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CTET English Last Year Questions

Q1. Directions : Answer the following questionsby selection the most appropriate option
Curriculum is an educational programme which does not state?
(a ) The lesson planning details of the topics
(b ) The educational purpose of a programme
(c ) The Content material, etc. teaching Strategies and learning experienceswhich will be necessary to achieve this purpose
(d ) The means of evaluating Whether these educational ends have been achievedor not

Directions : Answer the followingquestions by selection the most appropriate option
To make assessment a “useful and interesting process, one should becareful about
(a ) using a variety of Ways to Collect information about the Student’slearning across the scholastic and Scholastic boundaries
(b ) using technical language to give feedback
(c ) making comparisons between different students
(d ) labelling Students as intelligent or average learners

Directions : Answer the followingquestions by selection the most appropriate option
The purpose of a diagnostic test in Language is
(a ) to know the gaps in children’s understanding
(b ) to give feedback to the parents
(c ) to Till the progress report
(d ) to plan the question paper for the end term examination

Directions : Answer the followingquestions by selection the most appropriate option
Which of the following statements about assignments is correct?
(a ) Assignments need to be given as Class Work followed by homework every dayto provide Variety and practice
(b ) Assignments should be the only method of assessment
(c ) Assignments provide learners an opportunity to search for information,Construct their own ideas and articulate them
(d ) assignments Can be done by parents, brothers orsister’s depending on the talent that they possess

Directions : Answer the followingquestions by selection the most appropriate option
A creative learner refers to one who is
(a ) very talented in drawing and painting
(b ) highly intelligent
(c ) Capable of Scoring Consistently good marks in tests
(d ) good at lateral thinking and problem solving

Individuallearners differ from each other in
(a ) principles of growth and development
(b ) rate of development
(c ) sequence of development
(d ) general capacity for development

A goodtest on reading comprehension Will have questions
(a ) that focus primarily on the Structures and Words used in the text
(b ) that test the textual knowledge thoroughly
(c ) that encourage learners to Write answers Without error’s
(d ) that test inference, interpretation and evaluation besides Comprehension

Notescan be made using a flowchart or a web diagram. The study skill involved is
(a ) retrieving
(b ) gathering
(c ) storing
(d ) summarizing

In theWord ‘scarce”, the phonetic transcription for ‘a’ is
(a ) /ie/
(b ) /ae/
(c ) /e/
(d ) /ea/

While listening’ means a stage
(a ) Where the students attempt a listening task
(b ) When a listening activity is introduced
(c ) When students are listening for pleasure
(d ) When students are listening to a recording of a natural Conversation

What is taught is not what is learnt because
(a ) a teacher’s Socio-economic level may differ Widely from the Students’
(b ) Students posses different abilities, personalities and Come from a Varietyor backgrounds
(c ) a Lecher or learner Can never fully master any discipline
(d ) Students pay attention during informal discussion

Pre-reading tasks are meant for
(a ) evaluating the reading skill of the learner’s
(b ) giving the meanings of difficult Words and phrases
(c ) introducing the main idea and motivating the learners
(d ) explaining the grammatical items used in the reading text

Learners are familiar with the concept ‘cyberspace’ dueto their cognitive overload. Therefore, learners
(a ) usually omit studying prescribed but important topics
(b ) may be exposed to a sequential and Cohesive expository presentation
(c ) may end up studying more meaningful topics in class
(d ) many explore their OWI interests according to their own experience,background and perspective While Considerable for Content

What is a funny poem of five lines called?
(a ) Quartet
(b ) Limerick
(c ) Sextet
(d ) Palindrome

Although he is rich he is most happy.” is a
(a ) Simple sentence
(b ) Compound sentence
(c ) Complex sentence
(d ) Complex-Compound sentence
1. (a ) 2. (a ) 3. (a ) 4. (c ) 5. (d ) 6. (b ) 7. (d ) 8. (c ) 9. (b ) 10. (d ) 11. (b ) 12. (c ) 13. (d ) 14. (b ) 15. (c )

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