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Part 387 – Cloze Test Previous Year Questions

Directions: In the following passage, some of the words have been left out. Read the passage carefully and select the correct answer for the given numbered blank out of the four alternatives. _____ so long ago, virtually everyone seemed _____ that a sizeable majority of British voters (_____) reaffirm their faith and confidence in a united Europe. Unfortunately, what was considered to be a remote possibility has actually become a very (_____) reality. A small majority of voters (_____) to take Britain out of the European Union (EU) in the referendum held on June 23.

Q1. (a) Not (b) Far
(c) So (d) Nor
Ans: (a) Not

Q2. (a) satisfied (b) positive
(c) presumptuous
(d) confident
Ans: (d) confident

Q3. (a) would (b) will
(c) should (d) surely
Ans: (c) should

Q4. (a) ominous (b) grim
(c) dire (d) haunting
Ans: (a) Ominous (Adjective) = giving the worrying impression that something bad is going to happen.

Q5. (a) had opted (b) will opt
(c) have opted (d) has opted
(b) will opt
Directions: In the following passages some of the words have been left out. Read each passage carefully and choose the correct answer for the given blank out of the four alternatives. PassageI It so haappens that _____ siblings sing one of _____ invariably has a less _____ vocal prowess even though _____ have a similarly commendable _____ base.

Q6. (a) how (b) when
(c) if (d) why
Ans: (b) when

Q7. (a) they (b) their
(c) those (d) them
Ans: (d) them

Q8. (a) tuned (b) high
(c) potent (d) wide
Ans: (c) potent

Q9. (a) both (b) their
(c) you (d) we
Ans: (a) both

Q10. (a) song (b) art
(c) common (d) music
PassageII The conditions _____ which democracy can _____ are _____ to _____ ; but one thing is _____ that democracy is always a slow growth, whereas dictators may _____ to _____ and _____ a new _____ with dramatic success, under _____ conditions.

Q11. (a) by (b) for
(c) under (d) at
Ans: (c) under

Q12. (a) grow (b) end
(c) rise (d) flourish
Ans: (d) flourish

Q13. (a) difficult (b) easy
(c) interesting
(d) meaningless
Ans: (a) difficult

Q14. (a) examine (b) define
(c) experience (d) discuss
Ans: (b) define

Q15. (a) stated (b) dictated
(c) clear (d) hazy
Ans: (c) clear

Q16. (a) rise (b) jump
(c) grow (d) succeed
Ans: (a) rise

Q17. (a) fame (b) generosity
(c) glory (d) power
Ans: (d) power

Q18. (a) restart (b) establish
(c) enter (d) define
Ans: (b) establish

Q19. (a) regime (b) state
(c) era (d) epoch
Ans: (a) regime

Q20. (a) profitable
(b) unfavourable
(c) suitable
(d) peculiar
(c) suitable
PassageIII We have rich cultural _____. Its roots go into _____. Ours has never been a closed _____. It has _____ just like a tree, _____ to external _____ but holding its roots _____. But one wonders today whether it will be able to hold its _____. The _____ of our cultural heritage has come under the _____ of western culture.

Q21. (a) gift (b) treasure
(c) heritage (d) boon
Ans: (c) heritage

Q22. (a) pastress (b) antiquity
(c) obscurity (d) dignity
Ans: (b) antiquity

Q23. (a) community (b) country
(c) nation (d) culture
Ans: (d) culture

Q24. (a) grown (b) risen
(c) expanded (d) branched
Ans: (a) grown

Q25. (a) welcome (b) eager
(c) open (d) agreeable
Ans: (c) open

Q26. (a) influences (b) facts
(c) modifications
(d) institutions
Ans: (a) influences

Q27. (a) light (b) fast
(c) hardly (d) hard
Ans: (b) fast

Q28. (a) teachings (b) doctrines
(c) morals (d) values
Ans: (d) values

Q29. (a) source (b) minaret
(c) altar (d) citadel
Ans: (d) citadel

Q30. (a) tide (b) sway
(c) current (d) wind
(b) sway

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