TET English Language Set

1. Which of the following sentence is in the Passive Voice?
(a) He was made to surrender his passport.
(b) They feed the lions in the zoo twice.
(c) A jelly-fish stung her.
(d) We will not admit children under sixteen.
Ans : (a)

2. Tick the figure of speech in the following sentence. Cocks crow cock a doodle do.
(a) Oxymoron (b) Onomatopoeia
(c) Metaphor (d) Simile
Ans : (b)

3. Point out the correctly spelt word
(a) Hamorrage (b) Hemorrhage
(c) Hammerage (d) Hammarage
Ans : (b)

4. Point out the meaning of the following proverb: Every cloud has a silver lining.
(a) Clouds are never without a silver lining.
(b) There is a positive side to every unpleasant situation.
(c) There is no hope in an unpleasant situation.
(d) Clouds always have white lines in them.
Ans : (b)

5. Point out the word which can be substituted for the given sentence: The act of killing one’s wife.
(a) Genocide (b) Uxoricide
(c) Canicide (d) Avicide
Ans : (b)

6. Select the Adverb of place.
(a) Almost (b) Agra
(c) Here (d) Japan
Ans : (c)

7. Which of the following combination is found in the structure of English language?
(a) Subject–object–verb
(b) Verb–object–subject
(c) Subject–verb–object
(d) Object–verb–subject
Ans : (c)

8. Point out the portion having a mistake The poors are always helped by them A B C who are kind and generous D
(a) A (b) B
(c) C (d) D
Ans : (a)

9. Feminine of ‘Hart’ is
(a) Filly (b) Sow
(c) Roe (d) Goose
Ans : (c)

10. ‘_______ late, he is a skilled worker.’ Fill in the blank
(a) But (b) Though
(c) Since (d) Unless
Ans : (b)

11. “Call the first witness” said the judge. Convert to reported speech.
(a) The judge commanded them to call the first witness.
(b) The judge asked them to call witness first.
(c) The judge told them to call first the witness.
(d) The judge asked them to invite the first witness.
Ans : (a)

12. Give one word substitution for the following: A hater of women.
(a) Misanthrope (b) Misogynist
(c) Mercenary (d) Philanthropist
Ans : (b)

13. After reading a story on fish, if a teacher ask children to answer – “Imagine you are fish in a pond. What do you see around you?” This is an example of
(a) Multiple choice question
(b) Comprehension question
(c) Close type question
(d) Open-ended question
Ans : (d)

14. ‘Prediction’ as a subskill is associated with
(a) reading (b) drafting
(c) summarising (d) note-making
Ans : (a)

15. Which method is known as natural method?
(a) Direct method
(b) Grammar translation method
(c) Translation method
(d) Bilingual method
Ans : (a)

16. ‘Operation Black Board’ is for
(a) Primary schools
(b) Middle schools
(c) Secondary schools
(d) Convent schools
Ans : (a)

17. Dipthongs are known as
(a) Pure vowels
(b) Semi vowels
(c) Vowels with weak sounds
(d) Vowel glides
Ans : (a)

Directions : Read the passage and answer the questions that follow (Q. No. 18 to 24) by selecting the most appropriate option. Scientists are extremely concerned about the changes taking place in our climate. The changes are said to be alrmingly rapid and the result of human activity whereas in the past it had been natural and much slower. The major problem is that the planet appears to be warming up (global warming). This is occurring at a rate unprecedented in the last 10,000 years. The implications are very serious. Rising temperatures could give rise to extremely high increase in the incidence of floods and droughts, having effect on agriculture. It is thought that this unusual warming of the Earth has been caused by greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, being emitted into the atmosphere by car engines and modern industrial processes. Such gases not only add to the pollution of the atmosphere, but trap the heat of the sun leading to the warming up of the planet. It has been suggested that industrialized countries would try to reduce the volume of greenhouse gas emissions and plant more trees to create ‘sinks’ to absorb greenhouse gases.
18. The change taking place in our climate have become:
(a) a matter of celebration for the scientists.
(b) a matter of worry for the scientists.
(c) something that does not have any serious implication.
(d) something to be whiled away by the scientists.
Ans : (b)

19. The ‘antonym’ of the underlined word ‘increase’ is
(a) increment (b) reduction
(c) smaller (d) rapid
Ans : (b)

20. The climatic changes taking place today are different from earlier changes as
(a) Today they are slower and more natural.
(b) Today they are much faster and caused by the humans.
(c) Today they do not threater the humans because of their speed.
(d) Today men are affected by them easily.
Ans : (b)

21. Increase in global temperatures may result in
(a) rains
(b) destruction of crops
(c) death of animals
(d) a long period without rains
Ans : (d)

22. The underlined word ‘slower’ in the passage is
(a) Noun (b) Verb
(c) Adjective (d) Adverb
Ans : (c)

23. Greenhouse gases refer to
(a) emission of gases by the cars alone.
(b) emission of gases by the industries alone.
(c) trapping of heat of the sun by the earth increasing temperatures alone.
(d) carbon dioxide being produced from any source
Ans : (d)

24. The underlined word ‘sinks’ in the passage refers to
(a) absorption of greenhouse gases by industries.
(b) reduction of greenhouse gases by industries.
(c) industrialized countries.
(d) the plantation for absorbing harmful gases.
Ans : (d)

25. Who plays the part of the fool in The Merchant of Venice?
(a) Tubal (b) Launcelot Gobbo
(c) Lorenzo (d) Gratiano
Ans : (b)

26. What form of poetry is “La Belle Dame Sans Merci”?
(a) Lyric (b) Ballad
(c) Sonnet (d) Ode
Ans : (b)

27. “The Light of Asia” was divided into _____ cantos.
(a) four (b) six
(c) seven (d) eight
Ans : (d)

28. In which of Shakespeare’s plays are the following lines ‘The quality of mercy is not strained. It droppeth as the gentle rain from heavern.’
(a) Romeo and Juliet
(b) Macbeth
(c) The Merchant of Venice
(d) A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Ans : (c)

29. Which of the follwing is a short musical poem expressing the poet’s emotion?
(a) Lyric (b) Sonnet
(c) Idyll (d) Ode
Ans : (a)

30. Tick the correct option to complete the sentence: The Prime Minister held ______.
(a) a press conference at airport.
(b) a press conference at the airport.
(c) press conference at the airport.
(d) press conference at airport.
Ans : (b)

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