Chapter 12. Gender Issues in Society Building

1. Children assume gender roles by everyone else except ……… .
(a) Media (b) Socialization
(c) Culture (d) Tuition
Ans: (d)

2. “Society determines the roles of man and woman.” This statement states that—
(a) Sexuality is an inherent descent
(b) Sexuality is a genetic talent
(c) Sexuality is an intuitive descent
(d) Lounging is the descent of a society
Ans: (d)

3. Gender–
(a) is a psychological entity.
(b) is a social structure.
(c) is an economic concept.
(d) is a biological determinant.
Ans: (b)

4 . How teachers and students …………….. gender in the classroom
(a) makes defined  less effective
(b) has no effect on interpreted,
(c) affects the produced,
(d) annoys the transformed,
Ans: (c)

5 . Specifications assigned due to social roles and not biological property are called ………….
(a) Gender role attitude (b) Gender role pressure
(c) Gender role stereotyping (d) Gender role diagnostics
Ans: (c)

6. It is appropriate to give importance to girl child education.
(a) Girls are more intelligent than boys
(b) Girls are minority among boys
(c) Girls are badly differentiated in the past
(d) Only girls are able to lead a social change
Ans: (d)

7. Gender refers to the differences that _______ generate in individuals .
(a) educationally (b) emotionally
(c) biologically (d) socially
Ans: (d)

8 . Which of the following is not affected by socioeconomic status?
(a) neighborhood choice (b) quality of schooling
(c) sex (d) nutrition
Ans: (c)

9. Several research studies show that teachers interact more with boys than girls. What is its proper interpretation?
(a) Boys need more attention than girls.
(b) This is an example of gender bias in teaching.
(c) Boys can be controlled more easily than girls in the class.
(d) Boys have significantly higher educational abilities than girls.
Ans: (b)

10. During class discussions, a teacher often pays more attention to boys than girls. Whose example is this?
(a) Gender association (b) Gender homogeneity
(c) Gender bias (d) Gender identification
Ans: (c)

11. Which of the following does a good school avoid?
(a) social responsibility (b) gender equality
(c) gender bias (d) sexual sensitivity
Ans: (c)

12 . There is gender difference
(a) Body structure (b) innate qualities
(c) social structure (d) biological power
Ans: (c)

13 . Sex (gender) indicates the bias …………
(a) Genetic variations that exist in boys and girls
(b) Stri relatively sense of self Yocit and masculine characteristics
(c) Acceptance of differences between boys and girls due to their physiology
(d) behaving differently than expected boys and girls due to cultural attitudes
Ans: (d)

14 . When a teacher realizes that boys are naturally better than girls in mathematics, it shows that the teacher is
(a) gender (gender) biased (b) educative
(c) Right-view (d) Ethical
Ans: (a)

15 . May be the best way to avoid gender discrimination at school
(a) Recruitment of equal number of male and female teachers
(b) Making rules and strict adherence to remove gender discrimination in school
(c) Selection of more boys than girls for music competition
(d) Understanding of their gender-biased behavior by teachers
Ans: (d)

16. Which of the following arrays is contrary to the spirit of gender equality keeping in view the gender differences?
(a) Tell the students that they can achieve success in conservative subjects
(b) In the early school years, boys and girls have the same potential to develop physical and vocal skills.
(c) Support boys to develop their confidence in their ability to solve problems and control the world.
(d) Both boys and girls should be taught less aggressive and social ways of interacting with each other.
Ans: (c)

17. On the basis of a person’s gender, there is a bias against that person _____ .
(a) Gender stereotype
(b) Gender discrimination
(c) Gender Identity
(d) Gender issue
Ans: (b)

18. Which term is used to describe negative attitudes, which people use for a person based on their gender?
(a) Patriarchy (b) Caste roles
(c) Gender (d) Socialization
Ans: (c)

19. A bisexual personality—
(a) refers to men with Dai symptoms
(b) usually consists of an adjustment of perceived masculine and feminine qualities
(c) has a habit of being strong and egoistic
(d) follows the conservative gender roles prevalent in society.
Ans: (b)

20. Which of the following statements is true?
(a) Boys are more intelligent
(b) Girls are more intelligent
(c) Wisdom is not related to gender
(d) Generally, boys are more intelligent than girls.
Ans: (c)

21. In which category of collaborative strategy do women not relate to the following?
(a) Acceptance (b) Resistance
(c) revolution (d) adaptation
Ans: (c)

22. Selecting and presenting stories and clippings from newspapers that portray both men and women in non-traditional roles, Which of the following is an effective strategy?
(a) To increase gender / gender stability
(b) To promote conservative gender / gender roles
(c) To face gender / gender stereotypes.
(d) To increase gender gender bias.
Ans: (c)

23. Toys Clothing items, Household materials, What does it mean to relate occupations and colors with a specific gender?
(a) Gender conservatism (b) Gender theory
(c) Gender Relevance (d) Developed Gender Identity
Ans: (a)

24. Which of the following methods is effective in reducing gender stereotyping and gender-role conformity in children?
(a) Gender-forming separate sports groups.
(b) Gender-seated seating arrangement.
(c) To discuss gender bias.
(d) To give importance to gender-specific roles.
Ans: (c)

