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Part 344 – Parajumbles Previous Year Questions

Q1. 1. Most libraries divide the catalogue cards into two. P. On the other hand if one wishes to find a book on a specific subject, subject cards can be consulted.

Q. Apart from author, title and subject, these cards can also contain other necessary information. R. If one knows the author or title, the book can be located with the author cards. S. They are author and title cards in one and the subject cards in the other. 6. This includes publisher and year of publication.
(a) RSPQ (b) QSRP
(c) SRPQ (d) PQRS
Ans: (c) SRPQ

Q2. 1. I stopped just outside the door of the hut. P. It was made dimmer by a thick pall of smoke that filled the room.

Q.The first thing I did then was to dash towards the boarded window and tear down the boards. R. Before venturing into it, I allowed a minute to pass to get my eyes accustomed to the dim light. S. As I finally stepped in to the murky space, I could discern the wasted frame of my old friend on the bed. 6. The dingy room, dangerously suffocating so far, was being filled with fresh air and pale sunbeams
(a) QSRP (b) PSQR
(c) SPRQ (d) RPSQ
Ans: (d) RPSQ

Q3. 1. Nicolas Chauvin, P. he became the laughing stock of all Europe thereafter

Q. a soldier of French empire so vociferously and uneasingly R. and this exaggerated and blatant patriot was S. aired his veneration of Napoleon Bonaparte that 6. known as a chauvinist.
(a) QSPR (b) PRQS
(c) RQSP (d) SRPQ
Ans: (a) QSPR

Q4. 1. Alternative medicine is, by definition, an alternative to modern, western medicine. P. Rather, they consider their disciplines as supplementary to orthodox medicine.

Q. The problem is that many doctors refuse to recognize alternative medicine. R. But the term ‘alternative’ can be misleading. S. Few practitioners of homeopathy, ayurveda etc. regard their therapies as substitutes for modern medicine. 6. However, the demand for alternative forms of medical therapy is stronger than ever before.
(a) SRPQ (b) QPSR
(c) PQRS (d) RSPQ
Ans: (d) RSPQ

Q5. 1. Small is big for quick service restaurants. P. Raising product prices may not fare well now.

Q. Companies are luring consumers by introducing “affordable” products. R. They are also shedding their “niche image”. S. Companies admit that sales are lower compared to the previous year. 6. Companies are focusing on small packs to boost volume growth.
(a) SPQR (b) PRQS
(c) QSPR (d) PQRS
Ans: (d) PQRS

Q6. 1. This practitioner is a member of P. by massage and other manipulative procedures a technique.

Q. the profession that originated in 1874 when Andrew T. still R. based on the theory that illness may be caused by the undue pressure S. devised a drugless technique of curing diseases 6. of displaced bones on nerves and blood vessels.
(a) QSPR (b) RPSQ
(c) RQSP (d) QRSP
Ans: (a) QSPR

Q7. 1. Few men can exert the full power of their intellect P. and of course the injury done to the health

Q. at the time when nature prescribes sleep R. must in the long run have a bad effect S. without ruining their health thereby, 6. on the quality of work done.
(a) QSPR (b) SQPR
(c) SQRP (d) SRQP
Ans: (b) SQPR

Q8. 1. Derozio was a very bright student who often stood first in English and other subjects and got gold medals. P. Derazio was a brilliant teacher.

Q. Students had great respect for this young teacher. R. He became a teacher of Hindu college (now presidency University) in the year 1826. S. He was 17 years old then and some of his students were even older than him. 6. Some students of senior classes also came to attend his lectures.
(a) QPSR (b) PQRS
(c) SRQP (d) RSPQ
Ans: (d) RSPQ

Q9. 1. Shark fin soup is one of the cruelest dishes in the world. P. Then they are thrown back into the water.

Q. The poor sharks are trapped. R. They usually bleed to death or drown. S. Their fins are sliced off. 6. As many as 73 million sharks meet this fate every year.
(a) QSPR (b) RSQP
(c) QSRP (d) SQPR
Ans: (a) QSRP

Q10. 1. It is not uncommon for close synonyms to be understood to share the same memory. P. The difference between words like ‘hard’ and ‘difficult’ goes unnoticed.

Q.One may employ one or other with complete indifference. R. In general this is well and good. S. Most people lack the linguistic sense to quibble over such trifles. 6. But for most of us it is of no less significance.
(a) PQRS (b) SRQP
(c) QRSP (d) PRSQ
Ans: (a) PQRS

Q11. 1. It is surprising to note that P. AIDS and SARS may hog news headlines

Q. that kill the most R. but it is heart attacks S. people in India every year. 6. This is something to be noted
(a) RQSP (b) RPSQ
(c) PRQS (d) SQPR
Ans: (c) PRQS

Q12. 1. The new government was formed. P. Now an administrator runs the show.

Q.The secretary has now announced a change of intentions. R. Then the earlier board was disbanded. S. They plan to hand down the cooperative to some private player. 6. Thus the State transport minister plans to revive the water transportation system
(a) RPQS (b) PQSR
(c) QSPR (d) SPQR
Ans: (a) RPQS

Q13. 1. The government on Thursday P. which was imposed to check

Q. that led to exodus of northeast people R. withdrew the ban on bulk SMS and MMS S. the spread of rumours related to the violence in Assam 6. from Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Pune.
(a) RPSQ (b) QSPR
(c) QPSR (d) RPQS
Ans: (a) RPSQ

Q14. 1. Trees have many uses. P. They give us fruit, wood, gum, oil, medicines and spices.

