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Part 371 – Cloze Test Previous Year Questions

PASSAGE II Fear and anxiety are _____ forms of will. If you _____ to do Yoga, you must _____ fear. Fear is always a feeling to be _____ because what you fear is just the thing that is _____ to come to you. Fear _____ the object of fear. Unhappiness _____ the strength. This truth is the _____ for your transformation. The world will not change _____ but it will go forward as rapidly as it _____ can.

Q1. (a) unique (b) perverse
(c) different (d) accepted
Ans: (b) perverse (Adj.): negative

Q2. (a) dare (b) wish
(c) want (d) need
Ans: (b) wish (Noun)

Q3. (a) shrug off (b) throw away
(c) be aware of (d) get rid of
Ans: (a) shrug off (Phr. V.): minimize

Q4. (a) rejected (b) argued
(c) denied (d) refused
Ans: (a) rejected (Verb)

Q5. (a) probably (b) likely
(c) easily (d) possibly
Ans: (b) likely (Adv.)

Q6. (a) avoids (b) invites
(c) attracts (d) activates
Ans: (b) invites (Verb)

Q7. (a) eliminates (b) inactivates
(c) suppresses (d) weakens
Ans: (d)weakens (Verb)

Q8. (a) key (b) remedy
(c) reason (d) answer
Ans: (b)remedy (Noun)

Q9. (a) shortly (b) at once
(c) at a stretch (d) readily
Ans: (b) at once (Idiom)

Q10. (a) eventually (b) largely
(c) possibly (d) probably
(c) possibly (Adv.) (656 – 665)
Directions: In the following passages some of the words have been left out. Read the passages carefully and choose the correct answer to each question out of the four alternatives and fill in the blanks. PASSAGE I The presence of certain _____ makes friendship a special _____. A _____ friend is consistent and honest. A _____ is not _____ to give an honest _____ and does not say things for the sake of getting _____. A friend provides companionship and continuous _____. There is no room for pride, _____ or rivalry in _____.

Q11. (a) qualities (b) qualify
(c) frequencies
(d) degrees
Ans: (a) qualities (Noun)

Q12. (a) hardship (b) courtship
(c) scholarship
(d) relationship
Ans: (d) relationship (Noun)

Q13. (a) true (b) truth
(c) truthful (d) truly
Ans: (a) true (Adj.)

Q14. (a) befriend (b) friendship
(c) friend (d) friendly
Ans: (c) friend (Noun)

Q15. (a) fear (b) afraid
(c) fright (d) fret
Ans: (b) afraid (Adj.)

Q16. (a) opinion (b) concern
(c) dominion (d) suggestion
Ans: (a)opinion (Noun)

Q17. (a) approval (b) approve
(c) appear (d) disapproval
Ans: (a) approval (Noun)

Q18. (a) support (b) supportive
(c) suppress (d) provide
Ans: (a) support (Noun)

Q19. (a) jeopardize
(b) jealousy
(c) humility
(d) openmindedness
Ans: (b) jealousy (Noun)

Q20. (a) friendship (b) friendly
(c) befriend (d) courtship
(a) friendship (Noun) (666 – 675)
PASSAGE II Whenever I _____ at the moon, my heart _____ with pleasure. I wish I had _____ to fly up to the moon. I know if I could _____ to become an _____, I would be able to go to the moon. Special equipment and a _____ training are required to go to the moon. I would have to wear a special _____ along with a gasmask for _____. My space shuttle would be equipped with _____ cameras and other scientific _____.

Q21. (a) looked (b) saw
(c) viewed (d) gaze
Ans: (d) gaze (Verb)

Q22. (a) fills (b) filled
(c) field (d) feels
Ans: (a) fills (Verb)

Q23. (a) hands (b) wings
(c) legs (d) feelers.
Ans: (b) wings (Noun)

Q24. (a) grow up (b) mow
(c) blow (d) show
Ans: (a) grow up (Phr. V.)

Q25. (a) astrology (b) astronomy
(c) astronaut (d) aristocrat
Ans: (c) astronaut (Noun)

Q26. (a) special (b) ordinary
(c) common (d) natural
Ans: (a) special (Adj.)

Q27. (a) trousers (b) spacecraft
(c) spacesuit
(d) space formula
Ans: (c) spacesuit (Noun)

Q28. (a) breadth (b) breathing
(c) bathing (d) breathe
Ans: (b) breathing (Noun)

Q29. (a) sensitive (b) touchy
(c) primitive (d) decorative
Ans: (a) sensitive (Adj.)

Q30. (a) accessory (b) things
(c) intuition (d) gadgets
(d) gadgets (Noun) (676 – 680)

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