TET English Language Set

1. The substitution table method was adopted by
(a) Dr. West (b) HE Palmer
(c) Prof. DJ Dodson (d) Rober Manger
Ans : (b)

2. Choose the correct word to fill in the blank. Ten miles…….. a long way to walk.
(a) are (b) is
(c) are being (d) None of these
Ans : (b)

3. Choose the appropriate synonym of the word written in Italics There can be different ways of solving the same problem.
(a) routes (b) manners
(c) methods (d) path
Ans : (c)

4. Write one word for the following group of words. Which cannot be read?
(a) Incorrigible (b) Illegible
(c) Eligible (d) Illiterate
Ans : (b)

5. Choose the opposite of following word. Particularly
(a) Elaborately (b) Generally
(c) Entirely (d) Comprehensively
Ans : (b)

6. Phonetic aspect of language deals with
(a) writing
(b) reading
(c) sound, spelling and pronunciation
(d) understanding
Ans : (c)

7. Causes of spelling errors are
(a) silent letters
(b) poor pronunciation
(c) one letter different sounds
(d) All of the above
Ans : (d)

8. Identify the odd word from the following.
(a) joy (b) sorrow
(c) happiness (d) bliss
Ans : (b)

9. Which of the following is an ‘Oxymoron’?
(a) Bright light (b) Cluster beans
(c) Deafening silence (d) Misty eyed
Ans : (c)

10. Give one word substitution for the following. One hundred years
(a) decade (b) century
(c) score (d) annual
Ans : (b)

11. Fill in the blanks with the correct articles. ………… Taj Mahal is ………… monument symbolizing love.
(a) The, a (b) A, an
(c) The, an (d) A, the
Ans : (a)

12. Fill in the blanks with the correct prepositions. I tried ……… relieve them ……. their poverty.
(a) to, with (b) to, of
(c) by, form (d) into, with
Ans : (b)

13. Choose the correct phrase to complete the proverb. God helps those who……….
(a) pray to him (b) help themselves
(c) turn to him (d) worship him
Ans : (b)

14. Fill in the blank with correct preposition. When she parted ………….. her parents, her eyes were full of tears.
(a) off (b) with
(c) from (d) to
Ans : (c)

15. Fill in the blank with past perfect tense. The train ………… the platform before I reached the station.
(a) left (b) has left
(c) have left (d) had left
Ans : (d)

16. Choose the synonym of the following word. inundate
(a) to flood (b) sink
(c) batter down (d) pass by
Ans : (a)

17. The girl child ‘Lucy’ is in poems written by
(a) John Keats
(b) William Wordsworth
(c) William Shakespeare
(d) P B Shelley
Ans : (b)

18. Choose the incorrect part of the sentence. The man/standing next to/the pillar is/my older brother.
(a) The man (b) standing next to
(c) the pillar is (d) my older brother
Ans : (b)

19. Fill in the blank with the correct idiom. I ………. of Rama at the theater but she did not see me.
(a) held a glimpse (b) threw a glimpse
(c) wanted a glimpse (d) caught a glimpse
Ans : (d)

20. Fill in the blank with the appropriate modal. The villagers ………. read and write their mother tongue.
(a) may (b) can
(c) should (d) with
Ans : (b)

21. Choose the correct form of the verb to fill in the blank. We ……… the matter yesterday.
(a) discussed about (b) discussed of
(c) discussed (d) discussed well
Ans : (c)

22. Fill in the blank with the correct prepositional phrase. The deaf learn to communicate with one another ……… sign language.
(a) according to (b) by means of
(c) inspite of (d) but for
Ans : (b)

23. Choose the best word to complete the sentence. He was tired and ill and ……… on the stairs and fell all the way down.
(a) stumbled (b) stuck
(c) stumped (d) steered
Ans : (a)

24. Find out the part which has an error in the following sentence. They invited Jaya and I / to the function / to be held in the next month.
(a) They invited Jaya and I
(b) to the function
(c) to be held in the next month
(d) No error
Ans : (a)

25. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the phrase/idiom. The little girl with her flawless performance stole the show.
(a) Disappeared from the show
(b) Crept into the show
(c) Stole something from the show
(d) Won everybody’s praise
Ans : (d)

26. Fill in the blank with the most suitable article. We were watching ………. news on BBC last evening.
(a) a (b) the
(c) an (d) None of these
Ans : (b)

27. Fill in the blank with the most suitable adverb from those provided It took us ………….. five hours to reach the airport.
(a) nearly (b) always
(c) enough (d) None of these
Ans : (a)

28. Choose the appropriate preposition. We have been living here ………… six months.
(a) ever (b) at
(c) since (d) for
Ans : (d)

29. Which of the following ‘laugh’?
(a) Goats (b) Hyenas
(c) Lions (d) Deer
Ans : (b)

30. Mark the synonym of the given word. Carcass
(a) Bulk (b) Federation
(c) Quality (d) Corpse
Ans : (d)

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