TET English Language Set

1. Identify the type of verb in the given sentence He slept.
(a) Transitive verb (b) Intransitive verb
(c) Regular verb (d) Irregular verb
Ans : (b)

2. Choos the superlative form of ‘Fast’.
(a) Fast (b) Faster
(c) Fastest (d) Fastly
Ans : (c)

3. If the superlative is least, then the positive is
(a) least (b) less
(c) little (d) lesser
Ans : (c)

4. What is the comparative form of ‘Bad’?
(a) Bad (b) Worse
(c) Better (d) Worst
Ans : (b)

5. Fill in the blank. ………time has already been wasted.
(a) Few (b) Many
(c) Much (d) All of these
Ans : (c)

6. Which statement is correct? Statement I We considered the matter farther. Statement II We considered the matter further.
(a) Both I and II (b) Only I
(c) Only II (d) Neither I nor II
Ans : (c)

7. What is the participle of ‘Ride’?
(a) Ride (b) Rode
(c) Rides (d) Ridden
Ans : (d)

8. What is the simple present of ‘Grew’?
(a) Grow (b) Growth
(c) Grown (d) Grows
Ans : (a)

9. Choose the adverb from the following
(a) Walk (b) Badly
(c) Good (d) Fast
Ans : (b)

10. Choose the adverb from the following
(a) Hardly (b) Hard
(c) Harder (d) Hardy
Ans : (a)

11. Choose the word that is spelt correctly.
(a) Difine (b) Maime
(c) Perfidy (d) Ingrace
Ans : (c)

12. This movie is ……….than the last one.
(a) best (b) good
(c) better (d) worst
Ans : (c)

13. Ravi wasn’t thinking ……….. .
(a) clear (b) unclear
(c) clearly (d) unclearly
Ans : (c)

14. Choose the part where there is an error in the given sentence. I went to the library to get
(a) (b) as many information as I could.
(c) (d)
Ans : (c)

15. Choose the sentence that is correct with respect to punctuation and capitalization.
(a) How glad we were to see Aunt Rekha
(b) She was visiting us for summer.
(c) Had she missed us?
(d) We welcomed her into our home?
Ans : (b)

16. Identify the type of word that is underlined in the given sentence. All the people cheered.
(a) Noun (b) Pronoun
(c) Adjective (d) Verb
Ans : (c)

17. Identify the type of word that is underlined in the given sentence. It’s sheer rubbish.
(a) Noun (b) Pronoun
(c) Adjective (d) Verb
Ans : (c)

18. Choose the singular form of the given word Gulfs
(a) Engulf (b) Gulp
(c) Gulf (d) Golf
Ans : (c)

19. Choose the correct sentence
(a) Of water take this glass
(b) Take glass of this water
(c) Take this glass of water
(d) Take this water of glass
Ans : (c)

20. Choose the word that is spelt incorrectly.
(a) Dulcet (b) Convulse
(c) Principal (d) Negetive
Ans : (d)

21. The word pair-discrete and discreet–are called
(a) homonym (b) homophone
(c) synonym (d) antonym
Ans : (a)

22. Choose the noun form the given word Strong
(a) Strongly (b) Strongness
(c) Strength (d) Strengthen
Ans : (c)

23. Choose the noun from of the given word Grave
(a) Gravely (b) Graveness
(c) gravel (d) Gravity
Ans : (d)

24. A very brief pause in a sentence is marked by using a/an
(a) semicolon (b) comma
(c) apostrophe (d) period
Ans : (b)

25. In the given sentence, identify the gerund Jogging is a good exercise.
(a) Jogging (b) is
(c) good (d) exercise
Ans : (a)

26. Choose the sentence, where the comma is placed correctly.
(a) Yes the play wan, fun
(b) No I didn’t, go backstage
(c) Well, the ending did surprise me
(d) No Mohan, was the lead actor
Ans : (c)

27. Choose the option which gives the correct abbreviation.
(a) Janu. 12, 1965
(b) Laxmi Paper Comp.
(c) Satur., May 19
(d) North St.
Ans : (d)

28. Choose the correct spelling.
(a) Calendar (b) Celender
(c) Calandar (d) Calander
Ans : (a)

29. Choose the correct spelling.
(a) Preveledge (b) Previlege
(c) Privilege (d) Priviledge
Ans : (c)

30. What does the phrase ‘Cream of the crop’ mean?
(a) Putting cream in coffee
(b) The worst of a group
(c) Icing a cake
(d) The best of a group
Ans : (d)

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