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Part 382 – Cloze Test Previous Year Questions

PassageIII One day when king Rama was sitting on his _____ his ring fell off. When it touched the earth, it made a hole in the ground and disappeared into it. It was _____. His trusty henchman, Hanuman, was _____ his feet. Rama said to Hanuman, “Look, my ring is lost. _____ it for me.” Now Hanuman can enter any hole, no matter how tiny. He had the power to become the smallest of the small and larger than the largest thing. So he took on a _____ form and went down the hole. He went and went and went and _____ fell into the netherworld. There were women down there. “Look, a tiny monkey It’s fallen from above? Then they caught him and placed him on a platter (thali). The King of Spirits (bhut), who lives in the netherworld, likes to eat animals. So Hanuman was sent to him as part of his dinner, along with his vegetables. Hanuman sat on the platter, _____ what to do. While this was going on in the netherworld, Rama sat on his throne on the earth above. The _____ Vasistha and the _____ Brahma came to see him. They said to Rama, “We want to talk privately with you. We don’t want anyone to _____ what we say or interrupt it. Do we agree ?” “All right.” said Rama, “We’ll talk.”

Q1. (a) throne (b) rock
(c) bench (d) chair
Ans: (a) throne (N.)

Q2. (a) gone (b) vanished
(c) molten (d) returned
Ans: (a) gone (V.)

Q3. (a) on (b) in
(c) at (d) under
Ans: (c) at (Prep.)

Q4. (a) Replace (b) Make
(c) Return (d) Find
Ans: (d) find (V.)

Q5. (a) tiny (b) substantial
(c) corporeal (d) humungous
Ans: (a) tiny (Adj.) substantial (Adj.): large in amount, value/importance corporeal (Adj.): can be touched humungous (Adj.): enormous ; very big

Q6. (a) gradually
(b) surreptitiously
(c) cleverly
(d) suddenly
Ans: (d) suddenly (Adv.) surreptitiously (Adv.): in a quick/secret way so that other people do not notice

Q7. (a) wondering (b) thundering
(c) plundering (d) wandering
Ans: (a) wondering (V.)

Q8. (a) wife (b) daughter
(c) sage (d) animal
Ans: (c) sage (N.)

Q9. (a) Hanuman (b) God
(c) women (d) Spirit king
Ans: (b) God (N.)

Q10. (a) see (b) hear
(c) imagine (d) say
(b) hear (V.) (991–1000)
Directions: In the following questions, in the passage some of the words have been left out. Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer to each question out of the four alternatives and fill in the blanks. (I will always _____ the trip I made to the zoo in 1988. It was then that I _____ measles from one of my friends. Peter, who had _____ along too. Before he met us at the zoo, he had gone to visit his cousin who was _____ from measles. The next day, Peter was _____ of a sore throat, a bad cold and high fever. When he was diagnosed by a doctor as having measles, his parents rang me up to warn me that I had been _____ to measles too. By the next day, I was also showing/ having the same symptoms. My doctor _____ me to stay at home for the next two weeks. I was quite pleased with the doctor’s instruction. I spent the time reading storybooks, _____ to music and watching television. When I get bored, I would call up Peter, who also had to spend two weeks at home, for a chat. Unfortunately, the two weeks passed too/by quickly. When we _____ to school, we had to work twice as hard to _____ with our classmates. It was definitely not worth the ‘holiday’.

Q11. (a) remember
(b) remembered
(c) be remember
(d) remembering
Ans: (a) remember

Q12. (a) catch (b) will catch
(c) caught (d) catching
Ans: (c) caught (V.)

Q13. (a) went (b) gone
(c) going (d) go
Ans: (b) gone (V.)

Q14. (a) recover (b) revealed
(c) removed (d) recovering
Ans: (d) recovering (V.)

Q15. (a) complained (b) complain
(c) complaining (d) explained
Ans: (c) complaining (V.)

Q16. (a) exposed (b) exposing
(c) expose (d) exposable
Ans: (a) exposed (V.)

Q17. (a) advise (b) advised
(c) is advised (d) advising
Ans: (b) advised (V.)

Q18. (a) listening (b) looking
(c) listen (d) listened
Ans: (a) listening (V.)

Q19. (a) returning (b) is returned
(c) return (d) returned
Ans: (d) returned (V.)

Q20. (a) caught up (b) catching up
(c) catch up (d) catch
(c) catch up (Phr.V.) (1001 – 1010)
Directions: In the following questions, in the passage some of the words have been left out. Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer to each question out of the four alternatives and fill in the blanks. (The Red Indians _____ for the arrival of the bison. The beasts, which come only once a year, are a good source of meat and hide. The Red Indians _____ to survive the cold, bitter winter. Tikki, the young boy, _____ to look out for herd’s arrival. Everyday, he _____ to the top of the hill to see if he could spot them on the vast horizon. One night, while he _____ the ground shook _____ and his bag of arrows fell off from its hook on the wall. Tikki _____ of his wigwam and felt a strong gust of wind and dust gush past him. Shouting excitedly, he ran to the other wigwams and woke everyone up. A big fire _____ built and the Red Indians danced around it, giving praises to their God who had, at last, _____ their food and clothing of animal hide. The next morning, all the warriors _____ to hunt down the beasts which were grazing near the river.

Q21. (a) were waiting
(b) is waiting
(c) were waited
(d) are waited
Ans: (a) were waiting

Q22. (a) needing these
(b) needed these
(c) needed their
(d) needing this
Ans: (b) needed these

Q23. (a) was choose (b) is choose
(c) was chose (d) was chosen
Ans: (d) was chosen

Q24. (a) would running
(b) will running
(c) would run
(d) will be running
Ans: (c) would run

Q25. (a) is sleep (b) was sleeping
(c) was sleep (d) were slept
Ans: (b) was sleeping

Q26. (a) violently (b) violence
(c) violent (d) violet
Ans: (a) violently

Q27. (a) rushing out (b) rush out
(c) rushed out (d) rushed in
Ans: (c) rushed out

Q28. (a) were immediately
(b) was immediate
(c) were immediate
(d) was immediately
Ans: (d) was immediately

Q29. (a) send them (b) sent them
(c) sent their (d) send their
Ans: (b) sent them

Q30. (a) is assigned
(b) was assigning
(c) were assigned
(d) were assigning
(c) were assigned

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