TET English Language Set

Directions (Q. Nos. 1-5) : Select the appropriate word to fill in the given sentences.
1. This ring is made……….. gold.
(a) from (b) with
(c) of (d) by
Ans : (c)

2. The prisoner………….. from his guards.
(a) broke off (b) broke into
(c) broke down (d) broke away
Ans : (d)

3. …………….student in the class is capable of passing the examination.
(a) all (b) every
(c) many (d) some
Ans : (b)

4. He………….. most of his money to charity.
(a) gave up (b) gave in
(c) gave away (d) gave back
Ans : (c)

5. In the forest, I saw a……………..of deer.
(a) herd (b) band
(c) pride (d) swarm
Ans : (a)

Directions (Q. No. 6-10) Each of the sentences in questions is divided into four parts marked (a), (b),
(c) and (d). One of the four parts has an error in it.
6. He had made/(a) a list/(b) of all the things/(c) he wants to buy./(d)

Ans : (c)

7. How much/(a) fingers/(b) do you have/(c) in your hands?/(d)
Ans : (a)

8. Ravi entered/(a) in the classroom/(b) without/(c) seeking permission./(d)
Ans : (b)

9. It takes/(a) a lot of practise/(b) to play/(c) the violin well./(d)
Ans : (b)

10. My older brother/(a) built/(b) this house/(c) last year./(d)
Ans : (a)

Directions (Q. Nos. 11-15) Identify the appropriate alternative from the given ones for filling in the blanks in the given sentences. 11. We have been waiting for the train………….two hours.
(a) since (b) from
(c) by (d) for
Ans : (d)

12. They arrived late………………the airport.
(a) in (b) on
(c) with (d) at
Ans : (d)

13. The money was divided………..Anwar and Rashid.
(a) between (b) among
(c) into (d) with
Ans : (a)

14. This is the house…………..Hari bought.
(a) who (b) that
(c) whom (d) whose
Ans : (b)

15. He has…………his home work.
(a) did (b) been doing
(c) done (d) does
Ans : (c)

Directions (Q. Nos. 16-20) Select the word with correct spelling for filling in the blanks in the given sentences. 16. The eldest prince was the………………to the throne.
(a) hire (b) heir
(c) hier (d) hiar
Ans : (b)

17. Please be……………
(a) breef (b) breif
(c) brif (d) brief
Ans : (d)

18. There is no much…………..in the results.
(a) difference (b) differense
(c) diferense (d) diference
Ans : (a)

19. Give me a proper……………… for this payment.
(a) recipet (b) riciept
(c) receipt (d) receept
Ans : (c)

20. Keep…………..don’t make a noise.
(a) quite (b) queit
(c) quiet (d) qwait
Ans : (c)

Direction (Q. Nos. 21-25) Read the following passage and answers the questions that follow. You have all seen birds flying. For thousands of years men watched the birds and wondered how they had this marvelous gift of flying. Looking at these birds, man first began dreaming about going up in the sky. Men tried to copy these birds. They tried to make big kites which could carry them up. They tried various methods but could not fly. One winter night a man was sitting near the fire. While looking at the fire he saw smoke rising from it. The man watching the smoke wondered if the smoke could also take other things up with it. He made a bag of silk and burnt some paper below it. As soon as the smoke collected in the bag it started rising up. Several other people also tried this experiment and were successful. They made bigger and bigger bags and filled them with hot air. In big balloons they put animals in a small cage and sent them up in the air. When the animals returned safely they sent up a man in balloon. Balloons could fly in the direction in which the wind blow. Improvements began to take place and the balloons could stay in the air much longer. Some people were also trying to experiment with other methods of flying in the air. One new method was of flying in gliders. A glider is like a present day aeroplane, but has no machine or engine. Unlike the balloons, the pilot of a glider can control the direction of travel but the glider can stay up only as long as the currents of air can support it. In America, two brothers, Wilbur and Orville Wright, were carrying out experiments at the same time. They were known as the “Wright Brothers”. They worked hard and tried several experiments. In 1903, they were able to make a machine which could fly in the air. Although the first really successful flight took place in 1903, an Italian named Leonardo da Vinci had thought of a rough form of an aeroplane more than five hundred years ago. The first machine was not very good. Before showing it to the people many improvements had to be made. The people were delighted to see the machine fly. The public gradually began to take interest in these machines.
21. What made man dream of flying in the sky?
(a) Flight of an aeroplane
(b) Flight of birds
(c) Rise of smoke
(d) Flying kites
Ans : (b)

22. Wright Brother invented the
(a) glider (b) balloon
(c) engine (d) flying machine
Ans : (d)

23. Leonardo da Vinci belonged to
(a) Italy (b) Germany
(c) America (d) England
Ans : (a)

24. A glider can remain in the air only as long as
(a) the pilot can control its direction
(b) the fuel lasts
(c) the current of air supports it
(d) the day light remains
Ans : (c)

25. A balloon rise up by the power of
(a) engine (b) diesel
(c) hot air (d) petrol
Ans : (c)

Directions (Q. Nos. 26-30) Read the following passage and answer the question that follow. Robin was handsome and well built, full of fun and good humour and very popular among his friends. His parents were proud of him though his father worried about his high-spirited nature. Robin’s mother had a brother called Squire Gamwell who lived in the car away city of Nottingham. She had not met him for many years and she was also keen that robin meet his uncle. “My Lord”, she said one day to her husband. “I have not met my brother for a long time. I wish to go to Nottingham to visit him.” “You cannot go alone”, replied her husband. “The roads are not safe and you might be attacked by robbers. But you know it is harvest time and I cannot accompany you”. “Can I take Robin with me?” She asked eagerly.” He is strong enough to protect me. I know I will be safe with him.” Her husband agreed. A great deal of preparation was necessary before they could start out on the long journey. They had to travel by horse, and they had to make sure there was enough food and drink to last the journey. “Good luck go with you ” called Robin’s father as the two set out on the forty-mile journey. After travelling all day Robin and his mother reached Nottingham at last. Robins uncle was pleased to see them. “So this is my nephew ” he said as he helped Robin’s mother down from the horse. The lad looked well built and intelligent. He yelled to his son, “Hey Will come and meet your cousin.” Will Gamwell come to the door. He was a tall, fair-haired youth of about the same age as Robin.
26. Robin’s father was worried about his
(a) homour
(b) popularity
(c) high spirited nature
(d) handsome looks
Ans : (c)

27. The roads were not safe due to
(a) farmers (b) heavy rains
(c) long distances (d) robbers
Ans : (d)

28. Will Gamwell was Robin’s
(a) uncle (b) cousin
(c) friend (d) nephew
Ans : (b)

29. Robin and his mother had to travel to Nottingham by
(a) horse (b) bus
(c) car (d) chariot
Ans : (a)

30. Robin’s mother wanted to go to Nottingham so that
(a) her husband could reap the harvest
(b) robin could meet his uncle
(c) her brother could protect her from robbers
(d) she could purchase some clothes
Ans : (b)

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