Child Development and Pedagogy Questions Set

Q1. Which of the following is the quality of a good teacher?
(a) Induces the students to learn.
(b) Finishes the course in time.
(c) Give a good result.
(d) Help students in preparing good notes.
Ans: (a)

Q2. Which of the following is not a form of maladjustment?
(a) Aggressiveness (b) Timidity
(c) Truancy (d) Forgetfulness
Ans: (d)

Q3. Which Social Psychologist proposed the social learning theory?
(a) B.F. Skinner (b) Ivan Pavlov
(c) Mahatma Gandhi (d) Albert Bandura
Ans: (d)

Q4. Concrete Operational Period is the stage between
(a) Birth to 2 years (b) 2–7 years
(c) 7–11 years (d) 11 years and up
Ans: (c)

Q5. Types of motives and their examples are given below : Types of motive Examples
(A) Organic motive (i) Aim of life
(B) Social motive (ii) Honesty
(C) Personal motive (iii) Food
(D) Artificial motive (iv) Award Find the correct match :
(a) (A)-(i), (B)-(ii), (C)-(iii), (D)-(iv)
(b) (A)-(iv), (B)-(i), (C)-(ii), (D)-(iii)
(c) (A)-(iii), (B)-(iv), (C)-(i), (D)-(ii)
(d) (A)-(iii), (B)-(ii), (C)-(iv), (D)-(i)
Ans: (c)

Q6. Aspects of Development of a child and characteristics are given as : Aspects of development of child Characteristics
(A) Language development
(i) The child ask questions
(B) Cognitive development (ii) The child able to walk
(C) Emotional development (iii) The child feels happy
(D) Physical development (iv) The child part in discussion Find the correct match :
(a) (A)-(i), (B)-(iv), (C)-(iii), (D)-(ii)
(b) (A)-(iv), (B)-(iii), (C)-(i), (D)-(ii)
(c) (A)-(iv), (B)-(i), (C)-(iii), (D)-(ii)
(d) (A)-(i), (B)-(ii), (C)-(iv), (D)-(iii)
Ans: (c)

Q7. According to Erikson’s theory of stages of development in which stage, the “Identity Vs Role confusion” is found as characteristics of development?
(a) Infancy (b) Early childhood
(c) Later childhood (d) Adolescence
Ans: (d)

Q8. In Psychoanalysis theory of Freud, “Id” refers to ………..
(a) Unconscious in nature and has no direct contact with reality
(b) It is logical in nature
(c) It is conscious state of mind and has direct contact with reality
(d) It is based on reality principle
Ans: (a)

Q9. List of defense mechanisms and their examples are given : List of Defense mechanisms Examples
(A) Compensation (i) The student who fails in examination blame teachers for his failure
(B) Regression/ Øeefleieceve (ii) The student who is week in English but good in cricket (Exam Date : 10-11-2019)
(C) Rationalization/ ÙegefòeâkeâjCe (iii) The old man who always talks about his youth
(D) Identification (iv) Child attempts to acquire characteristics of political leader Choose the correct match :
(a) (A)-(ii), (B)-(iii), (C)-(i), (D)-(iv)
(b) (A)-(i), (B)-(ii), (C)-(iii), (D)-(iv)
(c) (A)-(ii), (B)-(i), (C)-(iv), (D)-(iii)
(d) (A)-(iii), (B)-(iv), (C)-(ii), (D)-(i)
Ans: (a)

Q10. Which of the following indicates nature of learning?
(A) Learning is not based on maturation
(B) Learning does not promotes maladjustment
(C) Learning is not a passive process
(D) Learning is not related to goals Choose the correct option :
(a) (A), (B) and (D) only
(b) (A) and (B) only
(c) (B) and (C) only
(d) (A) and (D) only
Ans: (c)

Q11. According to Piaget, from which year a child starts to develop self concept?
(a) 11 years (b) 12 years
(c) 13 years (d) 14 years
Ans: (b)

Q12. To make lecture method effective among the slow learners, a teacher :
(A) Should not use Voice modulation as it distract their attention
(B) Should use Blackboard sufficiently
(C) Should use minimum teaching aids and maximum talk
(D) Should provide less feedback and more advice Find the correct option :
(a) (A), (B) and (C) (b) (A) and (B)
(c) (B) only (d) (B), (C) and (D)
Ans: (c)

Q13. Which of the following personality traits is found in an extrovert person?
(a) Self centeredness
(b) Society centeredness
(c) Shyness (d) Aloofness
Ans: (b)

Q14. Which of the following are correct about micro teaching technique ?
(A) It is not practiced in real classroom situation
(B) Systematic feedback is not provide
(C) It assumes that teaching is a complex activity
(D) Individual teaching skills are not practiced
(E) It is based on the behaviouristic theory of learning Choose the correct option :
(a) (A), (C) and (D) (b) (C), (D) and (E)
(c) (B), (C), and (E) (d) (A), (C) and (E)
Ans: (d)

Q15. After teaching subtraction and addition in class, a student is able to remove six apples from a pot containing 11 and understand that there would be five left, then it is a :
(a) Lateral transfer of learning
(b) Sequential transfer of learning
(c) Negative transfer of learning
(d) Positive transfer of learning
Ans: (d)

