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CTET English Practice Sets

Q1. Directions : Answer the following questions byselection the most appropriate – option
Childrenwho are differently abled join a new school. Teachers give different reactions.Which one reflects the concept of inclusive education?
(a ) “Oh! How Can I teach children Who Cannot even read 2′
(b ) “I’m Worried that my class may not accept these children and some ofthe mischievous children may even harm the poor kids.”
(c ) “Good, it Will provide a good opportunity for the children to learnto help each other and be supportive.”
(d ) “Such children should go to special schools. Where they Will learnbetter,’

Leenauses Big Reading Books in her language classes to
(a ) allow students to read at home
(b ) ensure books carry a lot of information
(c ) use these illustrated colourful books for reading together
(d ) use them for big students of different ages

Ateacher can cater to the learning styles of all the children by
(a ) teaching every lesson thoroughly and revising the lessons
(b ) testing the children frequently
(c ) advising the children to join drawing/dance/music classes
(d ) employing a variety of teaching methods and modes of assessment whichCater to diversity among learners

TheRight of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 stipulates thatlearning should be
(a ) restricted to Scholastic subjects
(b ) Carefully monitored by frequent testing
(c ) through activities in a child friendly manner
(d ) supported by extra Coaching

As partof a class project, a teacher planned a salad fruit celebration day in whichall learners needed to participate. The boys protested as they felt that boysdo not cook. The teacher should
(a ) ignore such protests and tell the boys What she thinks of their bias
(b ) complain to the head of the School seeking action against the boys
(c ) make an attempt to Counsel the boys, impressing upon them that genderStereotyping is not healthy
(d ) respect the sentiments of the boys and allow them not to participate inthe class project

Atextbook describes a domestic scene which shows the father cooking in thekitchen, the mother coming home from Work and their som sewing. What is theconcept conveyed?
(a ) Removing gender bias
(b ) Dignity of labour
(c ) Division of labour among sexes
(d ) Work is worship

Teachersdo not give the meaning of new words to learners directly because
(a ) learners already know the meaning of the Words
(b ) vocabulary Will not be enriched
(c ) learners do not like to be given the meaning of Words
(d ) it prevents learners from discovering the meaning through puzzling Outusing clues

Arrivingat home she found her son missing.” is a
(a ) Simple sentence
(b ) Compound sentence
(c ) Complex sentence
(d ) Complex Compound sentence

In thesentence “He will give me money when I go to Bombay. When I go to Bombayis a
(a ) Noun clause
(b ) Adjective clause
(c ) Adverb clause
(d ) None of these

Reading for comprehension can be best achieved through
(a ) helping learner’s speak Words Softly While reading
(b ) learners reading silently and asking Comprehension questions
(c ) teaching learners to run a finger or pencil under the line being read
(d ) asking the children to read the text aloud

What is taught is not what is learnt because
(a ) a teacher or learner can newer fully master any discipline
(b ) Students possess different abilities, personalities and Come from avariety of backgrounds
(c ) students pay attention during informal discussion
(d ) a teacher’s socio-economic level may differ Widely from the student’s

Which of the following statements is correct inrelation to ‘concept formation’ by a child?
(a ) Concepts are emotionally ordered
(b ) There is a set pattern of Concept, development
(c ) Concepts are not hierarchical in nature
(d ) Concepts are not individual

An important characteristic of ‘formal operationalstage of I metal development’ is
(a ) Abstract thinking
(b ) Concrete thinking
(c ) Social thinking
(d ) Egocentric behavior

The most important factor in the effective teachingprocess is
(a ) punctuality exhibited by teacher and students
(b ) mastery of the Content by the teacher
(c ) teacher Student dialogue
(d ) timely Completion of the Syllabi

The best way to inculcate moral values in children is
(a ) to give moral lectures in the morning assembly
(b ) put a cross a situation and ask Students to take a decision
(c ) demonstration of In coral Values by teacher and elders
(d ) teaching students to differentiate between moral and immoral
1. (c ) 2. (c ) 3. (d ) 4. (c ) 5. (c ) 6. (a ) 7. (d ) 8. (a ) 9. (c ) 10. (b ) 11. (b ) 12. (b ) 13. (a ) 14. (c ) 15. (c )
Directions: Read the passage giver below and answer the questions that follow bySelection the most appropriate option.
Time waswhen people looked heavenward and prayed, “Ye Gods, given us rain, keepdrought away,” Today there are those who pray, “Give us rain, keep ElNino away.” El Nino and its atmospheric equivalent, called the SouthernOscillation, are together referred to as ENSO and are household words today.Meteorologists organize it as often being responsible for natural disasterworldwide. But this wisdom dawned only after countries suffered, first from thelack of knowledge and then from the lack of coordination between policy makingand the advance in scientific knowledge. Put simply, El Nino is a weather eventrestricted to certain tropical shores, epically the Peruvian coast. The eventhas diametrically opposite impacts on the land and sea. The Peruvian shore is adesert. But every few years, an unusually warm ocean current – El Nino warms upthe normally cold surface-waters of the Peruvian coast, causing very heavyrains in the early half of the year, And then, miraculously, the desert ismatted green, Crops like cotton, coconuts and banana grow on the otherwisestubbornly barren land. These are the Peruvians’ anos de adundencia or years ofabundance, The current had come to be termed El Nino or the Christ Childbecause it usually appears as an enhancement, if a mildly warm current thatnormally occurs here around every Christmas. But this boon on land isaccompanied by oceanic disasters. Normally, the waters off the South Americancoast are among the most productive in the world because of a constant upswelling of nutrient rich cold waters from the ocean depths. During an El Nino,however waters are stirred up only from near the surface. The nutrient crunchpushes down primary production, disrupting the food chain, Many marine species,including anchoveta (anchovies ) temporarily disappear. This is just onedamming effect of El Nino. Over the years its full impact has been studied andwhat the Peruvians once regarded as manna, is now seen as a major threat,

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