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Cloze Test & Reading Comprehension Quiz

Direction : In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has Capital Alphabets. Against each Alphabet, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

What Indian politicians and bureaucrats share with their scientist, engineer and carpenter counterparts is their acceptance of mediocrity and lack of skill. The greatest moral failure of Indian institutions is the tolerance of incompetence. (___A___) criminality or corruption. The tolerance of incompetence in (___B___) is a result of a low cultural value attached to the creation and (___C___) of institutions. Institution building is hard work it requires a combination of vision, commitment and performance. Any institution involves a contract between those who (___D___) to the institution and those who support it. The support can take the form of money or votes but that support must be (___E___) continuously. In a properly functioning institutional system, the Institutional contract (___F___) the institution members and their supporters takes the form you give me support and I will give you results. Competence Is the channel that sustains the flow of trust from supporters to institutions and back. If doctors don’t cure will they not lose our trust ? While blaming individual politicians and babus for their corrupt ways, let us also examine the system that accepts mediocrity and even lets it (___G___).What we are seeing in India is a case of contract failure. The contractor who bribes an official and then builds a leaky stadium is not just being (___H___). He is sustaining a collusive system that subverts, rules regulating mutual cooperation between government institutions, market players and society as a whole. In the case of endemic contract failure everyone (___I___). Including the contractor, for once the public loses its trust in institutions even businessmen will (___J___) out on opportunities to make money. The moral status of institutions is central to continued development and prosperity.


Q1. A






Q2. B






Q3. C






Q4. D






Q5. E






Q6. F






Q7. G






Q8. H






Q9. I






Q10. J







A farmer accompanied by his young son was driving his ass to the market in the hope of selling the ass for a good price. On the road they met a bevy of girls who laughed and exclaimed “See this pair of fools ? They are trudging along the dusty road when they can be riding ” The man thought that there was sense in what they were saying. So he mounted his son on the ass and he walked at the side. Presently they met some of his old friends who greeted him and said “You will spoil your son by letting him ride while you toil along on foot! Make him walk. It be good for him.” The farmer followed their advice and took his son s place on the back of the ass while the boy trudged along behind. They would not have gone far they were seen by women and children. The farmer heard them say “What a selfish old man He rides in comfort but lets his poor little fellow walk the distance.” So he asked his son to get up behind him. Further along the road they met some travellers. They asked the farmer whether the ass was his property or was it hired for the purpose The farmer told them that he was taking his ass to the market to sell it. The travellers said “Good Heavens I With the load like this the poor beast will look exhausted and no one would like to purchase him. Why don t you carry him.” Immediately the farmer got off the ass tied its legs with the rope and slung him on a pole and carried him in between them This was such an absurd sight that people laughed at it. They called the farmer and his son lunatics They had then reached a bridge over a river. Frightened by the noise around the ass struggled kicked broke the pole fell into the river and died. The farmer returned home vexed and ashamed. In trying to please all he in fact had pleased none and he had lost the ass in the transaction.


Q11. The word Vexed means






Q12. The Word trudged means

(a)walk casually.

(b)walk with effort

(c)walk stylishly

(d)walk briskly.


Q13. 0n seeing the boy walk beside the ass the women and children

(a)praised the boy for his compassion towards his father.

(b)called the farmer a selfish man.

(c)found fault with the farmer for ill-treating the ass.

(d)asked the farmer to take their children to the market.


Q14. The lesson learnt by the farmer was

(a)do not carry an ass when it can walk.

(b)do not overload the ass.

(c)(3 ) in trying to please all you please none.

(d)it is foolish to please the ass.


Q15. On seeing the farmer and his son walking along with the ass the girls

(a)called the farmer and his son fools for not riding the ass. .

(b)wondered at the dutiful father and son.

(c)asked the farmer to take them also to the market.

(d)sympathized with the beast of burden



In the world have we made health an end in itself ? We have forgotten that health is really a means to enable a person to do his work and do it well. A lot of modern medicine is concerned with promotion of good health. Many patients as well as many physicians pay very little attention to health but very much attention to health makes some people imagine that they are ill. Our great concern with health is shown by the medical columns in newspaper the health articles in popular magazines and the popularity of the television programme and all those books on medicine. We talk about health all the time. Yet for the most only result is more people are with imaginary illnesses. The healthy man should not be wasting any time talking about health he should be using health for work the work he does and the work that good health makes possible.


Q16. Modern medicine is primarily concerned with

(a)promotion of good health.

(b)people suffering from imaginary illnesses.

(c)people suffering from real illnesses.

(d)increased efficiency in work


Q17. A healthy man should be concerned with

(a)his work which good health makes possible.

(b)looking after his health.

(c)his health which makes work possible.

(d)talking about health.


Q18. Talking about health all the time makes people

(a)always suffer from imaginary illnesses.

(b)sometimes suffer from imaginary illnesses.

(c)rarely suffer from imaginary Illnesses

(d)often suffer from imaginary illnesses.


Q19. The passage suggests that

(a)health is an end in itself.

(b)health is a blessing.

(c)health is only a means to an end.

(d)we should not talk about health.


Q20. The passage tells us

(a)how medicines should be manufactured.

(b)what a healthy man should or should not do.

(c)what the television programmes should be about.

(d)how best to imagine illnesses.


            1 d       2 a       3 c       4 a       5 b       6 d       7 d       8 d       9 b       10 c     11 c     12 b     13 b     14 c     15 a             16 a     17 a     18 d     19 a     20 b

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