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Part 374 – Cloze Test Previous Year Questions

Directions: In the following questions, in the following passage some of the words have been left out. Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer to each question out of the four alternatives and fill in the blanks. (The other day I visited a refugee _____ where the victims _____ the Gujarat. Earthquake _____ in very _____ conditions. I was particularly _____ by an old woman who was determined to give _____ grandchildren a better future. She _____ a strong and _____ woman who even after the _____ of her own children undertook such a journey through life and never felt weak or broken but was an _____ for all.

Q1. (a) house (b) camp
(c) home (d) nest
Ans: (b) camp (Noun)

Q2. (a) of (b) to
(c) in (d) at
Ans: (a) of (Prep.)

Q3. (a) was living (b) are living
(c) were living (d) have lived
Ans: (c) were living (Verb)

Q4. (a) apathetic (b) sympathetic
(c) pathetic (d) empathetic
Ans: (c) pathetic (Adjective)

Q5. (a) cornered (b) collected
(c) worked (d) moved
Ans: (a) cornered (Verb)

Q6. (a) his (b) her
(c) its (d) their
Ans: (b) her (Pro.)

Q7. (a) were (b) had
(c) was (d) is
Ans: (c) was (Aux.V.)

Q8. (a) courageous (b) continuous
(c) ruinous (d) careful
Ans: (a) courageous (Adjective)

Q9. (a) life (b) death
(c) motionless (d) captivated
Ans: (b) death (Noun)

Q10. (a) happiness
(b) determination
(c) motivation
(d) inspiration
(d) inspiration (Noun) (751 – 760)
Directions: the following questions, you have several passages where some of the words have been left out. Read the passages carefully and choose the correct answer to each blank out of the four alternatives. (PASSAGE–I Childhood is a time when there are _____ responsibilities to make life difficult. If a child _____ good parents, he is fed, looked _____ and loved, whatever he may do. It is improbable that he will ever again in his life _____ given so much without having to do anything _____ return. In addition, life is always _____ new things to the child. A child finds _____ in playing in the rain or in the snow. His first visit _____ the seaside is a marvellous adventure. But a child has his pains; he is not so free to do as he wishes; he is continually being _____ not to do things or is being _____. His life is therefore not perfectly happy.

Q11. (a) many (b) little
(c) few (d) more
Ans: (c) few (Det., Adj.)

Q12. (a) had (b) have
(c) has (d) will have
Ans: (c) has (Aux.V.)

Q13. (a) up (b) at
(c) after (d) around
Ans: (c) after (Prep.)

Q14. (a) is (b) has
(c) are (d) be
Ans: (d) be (Aux. V.)

Q15. (a) for (b) in
(c) as (d) of
Ans: (b) in (Prep.)

Q16. (a) donating (b) displaying
(c) granting (d) presenting
Ans: (d) presenting (Verb)

Q17. (a) pain (b) progress
(c) pressure (d) pleasure
Ans: (d) pleasure (Noun)

Q18. (a) on (b) to
(c) in (d) for
Ans: (b) to (Prep.)

Q19. (a) ordered (b) told
(c) forbidden (d) restricted
Ans: (b) told (Verb)

Q20. (a) beaten (b) penalised
(c) disturbed (d) punished
(d) punished (Verb) (761–770)
PASSAGE–II Without water _____ animal can survive. In desert regions the greatest _____ to life is drying up. But many creatures are able to make use of _____ little water that exists in arid areas. One of nature’s masterpieces _____ creatures equipped to _____ with desert life is the hardy camel. Stories range the desert lands far and wide about _____ endurance feats by camels. It is said that camels can _____ a distance of about 800 miles in eight days through _____ travel without an intake of a single drop of water. The popular _____ that camels store water in the humps is _____ in a way; water is indeed stored there but in the form of fat.

Q21. (a) every (b) no
(c) any (d) desert
Ans: (b) no

Q22. (a) warning (b) worry
(c) requirement (d) threat
Ans: (d) threat

Q23. (a) what (b) the
(c) very (d) that
Ans: (b) the

Q24. (a) for (b) about
(c) among (d) with
Ans: (c) among

Q25. (a) live (b) resist
(c) bear (d) cope
Ans: (d) cope

Q26. (a) remarkable (b) little
(c) tolerable (d) popular
Ans: (a) remarkable

Q27. (a) measure (b) cover
(c) reduce (d) reach
Ans: (b) cover

Q28. (a) rapid (b) continuous
(c) regular (d) slow
Ans: (b) continuous

Q29. (a) belief (b) trust
(c) conception (d) notion
Ans: (a) belief

Q30. (a) baseless (b) wrong
(c) misleading (d) correct
(d) correct (771 – 775)

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