Chapter 22. Child Crime, Causes and Types

1. IPC means:
(a) Indian Postal Code (b) Indian Penal Code
(c) Indian Public Court (d) None of these
Ans: (b)

2. A child who behaves against social rules and laws is called-
(a) Backward Child (b) Retarded Child
(c) Rooted child (d) Child criminal
Ans: (d)

3. The main reason for the development of criminal tendency in the child is
(a) Family environment (b) Indiscipline
(c) economic scarcity (d) faulty curriculum
Ans: (a)

4. Who are the criminal boys?
(a) Those who do anti-social work
(b) Headache for teacher
(c) Those who topped the class
(d) Those who do not like to live in society
Ans: (a)

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