ) children sitting in the Centre if the classroom
(b ) children teaching other children under the supervision of the teacher
(c ) very passive teachers and active learners
(d ) a variety of learning activities for the learners

Seating arrangement should be flexible so that
(a ) children have the freedom to move their seats wherever they want
(b ) many group, pair and whole class activities can be conducted easily
(c ) children do not form permanent friendship groups
(d ) the teacher ensures equality prevails in her classroom
1. (a ) 2. (d ) 3. (c ) 4. (d ) 5. (d ) 6. (a ) 7. (b ) 8. (c ) 9. (d ) 10. (c ) 11. (a ) 12. (a ) 13. (c ) 14. (d ) 15. (b )

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