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Cloze Test & Reading Comprehension Quiz

Direction : In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has Capital Alphabets. Against each Alphabet, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

Most of us are (___A___) of open conflict and avoid it if we can. And there is a (___B___) to expressing and working through conflict. If the working through involves harsh words and name-calling people feel deeply hurt and relationships can be (___C___). Sometimes permanently. Some group members may be afraid that if they really(___D___)their anger, they may go out of control and become violent, or they may do this. These fears can be very (___E___)and based on experience. So why take the risk? Why not avoid conflict at all costs ? Conflict is rather like disease (___F___) is best, that means attuning to areas where (___G___) may occur before they become an issue. If you have, not (___H___) a conflict happening, your next choice is to treat it early, or hope that it goes away. If it goes away over time fine. If it (___I___). then you will still have to handle (treat) it and it is likely to be more (___J___).


Q1. A






Q2. B






Q3. C






Q4. D






Q5. E






Q6. F






Q7. G






Q8. H






Q9. I






Q10. J







Michelle Obama plans to go to Oak Creek Milwaukee to meet family members of those killed and injured in the gurudwara shooting this month. The White House said the First Lady s visit on Thursday is part of the administration s outreach to the Sikh community after the August 5 shooting. A gunman killed six people attending Sunday services before killing himself. The gunman was associated with white supremacists and neo-Nazi groups. Investigators say they may never know for certain what prompted his attack. The Sikh community welcomed the White House announcement as a great gesture. It is great to hear that the First Lady will be comforting the families devastated by the violence in the gurdwara the chairman of the Sikh Council Rajwant Singh said.


Q11. The shootout on August 5 was at


(b)The White House.




Q12. The shootout killed


(b)Michelle Obama.


(d)A gunman.


Q13. The gunman was a member of

(a)Oak Creek.


(c)neo-Nazi groups.

(d)Sikh community.


Q14. What was the cause of the gunman’s attack?

(a)Distaste for Sunday services.

(b)His association with white supremacists an neo-Nazi groups.

(c)His hatred for Indians.

(d)Particular reason may never be known.


Q15. Rajwant Singh

(a)criticized Michelle Obama.

(b)appreciated Michelle Obama.

(c)attacked Michelle Obama

(d)grieved oyer Michelle Obama.


Two bike-borne youths snatched a gold chain worth  60 000 from a 35-year-old homemaker in Salt Lake on Thursday morning  two days after a Bangalore-based woman was robbed in the township in similar fashion. Around 30 am at BG block Keshtopur resident Sujata Dey was walking home after dropping her son in school when the youths wearing full-mask helmets that covered their faces snatched the chain from behind and sped away.“I was walking back towards the Keshtopur footbridge talking with a friend when I felt a tug at my neck. Within moments my chain was in the hands of the% pillion rider. We ran for a distance chasing them but they soon took a sharp turn and we lost them” Dey said. She said she couldn’t take down the bike s registration number. “I can only recall that it was orange ” she said. Dey dialled 100 the police help Sine from her cell phone. She was directed to lodge a complaint with Bidhan-nagar East police station. On Tuesday morning two bike-borne youths had snatched a chain from Papiya Roy Chowdhary near her home in AE block. The back-to-back snatchings have prompted township residents to demand stricter policing. “Salt Lake is becoming unsafe. Criminals are robbing residents at will. The police should take strict measures ” said Sreemoyee Sen a resident of AB block.



 “Home maker” is a synonym of

(a)construction worker.





Q17. The Homemaker stayed in

(a)United States of America.


(c)Salt Lake.



Q18. The thieves were chased by

(a)Papiya Roy Chowdhary.

(b)Sujata Dey and her friend.

(c)Sujata Dey alone.

(d)The Police.


Q19. Why could Sujata Dey not identify the thieves ?

(a)Because they wore full mask helmets.

(b)Because they sped away fast.

(c)Because they were on a bike.

(d)Because they took a sharp turn.


Q20. Who told Sujata Dey to lodge a police complaint?

(a)Local residents.

(b)The police.

(c)Her friend.

(d)Papiya Roy Chowdhary.


            1 a       2 d       3 c       4 b       5 d       6 d       7 b       8 b       9 a       10 b     11 a     12 c     13 c     14d      15 b             16 d     17 d     18 b     19 a     20

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