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Part 341 – Parajumbles Previous Year Questions

Q1. 1. Abanidranath Tagore was the leading painter of Bengal. P. He tried to modernise Mughal and Rajput styles to offset their influence.

Q. He countered the British Raj through his paintings. R. He succeeded and his style was accepted as a natural Indian style. S. During his time western model of art was taught in the schools. 6. Above all this great painter was a nephew of Rabindranath Tagore.
(a) QPSR (b) SPQR
(c) RPSQ (d) QSPR
Ans: (d) QSPR

Q2. 1. The highway bypass would have disastrous effects on the area’s home owners. P. Finally the new road would cause residential properties to depreciate.

Q. What is more, home owners would have to deal with the increased noise and pollution. R. This would increase vehicles in the neighbourhood. S. The new road would cut directly through the middle of the subdivision. 6. This means that families who chose to move away would have to sell their homes for far less than their current value.
(a) SRQP (b) PQRS
(c) SPQR (d) QRPS
Ans: (a) SRQP

Q3. 1. Other than Rome, Philadelphia has maximum number of murals. P. Jane Golden started a programme pairing troubled youths with artists to paint murals.

Q. Young people got involved in creating magnificent pieces of art. R. The benefit could immediately be discovered. S. The young people became more responsible. 6. As a result, the mural programme became a model for other US cities seeking to help troubled youth.
(a) PRQS (b) PQRS
(c) SPQR (d) QRPS
Ans: (a) PRQS

Q4. 1. According to Greek mythology, Atlas was a Titan of enormous strength. P. Zeus ordered Atlas to carry the earth and sky for all eternity.

Q. Because of his association with the globe, maps began to be decorated with this image of Atlas. R. Atlas is shown as a stooped figure carrying the globe on his shoulders. S. Finally, the word ‘atlas’ came to denote a collection of maps. 6. Today an ‘atlas’ refers to any book that consists of several maps.
(a) PQRS (b) PRQS
(c) QRPS (d) QSPR
Ans: (b) PRQS

Q5. 1. At the age of four, Jagadish Chandra Bose was sent to a village ‘Pathshala’. P. This step proved beneficial to the boy, for he thus became familiar with his mother tongue and learnt to read and write it.

Q. This was very unusual because a man of his father’s status was expected to send his son to an English school. R. He also became acquainted with some of the rich treasures of Indian culture. S. He mixed with children of all castes and lost the sense of class superiority. 6. His mother, too, reinforced what he learnt and did at school.
(a) PRQS (b) RQPS
(c) QPSR (d) SQRP
Ans: (c) QPSR

Q6. 1. A devastating earthquake struck Maharashtra and parts of Karnataka. P. The communication network cut off the quake hit villages from the rest of the world.

Q. The quake measured 6.6 on the Richter scale. R. Ten thousand people were killed and an equal number of people were injured. S. 40 villages of Maharashtra were destroyed completely. 6. 10 medical teams of the Army were sent from Mumbai to the devastated zone.
(a) SPQR (b) SQPR
(c) QRSP (d) PQSR
Ans: (c) QRSP

Q7. 1. Child labourers are posing a grave problem before India. P. Children are paid low wages and the heinous opportunism of employers leads to the employment of children.

Q. The government is indifferent to this problem and common people lack awareness in guarding against this social crime. R. It is the extreme poverty of parents that leads children to earn at a minor age. S. The illiteracy of parents is also responsible for this evil. 6. For the solution of this problem we need a thorough economic reform and the spread of literacy.
(a) QPSR (b) PQSR
(c) QPRS (d) RSPQ
Ans: (d) RSPQ

Q8. 1. The main reason behind Global Warming is the emission of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane. P. The ozone layer of the earth is depleted by cosmic research resulting in the warming of the atmosphere.

Q. Burning of fuels in cars and factories results in the emission of harmful gases in the air. R. Cosmic oriented research work and test fire of atom bombs are also the causes of Global Warming. S. As a result of the rise in the temperature, polar icecaps and icebergs melt down and the water level in seas and rivers swells. 6. Natural disasters like Tsunami, earthquake may also result from Global Warming.
(a) PQRS (b) QRPS
(c) RPQS (d) SQPR
Ans: (b) QRPS

Q9. 1. The telescope, originally invented by a Dutch spectacle maker Hans Lippersky was kept a secret. P. He made a high powered telescope from lenses got from spectacle makers.

