Chapter 21. Problematic Child

1. Children with lean and thin body and weak heart are called
(a) problematic child (b) handicapped child
(c) Backward Child (d) Delicate Child.
Ans: (a)

2. Problem is child-
(a) Stealer
(b) the liar
(c) Unbecoming of parents
(d) All of them.
Ans: (d)

3. The remedial method used for which, are
(a) Normal children
(b) problematic children
(c) Normal and problematic children
(d) gifted children
Ans: (b)

4. Can improve children’s lying habit
(a) By punishing them
(b) Speech on the ill effects of lies
(c) By giving examples of children who tell the truth
(d) Rewarding the child who tells the truth
Ans: (d)

5. What will you try to change the behavior of the problematic child?
(a) Will try to change the environment and attitude of the child.
(b) Will try to improve by punishing the child.
(c) Will not pay attention to it.
(d) They will be placed in the front row in the class.
Ans: (a)

6. A student in your class has a habit of lying. How would you treat her?
(a) tell not to lie
(b) will punish him
(c) Ignore it
(d) Take him in confidence and give him advice
Ans: (d)

7. How can students overcome the habit of stealing?
(a) giving prizes to children (b) giving examples
(c) by thrashing (d) by punishment.
Ans: (b)

8. How do you get a hyperactive child in the right direction?
(a) Place it in the first row and keep a close watch on it.
(b) He will determine the place to sit in the corner of the classroom
(c) Will give him the task of cleaning the blackboard etc.
(d) None of the above
Ans: (c)

9. Which of the following approaches suggests a child to interact with people and social institutions around him in order to deal with children with disturbing behavioral disorders?
(a) Psychological (b) Environmental
(c) Biologist (d) Pragmatist
Ans: (b)

10. If the teacher finds a student in the class as a problematic child
(a) The child should be punished
(b) The child should be ignored
(c) The child should be counseled
(d) Should be sent back home immediately
Ans: (c)

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