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Part 337 – Parajumbles Previous Year Questions

Q1. 1. Can any one P. falsehood triumph

Q. and let R. for a long time S. suppress truth 6. permanently ?
(a) RQSP (b) QPRS
(c) SRQP (d) PRQS
Ans: (c) SRQP

Q2. 1. And then word P. came from inside

Q. meet the released civilians, R. that after all, S. the press could 6. but fleetingly.
(a) RSQP (b) SRPQ
(c) PRSQ (d) RPQS
Ans: (c) PRSQ

Q3. 1. The man, P. and no one passing him in the street

Q. was singularly inconspicuous R. who was called Alfred Nobel S. would have given him 6. another look.
(a) RQPS (b) QPSR
(c) PSQR (d) SPRQ
Ans: (a) RQPS

Q4. 1. In paliopathology P. would be to obtain

Q. the fundamental objective R. background information S. as much 6. on the skeleton as possible.
(a) PRQS (b) RPSQ
(c) QPSR (d) SRQP
Ans: (c) QPSR

Q5. 1. Generally speaking, P. for me by those who have invited me or

Q. follow programmes that have been worked out R. who offer themselves as guides and usually in such cases, S. the journeys that I undertake for the purpose of publicity 6. I find the things 1 have to do, wearisome.
(a) RPQS (b) SQPR
(c) QRPS (d) PRSQ
Ans: (b) SQPR

Q6. 1. Jeff is a very good dancer, P. who always tries new dance steps

Q. while the rest of the class is struggling. R. which are demonstrated, S. and masters them quickly 6. He shows off.
(a) RPQS (b) SQPR
(c) QRPS (d) PRSQ
Ans: (d) PRSQ

Q7. 1. These positive effects vary from genetic changes that P. to other related infections,

Q. make us more resistant to the diseases responsible R. for epidemics and S. which have effects on human that are 6. hard to pin down and quantify.
(a) RPQS (b) QRPS
(c) SQPR (d) PRSQ
Ans: (b) QRPS

Q8. 1. After an entire generation of parents and teachers P. the level of depression.

Q. children’s selfesteem, an indicator of good mental health, R. has worked hard to improve its S. in young people has skyrocketed. 6. It is how we feel about ourselves,
(a) PQRS (b) QSRP
(c) RQSP (d) SPRQ
Ans: (c) RQSP

Q9. 1. The Bermuda Triangle is an area P. of many unexplained disappearances,

Q. the three points of the triangle being Miami, R. is famous for being the supposed site S. of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida and 6. Bermuda, and San Juan in Puerto Rico.
(a) PQRS (b) SRPQ
(c) QSRP (d) RPQS
Ans: (b) SRPQ

Q10. 1. Most of the people acquire P. which makes them hesitant

Q. their ancestral culture and R. to accept new ideas and theories of S. tradition without questioning them, 6. the changing world.
(a) SPRQ (b) QRSP
(c) QSPR (d) PQRS
Ans: (c) QSPR

Q11. 1. Local industries often P. protest the high salaries

Q. that this will unreasonably raise R. arguing vehemently S. offered by multinational firms 6. all wages to an excessive level.
(a) RQPS (b) PSRQ
(c) SRQP (d) PRSQ
Ans: (b) PSRQ

Q12. 1. Although fruits can no longer grow once picked, P. taking in oxygen and

Q. they continue to respire for sometime, R. giving off carbon dioxide, S. just as human beings do 6. when they breathe.
(a) QPRS (b) SQPR
(c) RPQS (d) PRSQ
Ans: (a) QPRS

Q13. 1. The multi sourcing of P. financial mess with

Q. coins led to a R. using their own mix of S. different mints 6. metals and alloys.
(a) QPSR (b) PSRQ
(c) RPQS (d) SQRP
Ans: (a) QPSR

Q14. 1. It may seem odd P. one should only read

Q. but people read for such a R. to have to insist that S. because one liked it 6. variety of reasons.
(a) QPSR (b) RSPQ
(c) SPRQ (d) RPSQ
(d) RPSQ

Q15. 1. Efforts should be made to stimulate exports. P. We have another source of foreign exchange.

Q. But people are reluctant to part with it. R. I mean the huge quantities of hoarded gold. S. It is necessary to increase our foreign exchange reserves. 6. If they are willing, gold can be sold abroad.
(a) PRSQ (b) SPRQ
(c) SRPQ (d) PSRQ
Ans: (b) SPRQ

Q16. 1. The vegetable bin of my refrigerator contained an assortment of weird — looking items. P. The carrots dropped into U shapes as I picked them up with the tips of my fingers.