25. What are the concepts of the general public about the typical characteristics considered appropriate for different genders in society?
(a) Gender roles (b) Gender identification
(c) Gender conservatism (d) Gender discrimination
Ans: (c)

26. Recently there has been a prudent attempt to include such stories in the curriculum in which the father is engaged in household chores and the mother does daring activities. Why is this step important?
(a) It eliminates gender conservatism.
(b) It encourages gender stability.
(c) It enhances gender differentiation.
(d) It empowers gender bias.
Ans: (a)

27 . In science experiments, Usually boys take control of the equipment in their hands and ask girls to record data or wash utensils. This trend shows that
(a) Boys can handle equipment more efficiently, but they are naturally capable of doing these kinds of tasks.
(b) Girls are fragile and prefer to do work in which energy consumption is less
(c) Girls are excellent observers and keep record of data without any mistake
(d) male and Cycle are also in the stereotypical roles of wife School
Ans: (d)

28 . Monika, who is a teacher of Mathematics, asks Radhika a question. On not getting any answer from Radhika, she immediately asks Mohan another question. She changes the words of her question when she realizes that Mohan is struggling to answer. This tendency of Monica demonstrates that she
(a) is a little nervous about his question
(b) Promoting stereotypes in gender roles by favoring Mohan
(c) Do not want to put Radhika in a confused position
(d) Fully familiar with the fact that Radhika is not able to answer questions
Ans: (b)

29 . In a co-education, the teacher says to the boys, “Be boys and don’t behave like girls.”
(a) Ethnicity is indicative of discrimination.
(b) is a good example of dealing with boys and girls.
(c) reveals the stereotypical notion of discrimination between boys and girls
(d) Exposes the biological importance of boys to girls
Ans: (c)

30 . Seeing the granddaughter arguing with her father to go on a school trip, Grandma says “Why are you not obedient like a good girl?” You will behave like boys. So who will marry you? ”Which of the following reflects this statement?
(a) conservative perception about the nature of girls and boys
(b) gender homogeneity
(c) Misidentification of girl’s gender
(d) Family difficulties in raising children
Ans: (a)

31 . A good textbook prevents …………..
(a) Gender Equality (b) Social Responsibility
(c) gender bias (d) gender sensitivity
Ans: (c)

32 . A school gives preference to girls while preparing students for a state level solo singing competition. It shows
(a) progressive (b) global trends
(c) practical approach (d) gender bias
Ans: (d)

33 . Which of the following societies can be a criterion of gender equality?
(a) Comparison of the number of male and female teachers in the school
(b) Eligibility for equal number of boys and girls in class 12
(c) Comparison of number of boys and girls reaching class 12
(d) Whether the girl students are allowed to participate in the competitions held outside the school?
Ans: (c)

34 . Girls
(a) Maths learns well but they face difficulty when they are asked about their reasoning
(b) Like boys of their age, they are good in mathematics
(c) performs less efficiently in spatial concepts than boys of their age
(d) Has greater linguistic and musical abilities
Ans: (b)

35 . Some statements regarding boys and girls are given below. Which one according to you is correct?
(a) Boys should help in outdoor work
(b) Boys should help in household chores
(c) Science should be taught to all boys and home science to girls.
(d) Girls should help in household chores
Ans: (b)

36 . A textbook of class VIII has such illustrations – female as teacher and domestic worker, while male as doctor and pilot. This type of illustration may increase
(a) Gender role-playing (b) Gender stability
(c) Gender Empowerment (d) Gender Stereotypes
Ans: (d)

37 . “” Girls are often weak in mathematics. “
(a) is a research based assumption.
(b) Assumption based on gender bias.
(c) Truth is perception.
(d) All of the above
Ans: (b)

38. ‘Men are more intelligent than women’. This statement –
(a) shows gender bias
(b) is right for different sides of intelligence
(c) is correct
(d) can be correct
Ans: (a)

39. To avoid gender stereotyping in class, a teacher
(a) Encouraging boys to take risks and become bold.
(b) Wooden-girls should be kept together in non-traditional roles.
(c) The good work of the learners should be appreciated by saying that ‘good girl’ is ‘good boy’.
(d) To discourage girls to participate in wrestling.
Ans: (b)

40. The teacher wrote the head of a committee as ‘Speaker’ in place of ‘Chairman’. This indicates that the teacher
(a) follows a more appropriate terminology
(b) Has good authority over language
(c) is using a gender-free language
(d) is prone to gender bias
Ans: (c)

41. A textbook portrayed the boys as intelligent and prominent characters while the girls were humble and emotional. This is an example of ………….
(a) Gender conservatism (b) Gender discrimination
(c) Gender homogeneity (d) Gender sensitivity
Ans: (a)

42. A student of your class has been repeatedly told from various friends that people of his social class perform low level in the educational field. What initiative should a teacher take to reduce the effects of this conservatism and consequent conservative apprehension?
(a) Competition should be organized among the students of different social classes.
(b) The student should be advised to leave studies and join any other field.
(c) Stories and examples related to role models of different social classes should be presented.
(d) Such concerns should be ignored.
Ans: (c)

43. Which word is used to denote a hostile attitude towards members of a particular ethnic or religious group?
(a) Prejudice (b) Racism
(c) hostility (d) bigotry
Ans: (a)

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