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Part 385 – Cloze Test Previous Year Questions

PassageIII The nation has been _____ as a relatively extensive, territorial relation of nativity. We have further formulated the _____ of the nation as a territorially _____, yet bounded, social relation for the generation, transmission, and _____ of life. When the nation is a national state, it is also a _____ for the protection of life. The nation is often _____ by the metaphor of familial relations and, indeed, has sometimes been considered as some kind of _____ family. This is understandable because both the nation and the family are relations of _____. Nonetheless, there is an important difference, and to understand this will _____ a more detailed examination of the _____ between territory and bonding.

Q1. (a) denied (b) designed
(c) defined (d) derived
Ans: (c) defined

Q2. (a) profession (b) purpose
(c) proposition (d) purport
Ans: (b) purpose

Q3. (a) extended (b) extrapolated
(c) excessive (d) extensive
Ans: (d) extensive

Q4. (a) susceptibility (b) subtraction
(c) sustenance (d) suspension
Ans: (c) sustenance

Q5. (a) structure (b) frame
(c) harness (d) garter
Ans: (a) structure

Q6. (a) defiled (b) descanted
(c) decried (d) described
Ans: (d) described

Q7. (a) extended (b) exhibited
(c) exhorted (d) exhumed
Ans: (a) extended

Q8. (a) family (b) bonding
(c) kinship (d) acquaintance
Ans: (b) bonding

Q9. (a) enquire (b) esquire
(c) retire (d) require
Ans: (d) require

Q10. (a) situation (b) enclaves
(c) relationship(d) chain
(c) relationship
Directions: In each of the following passages there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. Choose the correct word from the given options which fits the blank appropriately. PassageI When both myths and countermyths occur in the narrative field of a society, people can _____ the oppositions between them in unique ways. The psychological relevance of stories in the cases of myths and horror films may be in the experiencing of the _____ binary tensions, rather than in the manifest (_____) of the story. The tensions in the story is, however, _____ through the binary contrasts. The message conveyed is a _____ complex.

Q11. (a) internalize (b) externalize
(c) concretize (d) secularize
Ans: (a) internalize

Q12. (a) overlying (b) destructive
(c) comforting (d) underlying
Ans: (d) underlying

Q13. (a) relay (b) education
(c) content (d) morality
Ans: (c) content

Q14. (a) dissolved (b) dissipated
(c) opposed (d) maintained
Ans: (d) maintained

Q15. (a) holistic (b) constructive
(c) difficult (d) prolific
(a) holistic
Passage –II There is an old story told of a man who _____ into a deep sleep, His friend stayed by him as long as he _____. Being compelled to go and fearing that he might be in want, the friend hid a _____ in the old man’s garment, When the old man _____, not _____ that his friend had _____ a jewel in his garment, he wandered about in _____, hungry. A long time afterwards, the two men met again. The friend told the poor man about the jewel and _____ him to look for it. Like the old man in the story, people _____ about in this life, _____ of what is hidden away in their inner nature, pure and untarnished.

Q16. (a) fell (b) fall
(c) slept (d) fallen
Ans: (a) fell

Q17. (a) can (b) could
(c) should (d) will
Ans: (b) could

Q18. (a) sparkle (b) glimmer
(c) jewel (d) treasure
Ans: (c) jewel

Q19. (a) wake (b) waken
(c) arise (d) awoke
Ans: (d) awoke

Q20. (a) knowing (b) know
(c) known (d) knew
Ans: (a) knowing

Q21. (a) hiding (b) hidden
(c) conceal (d) hide
Ans: (b) hidden

Q22. (a) vane (b) vein
(c) vain (d) wane
Ans: (c) vain

Q23. (a) propose (b) considered
(c) suggested (d) advised
Ans: (d) advised

Q24. (a) wander (b) wonder
(c) direct (d) change
Ans: (a) wander

Q25. (a) conscious
(b) unconscious
(c) aware
(d) subconscious
(b) unconscious

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