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Part 386 – Cloze Test Previous Year Questions

Directions: In the following passages there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. Choose the correct word from the given options which fits the blank appropriately. PassageI Each species has its special place or habitat. An _____ birdwatcher can look at _____ forest, meadow, lake, swamp or field and _____ almost exactly what birds he _____ find there. _____ birds are found all over the world; others _____ themselves to certain areas. Still _____ migrate from one country to another in _____ in search of warmth and _____ and then return in spring _____ the season is more favourable.

Q1. (a) experience (b) expert
(c) advanced (d) active
Ans: (b) expert

Q2. (a) the (b) some
(c) a (d) certain
Ans: (c) a

Q3. (a) predict (b) suggest
(c) prophesy (d) calculate
Ans: (a) predict

Q4. (a) should (b) must
(c) might (d) will
Ans: (d) will

Q5. (a) were (b) some
(c) will (d) must
Ans: (b) some

Q6. (a) keep (b) entrust
(c) confine (d) involve
Ans: (c) confine

Q7. (a) little (b) others
(c) huge (d) all
Ans: (b) others

Q8. (a) winter (b) summer
(c) spring (d) autumn
Ans: (a) winter

Q9. (a) seeds (b) crops
(c) fruit (d) food
Ans: (d) food

Q10. (a) while (b) until
(c) after (d) when
(d) when
Passage II It is one of the tragic ironies of our age that the rocket which could have been symbol of humanity’s aspirations for the stars, has become one of the weapons threatening to destroy civilisation. This state of affairs has _____ a difficult moral problem to _____ wishing to take an active _____ in the development of astronautics, _____ almost all research on rockets _____ now carried out by military .

Q11. (a) produced (b) caused
(c) presented (d) provided
Ans: (c) presented

Q12. (a) those (b) others
(c) men (d) these
Ans: (a) those

Q13. (a) part (b) position
(c) interest
(d) involvement
Ans: (a) part

Q14. (a) when (b) for
(c) where (d) were
Ans: (a) when

Q15. (a) was (b) are
(c) is (d) has
Ans: (c) is
PassageIII The year was 1913. The Wright brothers had just _____ in making an aeroplane which _____ flew high. I was deeply interested in _____ and was making my own _____ with flying machines. I really _____ in that little machine I had patched together and I decided it was time to prove its merits.

Q16. (a) succeeded (b) failed
(c) involved (d) engaged
Ans: (a) succeeded

Q17. (a) hardly (b) really
(c) highly (d) sincerely
Ans: (b) really

Q18. (a) science (b) history
(c) flying (d) making
Ans: (c) flying

Q19. (a) judgements
(b) experiments
(c) trying
(d) indulging
Ans: (b) experiments

Q20. (a) disbelieved
(b) believed
(c) relied (d) tried
(b) believed
Directions: In the following passage some of the words have been left out. Read the passage carefully and select the correct answer for the given numbered blank out of the four alternatives. In Greek mythology, it is said that Lycurgus, the ruler of Sparta, _____ a promise from his _____, assuring him of the immutability of his laws till he returned from an _____ journey. To make his laws immutable, Lycurgus _____. Seven justices of the Indian Supreme Court on a historic day in 1973 christened themselves as modernday Lycurguses, seeking to create, in India’s constitutional context, an island of immutability, _____ titled the “basic structure”.

Q21. (a) elicited (b) derived
(c) evinced (d) attested
Ans: (a) elicited

Q22. (a) nation (b) society
(c) subjects (d) community
Ans: (c) subjects

Q23. (a) impending (b) brewing
(c) approaching (d) looming
Ans: (a) Impending (Adjective) = used to refer to an event usually something unpleasant that is going to happen soon.

Q24. (a) did not return
(b) never did return
(c) never returns
(d) never returned
Ans: (d) never returned

Q25. (a) timely (b) aptly
(c) opportunely (d) pertinently
(b) Aptly (Adverb) = in a manner that is appropriate or suitable in the circumstances.

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