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Part 342 – Parajumbles Previous Year Questions

Q1. (A) for some time
(B) which is troublesome
(C) the weather becomes cool and pleasant
(D) though there is humidity in it
(a) DBAC (b) ACBD
(c) CBAD (d) CADB
Ans: (d) CADB

Q2. (A) has only spread to other parts of the world recently
(B) mango has been commericially cultivated
(C) for many years, although its cultivation
(D) in the Indo- Burma Malayan region of southeast Asia
(a) ADBC (b) DACB
(c) BDCA (d) BADC
Ans: (c)BDCA

Q3. (A) he did not take revenge on Ravi
(B) though he had
(C) as he was magnanimous
(D) done great harm to him
(a) CABD (b) ADCB
(c) BCAD (d) DACB
Ans: (a) CABD

Q4. (A) can make Indian farmers active
(B) growth of industries,
(C) throughout the year
(D) in cities around the villages
(a) BADC (b) CADB
(c) DCAB (d) BDAC

Q5. A. explained angrily B. the bricklayer C. leaving the site D. his reasons for
(a) BADC (b) DCAB
(c) CBAD (d) ADCB
Ans: (a) BADC

Q6. A. which had some B. had no use C. I found a firm D. components for which they
(a) DACB (b) CADB
(c) BDAC (d) CBDA
Ans: (b)CADB

Q7. A. the most suitable materials B. because that is C. it of wood D. we made
(a) CADB (b) ACBD
(c) DCBA (d) BADC
Ans: (c) DCBA

Q8. A. get some peace B. he left home C. his parents could D. in order that
(a) BDCA (b) CBDA
(c) DCAB (d) ADCB
Ans: (a)BDCA

Q9. A. coal as a fuel B. in place of wood C. during this period D. people were beginning to use
(a) CDAB (b) DCAB
(c) BDAC (d) ACDB
Ans: (a) CDAB

Q10. A. try to use the camera B. carefully C. before you D. read the manual
(a) BDCA (b) DCAB
(c) ACBD (d) CADB
Ans: (d)CADB

Q11. A. are not allowed B. to change to a different class C. unless there is a special reason D. students
(a) CDBA (b) BADC
(c) ACBD (d) DABC
Ans: (d) DABC

Q12. A. she had taken a seat B. I put a woollen rug C. after D. over her knees
(a) ADBC (b) CDAB
(c) CABD (d) BACD
Ans: (c)CABD

Q13. A. undoubtedly to be B. our aim C. it ought D. to raise the minds of the natives
(a) CABD (b) DBAC
(c) ADCB (d) BADC
Ans: (a) CABD

Q14. A. indeed B. that he might have passed C. he was D. so eloquent
(a) BADC (b) DACB
(c) ABDC (d) CDAB
Ans: (d)CDAB

Q15. A. She arrived where Gerard’s branch started. B. His heart stood still. C. The bear was mounting steadily uphill. D. But then he thanked God.
(a) BCDA (b) ABCD
(c) CABD (d) DCAB
Ans: (c) CABD

Q16. A. While a student in London he began to take an interest in contemporary politics. B. Wells was a British author and one of the earliest writers of science fiction. C. But he later received a scholarship to study science in London. D. He came from a lower middle class family and was apprentice to a draper at the age of fifteen.
(a) ADCB (b) BDCA
(c) BCAD (d) ACBD
Ans: (b)BDCA

Q17. A. tends to create havoc B. even in small quantities C. the regular use of alcohol D. in many organs of the body
(a) BDCA (b) DACB
(c) CBAD (d) ACBD
Ans: (c) CBAD

Q18. A. I learned to walk and to talk B. Time passed C. I began to notice things D. I remember my mother with her pretty hair and youthful figure unlike Peggoty
(a) DCBA (b) BACD
(c) ACDB (d) DBAC
Ans: (b)BACD

Q19. A. I was about to examine the hull which formed on deck a kind of horizon platform. B. Daybreak appeared. C. Suddenly, I felt it gradually sinking. D. The morning mists surrounded us, but they soon cleared off.
(a) CABD (b) ABDC
(c) DBAC (d) BDAC
Ans: (d) BDAC

Q20. A. It came upon me and buried me deep in its own body and carried me swiftly towards the sea. B. I soon found it impossible to avoid it. C. I saw the sea come after me as high as a great hill and as furious as an enemy. D. I got upon my feet and endeavoured to make towards the land as fast as possible before another wave should return.
(a) DCBA (b) ADBC
(c) CBAD (d) BADC
Ans: (a)DCBA

Q21. A. At first glance all I could discern was a massive stone table running down its length. B. This apartment was not nearly so well lighted as the vast stalactite antecave. C. I stared down the passage and found myself in a gloomy apartment some 20 feet long, which in some past age had been hollowed out by hand out of the mountain. D. Next, I discovered a brown thing seated on the table in the centre.
(a) BADC (b) CBAD
(c) DABC (d) ABDC
Ans: (b) CBAD

Q22. A. At last, having used up every tower, they wrote ‘H. East’ and ‘T. Brown’ on the minute hand of the great clock. B. So they climbed the walls to the top of the school, and found a number of tennis balls. C. In doing so, they held up the minute hand and so upset the clock’s timing. D. They liked it so much up there that they went back again and spent their time carving their names on the top of every tower.
(a) BDAC (b) DABC
(c) CDBA (d) ACBD
Ans: (a)BDAC

Q23. A. Tagore pointed out various evils of society of the time. B. And the beginning of the twentieth century were very traditionbound. C. The Indian people in the nineteenth D. Through the Brahmo Samaj he tried to abolish evil customs like childmarriage and caste system.
(a) BADC (b) CBAD
(c) ABCD (d) BACD
Ans: (b) CBAD

Q24. A. The phantom head created by the witches warned him against Macduff. B. The second time they gave him some very ambiguous hope. C. But a bloody child and a child crowned with a golden crown encouraged him to be bold and proud. D. When Macbeth met the weird sisters or witches.
(a) DBAC (b) BACD
(c) CABD (d) DABC

Q25. (A) We can give him
(B) and let him do nothing
(C) to lock up a man
(D) is one of the cruelest punishments
(a) CBDA (b) DCAB
(c) ADCB (d) BDCA
Ans: (a) CBDA

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