Q16. Project method of teaching is developed on the basis of which Philosophy?
(a) Idealistic Philosophy
(b) Pragmatic Philosophy
(c) Naturalistic Philosophy
(d) Realistic Philosophy
Ans: (b)

Q17. Names of the learning Theories and their propounders are given : Learning Theories Propounders
(A) Connectionism (i) Kohler
(B) Gestalt theory of learning (ii) Skinner
(C) Theory of operant conditioning (iii) Pavlov
(D) Theory of classical conditioning (iv) Thorndike Find the correct match :
(a) (A)-(iv), (B)-(ii), (C)-(i), (D)-(iii)
(b) (A)-(i), (B)-(ii), (C)-(iii), (D)-(iv)
(c) (A)-(iv), (B)-(i), (C)-(ii), (D)-(iii)
(d) (A)-(ii), (B)-(i), (C)-(iii), (D)-(iv)
Ans: (c)

Q18. Which of the following are the most important techniques of motivation in the teachinglearning situations?
(a) Frequent use of punishment
(b) Setting of goals by the students
(c) Proper feedback of student’s response
(d) Blame the students for their fault Find the correct answer :
(a) (A), (B) and (C) only
(b) (B) and (C) only
(c) (A), (B) and (D) only
(d) (B), (C) and (D) only
Ans: (b)

Q19. When the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of a child is between 70-90, he is generally categorized as :
(a) Gifted (b) Slow learner
(c) Idiot (d) Moron
Ans: (b)

Q20. Which of the following options correctly depicts the “5-E learning model” of constructivism ?
(a) Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate
(b) Engage, Enlighten, Express, Elaborate, Evaluate
(c) Explore, Explain, Express, Evaluate, Emergent
(d) Engage, Explain, Enlighten, Express, Emergent
Ans: (a)

Q21. According to Guilford structure of intellect, the main dimensions of intellect are :
(a) Operation, content and product
(b) Operation, Evaluation, Content and Product
(c) Operation, Memory, Thinking and Product
(d) Memory, Content and Product
Ans: (a)

Q22. Which of the following are included in the subjective condition of attention?
(A) Intensity (B) Size
(C) Interest (D) Instinct
(E) Emotion (F) Situation
(G) Review (H) Experience Choose the correct option :
(a) (A), (C), (F), (H) (b) (A), (B), (F), (G)
(c) (B), (C), (F), (g) (d) (C), (D), (E), (H)
Ans: (d)

Q23. Which of the following statement is correct regarding Heuristic method of learning?
(a) Engage the students actively and help them to get solution of a problem
(b) In classroom, the teacher is more active and students are passive
(c) Teacher presents pre-prepared materials in front of students
(d) Teaching activities are conducted with a project
Ans: (a)

Q24. Adolescence is a period of “storm and stress”– Who said this statement?
(a) Ernest Jones (b) Stanly Hall
(c) Watson (d) Skinner
Ans: (b)

Q25. Find the correct option :
(a) A highly intelligent person is always creative
(b) A creative person is not always intelligent
(c) An intelligent person may not be creative but a creative person should always be intelligent
(d) There is no relation between intelligence and creativity of a person
Ans: (c)

Q26. What is not correct about modern educational supervision?
(a) Supervision is a fault finding activity
(b) Supervision is a cooperative activity
(c) Supervision is a social service
(d) Supervision is a leadership activity
Ans: (a)

Q27. Which of the following are components of the skill of stimulus variation?
(A) Voice modulation
(B) Eye contact and movement
(C) Teacher’s movement
(D) Change in interaction styles
(E) Switching sensory channel Choose the correct option :
(a) (A), (B), (C), (D), (E)
(b) (A), (C), (D)
(c) (B), (D), (E)
(d) (A), (B), (C), (E)
Ans: (a)

Q28. Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding mental health and mental hygiene?
(a) Mental health is ability to adjust and mental hygiene is science to deal with mental health
(b) Mental health can be attained without mental hygiene
(c) Mental hygiene affects mental health
(d) Mental health and mental hygiene are related to each other
Ans: (c)

Q29. In the period adolescence, which of the following problems are faced by child?
(A) Sex related problems
(B) Problem of mental complexity
(C) Problem of Delinquency
(D) Problem of social adjustment
(E) Problem of self-dependent Choose the correct option :
(a) (A), (B) and (C)
(b) (A), (C) and (D)
(c) (A), (B), (C), (D) and (E)
(d) (B), (D) and (E)
Ans: (c)

Q30. List of personality types and their propounders are given below : Personality types Name of propounders
(A) Introvert and Extrovert
(i) Krestshmer
(B) Theoretical, Economic and Aesthetic (ii) Freud
(C) Oral erotic, Anal and Genital (iii) Spranger
(D) Pyknic, Asthenic, Athletic and Dysplastic (iv) Jung Find the correct match :
(a) (A)-(i), (B)-(ii), (C)-(iii), (D)-(iv)
(b) (A)-(iii), (B)-(i), (C)-(ii), (D)-(iv)
(c) (A)-(iv), (B)-(iii), (C)-(i), (D)-(ii)
(d) (A)-(iv), (B)-(iii), (C)-(ii), (D)-(i)
Ans: (d)

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