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Part 377 – Cloze Test Previous Year Questions

Directions: In the following passage, there are blanks each of which has been numbered. Against each, four words are suggested. Find out the appropriate word in each case. (Every month, scientists (i) new gadgets and new ways to make technology faster and better. Our homes are full of hardware (such as DVD players and computers) (ii) and (such as computer games and MP3s) (iii) suggests, however, that it is the young people who are best able to deal with this change. Whereas teenagers have no problem (iv) a DVD player, their parents and grandparents often find using new technology (v) and different. But if you’re a teenager who criticizes your parents for their (vi) of technological awareness, don’t be too hard on them Sometime (vii) the future, when you’ve got children of your own, your (viii) to deal with new technology will probably (ix) and your children will feel more (x) with new technology than you do.

Q1. (vi) = ?
(a) lack (b) effect
(c) amount (d) storage
Ans: (a) lack (N.)

Q2. (v) = ?
(a) complicated
(b) automatic
(c) unique
(d) sudden
Ans: (a) complicated (Adj.)

Q3. (ix) = ?
(a) decrease (b) please
(c) able (d) easy
Ans: (a) decrease (V.)

Q4. (i) = ?
(a) estimate (b) invent
(c) found (d) discover
Ans: (b) invent (V.)

Q5. (iv) = ?
(a) inventing (b) explaining
(c) discovering (d) operating
Ans: (d) operating (V.)

Q6. (x) = ?
(a) easy (b) able
(c) comfortable(d) pleased
Ans: (c) comfortable (Adj.)

Q7. (ii) = ?
(a) software (b) laptops
(c) gadgets (d) screens
Ans: (c) gadgets (N.)

Q8. (vii) = ?
(a) on (b) in
(c) at (d) to
Ans: (b) in (Prep.)

Q9. (iii) = ?
(a) Research (b) Program
(c) Experiment
(d) Industry
Ans: (a) research (N.)

Q10. (viii) = ?
(a) ability (b) talent
(c) possibility (d) master
(a) ability (N.) (846 –855)
Directions: In the following passage, there are blanks each of which has been numbered. Against each, four words are suggested. Find out the appropriate word in each case. _____ by a library, it was recently _____ that parents wish their children to read books with high moral _____. Around two thousand parents were interviewed and most of them _____ Dickens ‘The Christmas Carol’ is a mustread for children. This Christmas tale _____ the filthy rich, _____ Scrooge and the poor contented Cratchit family offers lessons in moral duties. Another book which many parents marked out as a _____ read was Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’. The choice of this book was rather _____, because, this romantic novel is more likely to _____ teenagers, than children. Since Elizabeth’s final choice of Darcy is deeply rooted in strong moral _____, the parents, probably thought, she offers a good example for the girl child to follow.

Q11. (viii) = ?
(a) unfortunate
(b) unsuspected
(c) unnerving
(d) unexpected
Ans: (d) unexpected

Q12. (vii) = ?
(a) reconciliatory
(b) mandatory
(c) conclusive
(d) credible
Ans: (b) mandatory

Q13. (iv) = ?
(a) recommended
(b) remarked
(c) revised
(d) restored
Ans: (a) recommended

Q14. (i) = ?
(a) circulated (b) conducted
(c) employed (d) maintained
Ans: (b) conducted

Q15. (iii) = ?
(a) content (b) dilemma
(c) ground (d) deliberation
Ans: (a) content

Q16. (x) = ?
(a) discomfort
(b) dilemma
(c) consideration
(d) disturbance
Ans: (c) consideration

Q17. (ii) = ?
(a) exposed (b) inferred
(c) revealed (d) concurred
Ans: (c) revealed

Q18. (ix) = ?
(a) distract (b) repulse
(c) presume (d) attract
Ans: (d) attract

Q19. (v) = ?
(a) employing (b) devolving
(c) revolving (d) involving
Ans: (d) involving

Q20. (vi) = ?
(a) fastidious (b) finicky
(c) stingy (d) fussy
(c) stingy (856–860)
Directions: Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer to each question out of the four alternatives and fill in the blanks. _____. Here man could observe the animals and study their habits, and this knowledge must have, _____ him to tame them. It was again, easy for _____ people to domesticate animals and feed them on the husks of the grain that were left after threshing. In any event, sheep and goats, pigs and cattle and later horses and asses were tamed and kept in pens. Man, thus, _____ food from the soil and also from animals. In the pens, the animals could be observed even more closely. Calves suckling milk must have given man the idea that he too could get food other than meat from cows and goats. This practice which combines agriculture with the raising of animals is known as _____ farming. Animals, however, were chiefly used to provide meat and milk, they were yet to be used as beasts of burden or to draw the plough.

Q21. (iii) = ?
(a) business (b) farming
(c) rural (d) agricultural
Ans: (d) agricultural (Adj.)

Q22. (v) = ?
(a) joined (b) blended
(c) united (d) mixed
Ans: (d) mixed (Adj.)

Q23. (ii) = ?
(a) authorised (b) enabled
(c) modified (d) rendered
Ans: (b) enabled (V.)

Q24. (iv) = ?
(a) gained (b) obtained
(c) attained (d) achieved
Ans: (b) obtained (V.)

Q25. (i) = ?
(a) amassed
(b) concentrated
(c) strengthened
(d) intensified
(b) concentrated (V.) (861 – 870)

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