TET English Language Set

1. What kind of adjective is used in the following sentence? These mangoes are ripe.
(a) Quantitative (b) Possessive
(c) Demonstrative (d) Interrogative
Ans : (c)

2. Choose the correct word to complete the following sentence: He insisted _____ seeing the documents.
(a) on (b) to
(c) in (d) by
Ans : (a)

3. How did Luz Long help Josse Owens?
(a) Luz Long advised Josse to draw a line in few inches behind the board and aim at making his take off from there.
(b) Luz Long advised Josse to take rest for a few minutes.
(c) Luz Long advised Josse to forget that he was participating in a competition.
(d) Luz Long advised Josse not to accept the Master Race Theory of Hitler.
Ans : (a)

4. Complete the following: Man is born, according to H.W. Longfellow.
(a) to die and be buried
(b) to return to dust
(c) to be up and doing
(d) to pray to God
Ans : (c)

5. Complete the following sentence by choosing the correct option: No sooner did we go out on the road _____it began to rain heavily.
(a) when (b) than
(c) then (d) but
Ans : (b)

6. The correct feminine of “ram” is
(a) sita (b) toe
(c) ewe (d) filly
Ans : (c)

7. Complete the following sentence with the correct option:
(a) Yours (b) Your
(c) Yours (d) Your’s
Ans : (a)

8. Identify the correct reported form of the given sentence: Ravi said to his friend, “work hard”.
(a) Ravi said to his friend you must work hard.
(b) Ravi asked his friend that ht must work hard.
(c) Ravi advised his friend to work hard.
(d) Ravi ordered his friend to work hard.
Ans : (c)

9. Choose the correct figures of speech in the following sentence: Her mother too upon this occasion felt a pleasing distress.
(a) Personification (b) Oxymoron
(c) Hyperbole (d) Simile
Ans : (b)

10. Choose the word opposite in the meaning to the given word: ‘FRAILTY’
(a) Emanciation
(b) Strength
(c) Health
(d) Boldness
Ans : (b)

11. Didactic poetry meAns :
(a) poetry which inspires
(b) poetry which pleases
(c) poetry which teaches
(d) poetry which informs
Ans : (c)

12. Fill in the blank with the suitable form of verb: Either Munni or Chunni _____lost her pen.
(a) has (b) have
(c) had (d) will have
Ans : (a)

13. Point out the word that has been wrongly used in this sentence: If you lose your passport in a foreign country it will effect you badly-
(a) lose (b) effect
(c) badly (d) foreign
Ans : (b)

14. Poetry teaching should be basically a process of
(a) sadness (b) joy
(c) cry (d) anger
Ans : (b)

15. What are the two productive skills?
(a) Listening -Reading
(b) Speaking-Writing
(c) Reading-Writing
(d) Listening-Speaking
Ans : (b)

16. Linguistics is a study of
(a) Direct Method
(b) Grammar Translation Method
(c) Sounds
(d) Human Language
Ans : (d)

17. Dyslexia is associated mainly with difficulties in
(a) reading (b) speaking
(c) listening (d) writing
Ans : (a)

18. The purpose of ‘rapid reading’ is
(a) for interest
(b) for specific detail
(c) extended reding
(d) seeking information
Ans : (b)

19. What does the Ganges symbolize, according to Jawaharlal Nehru?
(a) It is a symbol of India’s prosperity
(b) It is a symbol of India’s age long culture and civilization.
(c) It is a symbol of changing seasons of India.
(d) It is a symbol of India’s struggle for freedom.
Ans : (b)

20. What damaged the crop in Lencho’s field?
(a) Wild animals (b) Flood
(c) Drought (d) Hailstones
Ans : (d)

21. What does Lorenzo order when he learns that Portia is on her way to Belmont?
(a) A banquet to welcome the lady of the house
(b) Music
(c) A ring to match the one she once gave to Bassanio
(d) Flowers
Ans : (b)

22. In court how does Antonio react to Shylock’ insistence on collecting his pound of flesh?
(a) He weeps openly.
(b) He vows that he will meet Shylock’s hatred with patience.
(c) He curses Shylock’s vengeance.
(d) He makes an impassioned plea to the court to intervene on his behalf
Ans : (b)

23. According to Lorenzo’s plan, how will Jessica escape from her father’s house?
(a) She will disguise herself as Lorenzo’s toch bearer and slip out undetected.
(b) She will leave during the night while Shylock is asleep.
(c) She will take her father to a large public auction and get lost in the crowed.
(d) She will fake her own death.
Ans : (a)

24. How does Shylock initially describe his demand for a pound of flesh to Bassanio and Antonio?
(a) As an opportunity for revenge
(b) As his way of being chairtable
(c) As a harmless prank
(d) As a means of generating friendship
Ans : (a)

25. What reason does Antonio give for being sad in the opening scene of the play?
(a) He stands to lose a fortune in his present business ventures.
(b) He owes a fantastic sum of moneyto Shylock.
(c) He gives no reason.
(d) The woman he loves does not return his feelings.
Ans : (c)

26. Whom does Bassanio agree to bring with him to Belmont?
(a) Old Gobbo (b) Gratiano
(c) Antonio (d) Jessica
Ans : (b)

27. Point out the error in the following incorrect sentence: I can learn poems more easy than speeches.
(a) I can
(b) learn poems
(c) more easy
(d) than speeches
Ans : (c)

28. Point out the sentence in the active voice.
(a) Why don’t you have your eyes tested?
(b) This notice has been altered.
(c) Boys could not have done all this damage.
(d) Steps had been cut in the ice by previous climbers
Ans : (c)

29. Point out the correct word to bring out the meaning in the sentence: Women have always dressed to _____figure flaws.
(a) disfigure
(b) show
(c) exhibit
(d) camouflage
Ans : (d)

30. Point out the correct indirect speech of the sentence. “Would you like to come with us?” they said.
(a) They asked me to go with them.
(b) They asked me if I would like to come with them.
(c) They invited me to go with them.
(d) They told me to come with them.
Ans : (b)

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