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Cloze Test & Reading Comprehension Quiz

Direction : In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has Capital Alphabets. Against each Alphabet, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

Mobile banking (M banking) involves the use of a mobile phone or any other mobile device to (___A___) financial transaction linked to a client’s account. M banking is new in most countries and most mobile payment models even in developed countries, to date operate on a (___B___) scale. A mobile network offers a (___C___) available technology platform onto which other services can be provided at low cost with effective results. For example, M banking services which use (___D___) such as SMS can be carried at a cost of less than one US cent per message. The low cost of using existing infrastructure makes such services more (___E___) to use by customers with lower purchasing power and opens up access to services which did not reach them earlier due to (___F___) cost of service delivery. Although M banking is one aspect in the wider (___G___) of e banking there are reasons to single it out for focus especially because there are reasons to single it out for focus especially because there are a lot more people with mobile phones than bank accounts in India. M banking could provide a (___H___) solution to bring more unbanked people to the financial mainstream. Without traditional credit .individuals are (___I___) to exploitation by abusive lenders offering very high interest rates on short term loans .Also of considerable importance are public safety implications for the unbanked they are often victims of crime because many operate on a cash only basis and end up carrying significant amounts of cash on their (___J___) or store cash in their homes.


Q1. A




(d)lure amass


Q2. B






Q3. C






Q4. D






Q5. E






Q6. F






Q7. G






Q8. H

(a)law abiding



(d)cost effective


Q9. I






Q10. J







A flock of birds flew into an Indigo Airbus about to take off at Patna this morning and damaged the plane s engine before the captain slammed the emergency brakes. The close shave has again forced the glare on the airport already under the scanner for obstacles in its landing approach path. The Airbus A320 carrying 89 passengers and six crew members had started taxiing when the birds possibly attracted by the waste pile-up near the airport crashed into the plane on the left around 05 am. The pilot hit the brakes bringing the plane to a screeching halt seconds before take-off. Sources said the plane would have been running at a speed of about 40 nautical miles (74 kmph) at the time. Flight 6E 385 was scheduled to take off at 10 am for Delhi and onward to Hyderabad Bangalore and Visakhapatnam. The left-hand side engine of the aircraft got damaged after it was hit by the birds. There were no casualties fortunately and all passengers were taken out of the aircraft immediately after the pilot took it to the parking bay. The aircraft has been grounded and it will operate only after the safety engineers of Indigo give a fit-to-fly certificate ” an Indigo source at Patna airport said. All passengers were accommodated on other Indigo flight  the source added.


Q11. Close shave means



(c)a narrow escape

(d)to shave carefully


Q12. Why did the birds fly into the plane?

(a)As the birds were attracted to the plane.

(b)As it was taking off slowly.

(c)As the captain slammed the brakes.

(d)As the birds were attracted to the waste pile-up near the airport.


Q13. The passengers were allowed to get off the plane

(a)after the plane was taken to the parking bay.


(c)after many hours.

(d)the next day.


Q14. The Airbus is a

(a)a large bus

(b)small plane

(c)large plane

(d)a small bus


Q15. What happened to the plane after the passengers were taken off?

(a)It was given a fitness certificate.

(b)It was grounded.

(c)It was discarded.

(d)It was inspected and allowed to fly.



Women s education in India is one of the foremost concerns of the Government of India as well as of the society at large. It is due to the fact that at the present time the educated women play a very significant role in overall development and progress of the country. Women hold a prominent position in the Indian society and all over the world. However since the prehistoric times women were denied opportunities and had to suffer for the hegemonic masculine ideology. This unjustifiable and unwarrantable oppression had resulted into a movement that fought to achieve the equal status of-women all over the  world. Women s education in India is the consequence of such progress and this led to the tremendous improvement of women s condition throughout the world. Nevertheless eradication of female illiteracy is considered as a r major concern today. In the present era the Indian society has established a number of institutions for the educational development of women and girls. These educational institutions aim for immense help and are concerned with the development of women. In the modern society women in India have come a long way. Indian women are at par with men in all kinds of tasks like reaching the moon conquering Mount Everest and participating in all fields Ail this is possible just because of education and the profound impact it has had on women.


Q16. Education for women is necessary

(a)to enable more women to conquer Mt. Everest.

(b)to usher in a modem and progressive society.

(c)to protest against masculine supremacy.

(d)to establish more educational institutions.


Q17. In present times education for women is not at par with that of their male counterparts because

(a)Indian women did not join the worldwide movement to gain equal status for themselves.

(b)female illiteracy is a major social problem.

(c)Indian women are traditionally more preoccupied with their household duties.

(d)ours is a male dominated society


Q18. 393 has been a major boost for female literacy in India today.

(a)The global movement to gain equal status for women

(b)The modern governmental system

(c)Increase in the number of broad-minded men

(d)Increase in the number of women in prominent positions


Q19. Progress and improvement in education for women has enabled them to

(a)overthrow male hegemony.

(b)bag coveted positions for themselves.

(c)create an impact on all aspects of life.

(d)All of the above.


Q20. Find the option opposite in meaning to unjustifiable.






            1 a       2 d       3 d       4 d       5 c       6 d       7 b       8 d       9 c       10 b     11 c     12 d     13 a     14 c     15 c             16 b     17 d     18 a     19 d     20

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