TET English Language Set

1. Adjective of Body
(a) Corporal (b) Bodly
(c) Corporeal (d) All of these
Ans : (b)

2. As unstable as……………
(a) water (b) mule
(c) mercury (d) air
Ans : (c)

3. Give one-word substitution to the following Life history of a man written by himself is called
(a) Bibliography (b) Calligraphy
(c) Biography (d) Autobiography
Ans : (d)

4. Change the following into passive voice Rita writes a letter to him everyday.
(a) To him a letter was written by Rita everyday
(b) A letter was written to him by Rita everyday
(c) A letter is written to him by Rita everyday
(d) He is being written a letter by Rita everyday
Ans : (c)

5. Change the following verb into Noun Approve
(a) Approving (b) Approval
(c) Approved (d) Approves
Ans : (b)

6. Choose the correct figure of speech in the following sentence ‘Fair is foul and foul is fair
(a) Hyperbole (b) Oxymoron
(c) Metaphor (d) Simile
Ans : (b)

7. Which of the following was a ‘Nature Poet’?
(a) Edger Allen Poe
(b) William Wordsworth
(c) Wole Soyinka
(d) Walt Witman
Ans : (b)

8. Name the famous poet who wrote the following lines “Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high……..”
(a) Sarojini Naidu (b) Toru Dutt
(c) Rabindranath Tagore (d) John Milton
Ans : (c)

9. ‘The Castaway’ is famous short story written by which of the following author?
(a) Ruskin Bond (b) Khushwant Singh
(c) E.V. Lucas (d) Rabindranath Tagore
Ans : (d)

10. Choose the Synonym for the following word Derogatory
(a) Resolution (b) Solace
(c) Humiliating (d) Forlorn
Ans : (c)

11. ‘Poos Ki Raat’ is written by which famous author?
(a) Munshi Premchand
(b) Sarojini Naidu
(c) Jai Shankar Prasad
(d) R.K. Laxman
Ans : (a)

12. In the given two sentences, select from the answer choice the word which has the same meaning and can be used in the same context as the underlined part of both the sentences
I. The stadium is so large that it can seat more than two hundred spectators. II. Mohan is willing to adjust his tour programme accordingly.
(a) Accommodate (b) Hold
(c) Arrange (d) Give place
Ans : (c)

13. Point out the Figure of speech used in the following sentence Integrity is the backbone of character
(a) Simile (b) Metaphor
(c) Apostrophe (d) Oxymoron
Ans : (b)

14. Find out the grammatically correct sentence
(a) This is the road to go
(b) Let us aim to do good
(c) Take down his address in your copy
(d) I wrote to him yesterday
Ans : (d)

15. The poem ‘On his Blindness’ is composed by which of the following poets?
(a) P B Shelley (b) John Keats
(c) John Milton (d) Robert Frost
Ans : (c)

16. Pick out the incorrectly spelt word
(a) Elucidate (b) Exeggarate
(c) Exile (d) Exonerate
Ans : (b)

17. Pick out the incorrectly spelt word
(a) Enunciate (b) Gullible
(c) Infallible (d) Instegate
Ans : (d)

18. Complete the sentence with appropriate word Your hand writing should be
(a) Intelligent (b) Intelligible
(c) Intellectual (d) Introvert
Ans : (b)

19. Give the proper relative Pronoun in the following sentence All………….glitters is not gold.
(a) which (b) that
(c) who (d) whom
Ans : (b)

20. Find out the appropriate meaning of the given word Etymology
(a) Act of spying
(b) To free from blame
(c) Likeness of a person
(d) A study of the origin of works
Ans : (d)

21. Find out the appropriate meaning of the given work Inimitable
(a) Incapable of being reached
(b) Incapable of being believed
(c) Incapable of being imitated
(d) A list of goods
Ans : (c)

22. Choose one word for the following expression ‘A lover of mankind’
(a) Theist (b) Veteran
(c) Philanthropist (d) Omnipotent
Ans : (c)

23. Find out the incorrect sentence
(a) The apples are grown in many different countries
(b) Books are essential to a student
(c) Chess is a game which requires great patience
(d) The Sharmas live at Elgin Road
Ans : (d)

24. Find out the incorrect Sentence
(a) Is this my pen, or is it yours?
(b) We got at dawn and had breakfast at eight to o’ clock
(c) We have a holiday on Christmas
(d) Come back in an hour’s time
Ans : (d)

25. Use the correct form of verb in the following sentence He…………in Allahabad for five years.
(a) lives (b) has been living
(c) have been living (d) living
Ans : (b)

26. Choose the correct meaning of the following phrase Beck and call
(a) Came to nothing
(b) Under absolute control
(c) Under all conditions
(d) To rebuke
Ans : (b)

27. Choose the correct Antonyms for the following word Expedite
(a) Hostile (b) Reluctant
(c) Delay (d) Rigid
Ans : (c)

28. Fill in the blank with the correct Preposition The Judge acquitted him……. the murder charge.
(a) off (b) of
(c) for (d) from
Ans : (b)

29. Fill in the blank with the Past Perfect Continuous Tense The doctor was very tired as he ……… alone.
(a) has worked (b) had worked
(c) has been working (d) had been working
Ans : (d)

30. Find out the correct word of the asked grammatical category of the given word ‘Adjective of Accent’
(a) Accentuate (b) Accentual
(c) Accentuated (d) Accentuation
Ans : (b)

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