Q. Forest keep the air cool and bring rain. R. Trees give us many other useful things. S. Trees give out oxygen and maintain the level of oxygen in the air. 6. We can take shelter under the trees in the scorching summer sun
(a) RPQS (b) QPSR
(c) PQRS (d) SRPQ
(c) PQRS

Q15. 1. Once upon a time I went to Scotland. P. I found my flesh creep as I walked down its sinister corridor.

Q. There, in a castle in the dark, misty highlands, actually a modest hotel in Edinburgh, R. and the next morning he’d been found with his throat slit. S. We’d had dinner with Jock Mc. Arthur only the previous night, 6. The chill finger of suspicion pointed at all of us.
(a) PQSR (b) QRSP
(c) SRQP (d) QPSR
Ans: (d) QPSR

Q16. 1. The world is stunned with the news that 44 year old Steeve Irwin is no more. P. He was shooting in the Great Barrier Reef of Queensland.

Q. He is killed by the poisoned barb of a huge sting ray. R. The incident took place at about 11 am. S. He was shooting an underwater documentary film. 6. Irwin was brought to the surface unconscious.
(a) RSPQ (b) QSPR
(c) SPQR (d) PRSQ
Ans: (a) RSPQ

Q17. 1. Nalanda became India’s famous centre of education. P. Ten thousand Buddhist monks used to live there.

Q. It is situated near the town of Bihar Sharif. R. The ruins of Nalanda can still be seen. S. It was visited by the Chinese Pilgrim Hiuen Tsang. 6. He stayed there for several years.
(a) QPSR (b) SPQR
(c) RQPS (d) RPSQ
Ans: (c) RQPS

Q18. 1. One of the gifts of independence is the awakening of women of our country. P. Besides, their talent is recognized and they are appointed to high posts in the State.

Q. Free India has seen women as Governors, Ministers and Ambassadors. R. That is because our government is making efforts to raise their status. S. Women have a bright future in independent India. 6. We even had a woman Prime Minister.
(a) QPSR (b) QSPR
(c) SRPQ (d) SPQR
Ans: (c) SRPQ

Q19. 1. Grandpa had some old clothes. P. But my mother took them out and kept them neatly folded in the cupboard again.

Q. So he threw them into the waste basket. R. So he put the clothing into the family’s bag of items to donate to charity. S. My mother found them and put them back in his basket. 6. Grandpa finally put the items in my mother’s mending basket and never saw them again.
(a) RSQP (b) PQSR
(c) SRPQ (d) QSRP
Ans: (d) QSRP

Q20. 1. Technology is meant for bringing comfort to the body and spirituality brings comfort to the mind. P. But in India that never happened, religion has always encouraged Science.

Q. Scientists were persecuted. R. Here religion and Philosophy were never isolated practices. S. In the West, religion was always opposed to Science. 6. They intertwined with life, in music, art, drama, dance, painting and sculpture.
(a) SQPR (b) PQSR
(c) PRSQ (d) SRQP
Ans: (a) SQPR

Q21. 1. Mandela led the battle of freedom against slavery. P. The way was fighting with nonviolence and truth.

Q. He fought it in a unique way. R. This struggle brought the racists down to the ground. S. Many nations got their freedom in this way. 6. But some nations sti l l wouldn’t get the desired freedom.
(a) RSPQ (b) QPRS
(c) SPQR (d) PQRS
Ans: (b) QPRS

Q22. 1. The Cinema is a very valuable teaching aid. P. The Cinema is entertaining also .

Q. Historical films help the teacher of History. R. Science can also be taught very effectively through Cinema. S. Large number of people like social films. 6. Thus Cinema has a great impact on our society.
(a) PQRS (b) RQSP
(c) QRPS (d) SQRP
Ans: (c) QRPS

Q23. 1. Rola Sleiman parked her car in the only empty spot outside Tripoli’s evangelical church. P. But that’s not the only thing that makes her unique.

Q. She’s a pastor, and at 37, she’s younger than most of her colleagues. R. It is a small sandcoloured building with a simple facade and large wooden doors in the middle of the city. S. It was Sunday morning and, like every Sunday at around this time, Rola was headed to work. 6. Rola is also, as far as she knows, the only female pastor in Lebanon – and perhaps even in the entire Middle East.
(a) PRSQ (b) RSQP
(c) SQPR (d) SRPQ
Ans: (b) RSQP

Q24. 1. Our pleasures should be healthy so that they can impart a sense of wellbeing. P. This applies very much to the passion for sports.

Q. Some people become slaves to an enthusiasm and regard it as their real and only pleasure in life. R. It is quite possible that indulging this passion is doing them great harm. S. Modern sports have become so exaggerated that they can damage and sometimes destroy one’s health. 6. An enthusiasm for violent sports may well dig an early grave for the participant.
(a) QPRS (b) QSPR
(c) QRPS (d) QRSP
Ans: (c) QRPS

Q25. 1. The heart is the pump of life. P. They have even succeeded in heart transplants.

Q. Nowa-days surgeons are able to stop a patient’s heart and carry out complicated operations. R. A few years ago, it was impossible to operate on a patient whose heart was not working properly. S. If the heart stops we die in about five minutes. 6. All this was made possible by the invention of the heart lung machine.
(a) PQRS (b) QRSP
(c) RSQP (d) SRPQ
Ans: (c) RSQP

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