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Part 376 – Cloze Test Previous Year Questions

Directions: In the following questions, you have several passages where some of the words have been left out. Read the passages carefully and choose the correct answer to each blank out of the four alternatives. (PASSAGE I It is difficult to believe that any man can be so spiritually dead as to have no _____ for his native country after travelling in _____ lands. But if such an _____ person does exist, take careful note of his career; and you will find _____ he will never _____ poets to celebrate him in deathless song. He _____ be a man of _____ rank, of noble family and of _____ beyond the dream of avarice; but these great _____ will not save him from being forgotten. In spite of them all, he will win no _____ during his life time.

Q1. (a) kindness (b) love
(c) hatred (d) pity
Ans: (b) love (N.)

Q2. (a) foreign (b) abroad
(c) overseas (d) fine
Ans: (a) foreign (Adj.)

Q3. (a) unmerciful
(b) unsympathetic
(c) unnatural
(d) unpatriotic
Ans: (d) unpatriotic (Adj.)

Q4. (a) if (b) whether
(c) that (d) since
Ans: (c) that ((conj.)

Q5. (a) encourage (b) bribe
(c) inspire (d) kindle
Ans: (c) inspire (V.)

Q6. (a) may (b) can
(c) should (d) will
Ans: (a) may (Mod. V.)

Q7. (a) classic (b) high
(c) first (d) smart
Ans: (b) high (Adj.)

Q8. (a) riches (b) clothes
(c) eatables (d) furniture
Ans: (a) riches (N.)

Q9. (a) benefits (b) donations
(c) concessions
(d) advantages
Ans: (d) advantages (N.)

Q10. (a) position (b) job
(c) fame (d) happiness
(c) fame (N.) (811 – 820)
PASSAGE II Colour is _____ the soul of painting. Vishnudharamottara mentions four _____ colours, namely, white, black, blue and orange; _____ five basic colours are _____ by other authorities. According to Bharata’s Natyasastra colour _____ realness. Specific colours are _____ for particular castes or classes of people or for the _____ of _____ characters. Colour is descriptive as well as _____. Human temperament is _____ by colour.

Q11. (a) valued as (b) truly
(c) considered (d) really
Ans: (c) considered (V.)

Q12. (a) basic (b) important
(c) ground (d) significant
Ans: (a) basic (Adj.)

Q13. (a) only (b) while
(c) yet (d) when
Ans: (b) while (Conj.)

Q14. (a) pointed (b) accepted
(c) acceptable (d) mentioned
Ans: (d) mentioned (V.)

Q15. (a) means (b) shows
(c) symbolises (d) represents
Ans: (d) represents (V.)

Q16. (a) utilised (b) meant
(c) used (d) painted
Ans: (c) used (V.)

Q17. (a) revelation (b) exposition
(c) presentation (d) depiction
Ans: (d) depiction (N.)

Q18. (a) coarse (b) bad
(c) cruel (d) uncouth
Ans: (b) bad (Adj.)

Q19. (a) connotative (b) explanatory
(c) expository (d) meaningful
Ans: (a) connotative (N.)

Q20. (a) exposed (b) showed
(c) reflected (d) transmitted
(c) reflected (V.) (821 – 825)
PASSAGE III Then think of other conveniences the city has to offer; the _____ buses to take you from place to place; the bathrooms fitted with gleaming _____ fittings; the shops and super markets where you can buy all your _____ desires and so many other things impossible to list. When you live in the country long enough you are bound to miss all these _____ of _____ life.

Q21. (a) rickety
(b) vintage
(c) comfortable
(d) uncomfortable
Ans: (c) comfortable (Adj.)

Q22. (a) pantry (b) ceramic
(c) sanitary (d) plastic
Ans: (c) sanitary (Adj.)

Q23. (a) mind’s (b) heart’s
(c) emotion’s (d) pocket’s
Ans: (b) heart’s (N.)

Q24. (a) goods (b) amenities
(c) perks (d) points
Ans: (b) amenities (N.)

Q25. (a) Victorian (b) modern
(c) ancient (d) rural
(b) modern (Adj.) (826 – 835)

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