Q. To the right of the oranges was a bunch of carrots that had begun to sprout points, spikes and tendrils. R. Near the carrots was a net bag of onions. S. Next to a shriveled, whitecoated lemon were two oranges covered with blue fuzz. 6. Each onion had sent curling shoots through the net until the whole thing resembled a mass of green spaghetti.
(a) SQPR (b) QSRP
(c) PRSQ (d) RSQP
Ans: (a) SQPR

Q17. 1. There was no proper light system on the highway. P. In addition, clouds were gathering in the sky.

Q. The night was darker than usual. R. Then suddenly, the wind dropped. S. The atmosphere now was very stuffy. 6. The moon also hid behind the clouds and it made the night gloomier.
(a) QRPS. (b) RPQS
(c) QPRS (d) SPRQ
Ans: (c) QPRS

Q18. 1. AIDS is a disease caused by a virus called HIV. P. This results in the victim’s inability to defend themselves from any infections leading to death.

Q. This disease destroys part of the body’s immune system. R. AIDS patients are carriers of the virus. S. People who are infected develop AIDS within five to ten years. 6. And they are infected for years without knowing it and transmit the disease to others.
(a) QPSR (b) PSQR
(c) RSQP (d) SRPQ
Ans: (a) QPSR

Q19. 1. Helen Keller has an ageless quality about her in keeping with her amazing life story. P. Although warned by this human reaction, she has no wish to be set aside from the rest of mankind.

Q. She is an inspiration to both blind and who can see everywhere. R. When she visited Japan after World War II, boys and girls from remote villages ran to her, crying, ‘’Helen Keller”. S. Blind, deaf and mute from early childhood, she rose above her triple handicap to become one of the best known characters in the modern world. 6. She believes the blind should live and work with their fellows, with full responsibility.
(a) QPSR (b) PQSR
(c) RSQP (d) SQRP
Ans: (d) SQRP

Q20. 1. India led the battle of freedom against imperialism. P. That technique brought us success.

Q. We therefore championed the cause of other countries. R, We fought it with a special technique. S. We are happy that they achieved freedom. 6. But some countries are still slaves.
(a) QSRP (b) SRPQ
(c) RPQS (d) RSQP
(c) RPQS

Q21. 1. A lot of people simply dump their rubbish in open bins. P. All sorts of diseases are carried by the flies.

Q. Then they come into the house and infect uncovered food. R. In this rubbish the flies breed and multiply. S. Such carelessness invites flies to the rubbish. 6. Consumption of such food can only bring disease and sickness.
(a) SPQR (b) RQPS
(c) RPQS (d) SRQP
Ans: (d) SRQP

Q22. 1. Madurai is a historically important place. P. Besides all these the Chitra festival attracts visitors.

Q. It has the famous Meenakshi Temple. R. The place is also famous for the jasmine flower. S. Further it is an architectural marvel. 6. Due to all these factors Madurai is a popular tourist spot.
(a) QSRP (b) RSPQ
(c) PQRS (d) SRPQ
Ans: (a) QSRP

Q23. 1. A jackal fell into a dyer’s tub. P. He ordered that he should be respected.

Q. Meanwhile a lion arrived on the scene. R. He posed as the King of the forest. S. The dyed jackal ran away. 6. Other jackals ran after him and tore him to pieces.
(a) PQRS (b) QPRS
(c) SQRP (d) RPQS
Ans: (d) RPQS

Q24. 1. Six year old Prabodh aimed his toy gun at his sister while playing. P. ‘You may aim at the pole, or at the wall or at the tree, where no one can get hurt.’

Q. Mother got up immediately saying, ‘No one shoots a human being’ and calmly removed the gun from Prabodh. R. Still Prabodh aimed his gun at the kid. S. When his mother saw this she said, ‘No, Prabodh Not at the baby ’ 6. With such a firm action on his mother’s part, Prabodh realized where the gun should not be aimed.
(a) PRSQ (b) QSPR
(c) SPRQ (d) SRQP
Ans: (c) SPRQ

Q25. 1. A man wearing dark sunglasses walked into the bank. P. Then he shouted, “Give me all your money, all the money in this bank right now.”

Q. Everyone in the lobby screamed and started running. R. He went up to the teller and held up a hand grenade for all to see. S. Nervously the young female teller handed the man three big bags loaded with cash. 6. Holding the grenade in one hand and the bags in the other, he walked out of the building.
(a) PSRQ (b) QSPR
(c) RPQS (d) SRQP
Ans: (c) RPQS

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