TET English Language Set

1. Provided he is feeling better he can leave the hospital. The underlined clause is
(a) adverbial clause of concession
(b) adverbial clause of condition
(c) adverbial clause of purpose
(d) adverbial clause of manner
Ans : (b)

2. Candidates must attempt all the questions. What does the auxiliary ‘must’ suggest in the above sentence?
(a) Advice (b) Recommendation
(c) Obligation (d) Prediction
Ans : (a)

3. Which part of the sentence has an error?
(a) Scarcely
(b) I had finished
(c) Relating the incident
(d) When he fell asleep
Ans : (a)

4. Fill in the blank by choosing the correct option. The bullet struck him in ………. foot.
(a) an (b) the
(c) her (d) a
Ans : (b)

5. Which part of the sentence has an error?
(a) I was wondering whether
(b) I can produce a meal
(c) Out of what’s left
(d) In the fridge
Ans : (b)

6. Choose the option that conveys almost the same meaning as the underlined word in the given sentence. A series of unsolved murders on the island has raised fears that a psychopathic serial killer is on the loose.
(a) mentally ill and dangerous
(b) anxious and worried
(c) frightening
(d) maniac
Ans : (a)

7. Fill in the blank by choosing the correct option Why conform ………. a custom when the custom is bad.
(a) on (b) upon
(c) for (d) to
Ans : (d)

8. Find out the error in the following sentence. What to speak of milk (a) / even water was (b) / not available there. (c) / No error (d)
Ans : (a)

9. Which of the following verb forms will correctly fill in the blank in the sentence? “It is time we ……….. home”.
(a) returned (b) return
(c) have returned (d) will return
Ans : (a)

10. Which of the following option can be the antonym of ‘assiduous’?
(a) Discouraged (b) Frank
(c) Careless (d) Courteous
Ans : (c)

11. Which is the basic characteristic of communicative language teaching?
(a) An emphasis on learning to communicate through interaction in the target language
(b) There is a lot of focus on grammar
(c) Language activation is limited to classroom activity
(d) Learner’s own personal experiences are not given importance in the learning process
Ans : (a)

12. The girl is now a student at a large university. The underlined words in the above sentence form the
(a) object (b) object complement
(c) subject (d) subject complement
Ans : (d)

13. What type of sentence is the following? What worries me most, is the falling standard of education in India.
(a) Imperative (b) Optative
(c) Assertive d) Interrogative
Ans : (b)

14. Which tense is used for an action just completed?
(a) Simple Present (b) Simple Past
(c) Present Perfect (d) Present Continuous
Ans : (c)

15. What is not a key feature of the audio-lingual method?
(a) There is much use of tapes, language labs and visual aids
(b) New material is presented in dialogue form
(c) Great importance is attached to pronunciation
(d) Students are encouraged to use their mother tongue
Ans : (d)

16. Everyone has his own ideas about the best way to bring up children. The underlined word in the sentence is a
(a) Determiner (b) Adverb
(c) Noun (d) Pronoun
Ans : (d)

Directions (Q. Nos. 17-21) Fill in the blanks by choosing the most appropriate option. 17. ………. is an overall economic condition of falling commodity and asset prices.
(a) Deflation (b) Inflation
(c) Exhaustion (d) Boom
Ans : (b)

18. Looking forward to ……… you.
(a) see (b) to see
(c) seeing (d) saw
Ans : (a)

19. I saw ……… of my friends.
(a) no (b) nobody
(c) none (d) no one
Ans : (c)

20. We were caught ………. a shower on our way home.
(a) with (b) by
(c) at (d) in
Ans : (b)

21. Those children ………. very healthy.
(a) looking (b) to look
(c) looks (d) looked
Ans : (c)

Directions (Q. Nos. 22-30) Read the passage given below and answer the questions by selecting the most appropriate passage option. Passage If reason in the region of thought is the aim of science, the rule of equality in the region of behaviour is the aim of democracy. Democracy is not a political arrangement or a form of government. It is a pattern of life an active conviction which informs and inspires every thought, word and deed. Our present constitution of society induces in its more fortunate members far too great readiness to accept privilege as thought it were inherent in the social order, as though it were normal and even proper and just. It we are sincere in our professions of democracy, we should not shut our eyes to the most obvious defects of the present social order. A system which does not offer security and decent employment to multitudes of trained young men suffers from fundamental vice. Society is in danger of splitting to pieces if the few who have the benefits of civilization are not willing to share them with the rest. No state it stable unless it procures for all its members the essentials of a good life. We acknowledge that health is better than disease, sufficiency better than poverty, shelter better than cold and exposure, ease of mind better than racking anxiety. It is our duty to obtain these essentials of civilized life for the mass of the population, to work for basic economic justice for all, if necessary by the imposition of higher taxes on incomes, land value and inheritance. Riches were created by the maker for being spent on social purpose. It was Blackstone not Lenin, who wrote. “The law not only regards life and protects every man in enjoyment of it but also furnishes him with everything necessary for its support. For there is no man so indecent or wretched but that he may demand a supply sufficient for all the necessities of life from the more opulent part of the community.” 22. What is the fundamental tenet of democracy according to the author?
(a) Right to choose representatives
(b) Right to stand for public offices
(c) The presence of effective opposition
(d) The operation of the principle of equality
Ans : (d)

23. What is democracy essentially according to the author?
(a) A form of government
(b) A political arrangement
(c) A pattern of life itself
(d) (a) and (b)
Ans : (c)

24. “…………. an active conviction which informs and inspires every thought, word and deed.” What does it mean?
(a) A democrat admires the virtues of democracy in whatever he thinks says and does
(b) A democrat has sound self confidence in regard to the correctness of what he thinks, says and does
(c) A democrat always thinks aright, speak aright and acts aright
(d) A democrat believes in the concept of equality and this belief is reflected in his thinking, speech and action
Ans : (d)

25. The present constitution of our society is based on
(a) the principle of equality
(b) the principle of human dignity
(c) entrenched class privileges
(d) justice and fair play
Ans : (a)

26. What according to the author is the fundamental vice of the present social order?
(a) It provides fertile ground for sycophancy to grow
(b) It is based on a system of class privileges
(c) It does not offer security and employment to trained young men
(d) It is steeped in blind beliefs and irrational ways to thought
Ans : (c)

27. Society is in danger of splitting to pieces. What does it mean?
(a) Society will be broken into fragments, one fragment living at one place and the other at another place
(b) Society will be divided into so many sections
(c) The peace and harmony of the society will be gone
(d) Society will be bombarded from above, broken and destroyed
Ans : (c)

28. What according to the author are the conditions of stability of a state?
(a) Happiness and prosperity of the people
(b) Just and honest government
(c) Eternal vigilance on the part of citizens
(d) Military strength
Ans : (a)

29. What according to the author are the essentials of a civilized life?
(a) Cultivation of moral values and cultural existence
(b) Good manners and excellent patterns of social behaviour
(c) Development of science and economic betterment
(d) Health, prosperity, shelter and peace of mind
Ans : (d)

30. What is Blackstone’s view about the law?
(a) Law regulates the behaviour and actions of the people living in society
(b) Law protects the rights of people and punishes those guilty of the breach or infringement of social codes
(c) Law protects life and creates and safeguards conditions for the enjoyment of life by every citizen and ensures that every citizen has a share in the wealth of the community
(d) Law protects the privileges of a few persons of the society who claim to be the leaders of the society
Ans : (c)

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