TET English Language Set

1. Choose the antonym of the given word. Brutal
(a) Gentle (b) Inhuman
(c) Cruel (d) Barbarous
Ans: (a)

2. Choose the synonym of the given word. Deceptive
(a) Opaque (b) Honest
(c) Transparent (d) Misleading
Ans: (d)

3. Give one word for the given definition. One who writes stories and news for a newspaper.
(a) Draughtsman (b) Herbalist
(c) Copywriter (d) Correspondent
Ans: (d)

4. Select the most appropriate meaning of the given idiom A bird of passage
(a) A person of great importance
(b) An evil person
(c) A person who travels widely
(d) A weak person
Ans: (c)

5. Choose the correct adjective of the following noun. Advice
(a) Advisable (b) Advise
(c) Advisedly (d) Adviser
Ans: (a)

6. Complete the following sentence by choosing the appropriate forms of verbs. Will you ……. a car, if you …… any money?
(a) have, didn’t have (b) owned, hadn’t
(c) buy, don’t have (d) have sold, had
Ans: (c)

7. Complete the following sentence by choosing the appropriate forms of verbs. If the result of the admission test ………. today, she …….. a telegram.
(a) will be announced, will send
(b) was announced, would send
(c) is announced, will send
(d) declared, could send
Ans: (c)

8. Complete the following sentence by choosing the appropriate verb forms. Mr. Indrajeet Gupta ……… that he ……… truth to those people.
(a) claims, spoke (b) claimed, spoke
(c) had claimed, had spoke (d) will claim, speak
Ans: (b)

9. Point out the correct sentence of the following.
(a) He and I was very good friends once upon a time
(b) The committee were divided in their decision
(c) Every student should do one’s duty
(d) Each boy and each girl have done their work
Ans: (b)

10. Choose the correct synonym of the word ‘Exile’
(a) Exit (b) Banishment (c) Camp (d) Picnic
Ans: (b)

11. Choose the correct word form the words given below. We heard ………… of trumpets.
(a) peal (b) pail (c) peel (d) pale
Ans: (a)

12. The quality of mercy is not strained. It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven. Point out the figure of speech in the above lines
(a) Simile (b) Metaphor
(c) Personification (d) Apostrophe
Ans: (a)

13. Fill the appropriate set of words in the given sentence. ‘The bridal …… of my daughter will be …… on 10th December.
(a) performed, temporary (b) ceremony, temporary
(c) ceremony, performed (d) performed, ceremony
Ans: (c)

14. Fill in the blanks with the correct preposition. ‘She went ……… the park ……… a walk.’
(a) for, to (b) to, with (c) to, on (d) to, for
Ans: (d)

15. Name the poet who wrote the poem ‘stopping by the woods on a snowy evening.’
(a) William Wordsworth (b) Robert Lynd
(c) Robert Frost (d) PB Shelley
Ans: (c)

16. Vocabulary can be taught by using the following technique
(a) Usage (b) Direct (c) Synonym (d) All of these
Ans: (d)

17. Who said, “Reading makes a full man, writing an exact man and conference a ready man”?
(a) CC Fries (b) Francis Bacon
(c) Prof Jesperson (d) WS Gray
Ans: (b)

18. Which one is regarded as the best style of writing?
(a) Vertical (b) Irregular (c) Froward (d) Horizontal
Ans: (a)

19. Structural grammar emphasize
(a) word of sentence (b) phrase of sentence
(c) structure of sentence (d) All of these
Ans: (d)

20. Which method is based on the theory “from example to generalization”?
(a) Deductive Method
(b) Inductive Method
(c) Inductive Deductive Method
(d) Incidental Method
Ans: (b)

21. ‘Julius Ceaser’ was written by
(a) Bernard Shaw (b) Galsworthy
(c) Prem Chand (d) William Shakespeare
Ans: (d)

22. Choose the correct sentence.
(a) You should either come today or tomorrow.
(b) I had scarcely reached home when it started raining heavily.
(c) I had no sooner finished my studies when I got a job.
(d) He is cleverer than me.
Ans: (b)

23. Fill the correct articles in the sentence ………Sun rises in ………. East.
(a) A, the (b) The, the (c) The, a (d) An, a
Ans: (b)

24. Find the meaning of the following idiom given in option. To read between the lines
(a) to suspect
(b) to read carefully
(c) to understand the hidden meaning of the word
(d) to do useless things
Ans: (c)

25. Identify the underlined part of speech. The burglar disappeared with the cash.
(a) Transitive verb (b) Intransitive verb
(c) Linking verb (d) Auxiliary verb
Ans: (b)

26. Pick out the incorrectly spelt word.
(a) Virtue (b) Queer (c) Tradgedy (d) Legible
Ans: (c)

27. Find out the grammatically wrong sentence
(a) She takes her dog out for a walk
(b) He teaches in a school
(c) She go to the market for vegetables
(d) They live in Allahabad
Ans: (c)

28. Point out the Active Voice of the following. The patients are visited by their relatives only between 4 to 6 pm.
(a) Only between 4 to 6 pm the patients are visited by the relatives
(b) The relatives visit the patients only between 4 to 6 pm
(c) The relatives visited the patients only between 4 to 6 pm
(d) Only between 4 to 6 pm the relatives can visit the patients
Ans: (b)

29. Point out the sentence in Passive Voice.
(a) The striking students were throwing stones
(b) Twenty lessons have been finished
(c) The murderer hide the knife
(d) The enemy will have sunk the ship by now
Ans: (b)

30. Choose the correct option. The Prime Minister was acquitted ………. the charge levelled against him.
(a) of (b) off (c) for (d) with
Ans: (a)

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