Q. Then in 1609, Galileo heard about the invention. R. He presented a telescope of a higher power to the Venetian Senate. S. He conducted his own experiments and discovered the secret within 24 hours. 6. Galileo became famous as the inventor of the telescope because he made it popular.
(a) PQSR (b) QSPR
(c) RPQS (d) QRPS
(b) QSPR

Q10. (A) to understand
(B) to many people
(C) threatening and even impossible
(D) grammar appears
(a) CABD (b) BDCA
(c) DACB (d) ADBC
Ans: (b) BDCA

Q11. (A) a lazy sulky
(B) the rascal is
(C) him at arms length
(D) good for–nothing, keep
(a) BADC (b) DCAB
(c) ADCB (d) CDBA
Ans: (a) BADC

Q12. (A) into the office
(B) someone broke
(C) highly confidential letters (D) and stole some
(a) CABD (b) ABCD
(c) BADC (d) BDCA
Ans: (c) BADC

Q13. (A) the public
(B) aim is to educate
(C) the NGOS’s
(D) about the danger of smoking
(a) CBAD (b) ABDC
(c) BADC (d) CADB
Ans: (a) CBAD

Q14. (A) although a great scientist
(B)Einstein was weak in arithmetic
(C)right from his school days
(D) it has been established that
(a) ADBC (b) DABC
(c) DCBA (d) DBCA
Ans: (b) DABC

Q15. (A) people blame others for their misdeeds
(B) of the presentdayWorld arise
(C) most of the troubles
(D) from the fact that instead of doing their duty
(a) CBDA (b) DCBA
(c) ABDC (d) CBAD
Ans: (a) CBDA

Q16. (A) his writings are so philosophical
(B) to read between the lines
(C) that it is sometimes difficult
(D) and find out what he wants to convey
(a) ACBD (b) ABCD
(c) BCAD (d) BDAC
Ans: (a) ACBD

Q17. (A) choice of goals that are not
(B) wisdom is equally needed
(C) only beneficient but also attainable
(D) in private life in the
(a) BDAC (b) ADCB
(c) ABCD (d) CBDA
Ans: (a) BDAC

Q18. (A) to raise their status
(B) from others
(C) and to gain acceptance
(D) people follow fashion
(a) DBCA (b) ABCD
(c) BCAD (d) DACB
Ans: (d) DACB

Q19. (A) have some influence on
(B) alter much of his natural bent
(C) no doubt, education and sorroundings
(D) the direction of a man’s life; but they do not
(a) CADB (b) DACB
(c) CBAD (d) ADBC
Ans: (a)CADB

Q20. (A) reasons for this failure
(B) one of the principal
(C) dare not take risks
(D) is that many people
(a) BADC (b) CBAD
(c) ACBD (d) BDAC
Ans: (a) BADC

Q21. (A) whole of last year
(B) twice
(C) during the
(D) I only went fishing
(a) CADB (b) BADC
(c) ACBD (d) DCAB
Ans: (a)CADB

Q22. (A) a vaulable aid to education
(B) the cinema offers
(C) not only amusement
(D) but is also
(a) DABC (b) BCDA
(c) BDAC (d) CBDA
Ans: (b) BCDA

Q23. (A) well skilled in his job
(B) he is a capable person..
(C) but his roughness of a rustic nature
(D) devalues his achievements
(a) BCDA (b) ADBC
(c) CDBA (d) BACD
Ans: (d)BACD

Q24. (A) just to prove
(B) disparaging each new production
(C) no one liked their caustically
(D) the playwright’s worthlessness
(a) CBAD (b) DBAC
(c) CDAB (d) ADBC
Ans: (a) CBAD

Q25. (A) inside the auditorium
(B) other people
(C) apart from us
(D) there were several
(a) CDBA (b) ABDC
(c) CBDA (d) BDAC
Ans: (a)CDBA

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