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Part 296 – IDIOMS/PHRASES Previous Year Questions

Q1. 15th August is a redletter day in the history of India.
(a) an important day
(b) blooddonation day
(c) holiday
(d) a historical occasion
Ans: (a) a redletter day: an important/ auspicious day. Republic Day is a red–letter day in our history. The best option is an important day

Q2. A: Can you help me ? B: Sure, I’ll be finished with this in a second.
(a) be thorough
(b) be satisfied
(c) be exhausted
(d) be through
Ans: (d) finish with something: to have something at the end, to stop doing something, be through. I’ll be finished with this matter by the end of the day. The best option is be through

Q3. I have a feeling in my gut that her husband is cheating her.
(a) strong instinct
(b) slight hint
(c) lot of Proof
(d) strong fear
Ans: (a) gut feeling: based on feeling and emotions rather than thought and reason. My gut feeling was that she was lying. The best option is strong instinct

Q4. out of sorts
(a) not rich (b) out of reach
(c) out of sight (d) not well
Ans: (d) out of sorts: ill/sick or upset She was tired and out of sorts by the time she arrived home. The best option is not well.

Q5. to keep the wolf away from the door
(a) to keep off starvation
(b) to guard against wild animals
(c) to guard against enemies
(d) to keep aloof from disputed matters
Ans: (a) to keep the wolf away from the door: to have enough money to avoid going hungry; to stop somebody feeling hungry. I don‘t make a lot of money, just enough to keep the wolf from the door. The best option is to keep off starvation.

Q6. The future of Kashmir is still a vexed question.
(a) controversial
(b) None of the given options.
(c) important
(d) confused
Ans: (a) a vexed question: a problem that is difficult to deal with ; thorny. The conference spent days discussing the vexed question of border controls. The best option is controversial

Q7. a golden mean
(a) comfortable and easy work
(b) middle course between two extremes
(c) a sudden sad event
(d) a subject of contention
Ans: (b) a golden mean: a course of action that is not extreme. The importance of the golden mean is that it re–affirms the balance needed in life. The best option is middle course between two extremes.

Q8. I have clean hands, so why should I be afraid of any one.
(a) beautiful (b) faulty
(c) innocent (d) hygienic
(c) clean hands: not offensive; not doing anything immoral. I’m clean hands, so I’m not afraid of appearing before the judge. The best option is innocent

Q9. Anand is a nice guy, but sometimes he really gets on my nerves.
(a) makes me nervous
(b) shakes my self–confidence
(c) annoys me
(d) makes me uncomfortable
Ans: (c) get on somebody’s nerves: to annoy somebody It really gets on my nerves when people hang up without leaving a message. The best option is annoys me.

Q10. As a student, you should catch time by the forelock.
(a) speed up
(b) set up clock back
(c) slow down
(d) seize opportunity
Ans: (d) catch time by the forelock (Id.): not slip an opportunity ; act quickly and decisively Wise men catch time by the forelock. The best option is seize opportunity.

Q11. Receiving his first award was a shot in the arm for him.
(a) something that gives encouragement
(b) something that is painful
(c) something that needs attention
(d) something done with a purpose
Ans: (a) a shot in the arm: something that gives encouragement The opening of a new research centre will give a muchneeded shot in the arm. The best option is something that gives encouragement

Q12. It is sometimes wiser to rely on horse sense than on the advice of colleagues.
(a) advice of parents
(b) advice of teachers
(c) advice of colleagues
(d) basic common sense
Ans: (d) horse sense: basic common sense; ordinary practical knowledge of the best way to deal with people and situations. He is not a scholar but has a lot of horse sense. The best option is basic common sense

Q13. Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, was a man of letters.
(a) a great letter–writer
(b) a great politician
(c) a literary person
(d) a great patriot
(c) a man of letters: a man who is devoted to literary/scholarly pursuits. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was a man of letters. The best option is a literary person

Q14. I have taken fancy to this car.
(a) given imaginative touches
(b) revised
(c) developed liking for
(d) improved
Ans: (c) take fancy: to attract or please somebody; to start liking somebody/something often without an obvious reason. She’s got enough money to buy whatever takes her fancy. The best option is developed liking for

Q15. carry out
(a) bring
(b) continue
(c) complete something
(d) to take in
Ans: (c) carry out: to do and complete a task. Extensive tests have been carried out on the patient. The best option is complete something

Q16. He beats about the bush.
(a) talks sensibly
(b) talks continuously
(c) speak well
(d) does not talk specifically
(d) beat about the bush: to talk about something for a long time without coming to the main point. Stop beating about the bush and tell me what you want. The best option is does not talk specifically.

Q17. Television has become part and parcel of our lives.
(a) status symbol
(b) unavoidable luxury
(c) important part
(d) showy part
Ans: (c) part and parcel: an essential part; an important part. Keeping the accounts is part and parcel of something. The best option is important part

Q18. My kith and kin congratulated me on my brilliant success.
(a) niece and nephew
(b) father and mother
(c) relatives
(d) colleagues
Ans: (c) kith and Kin: friends and relatives. I sent cards to my kith and kin, inviting them on my 25th Anniversary. The best option is relatives.

Q19. His frequent journeys are telling upon his health.
(a) threatening (b) improving
(c) informing (d) affecting
(d) telling: showing effectively; having strong effect. His sleepless nights are telling upon his performance. The best option is affecting

Q20. He advised her to give a wide berth to malicious people.
(a) pay more attention to
(b) give a larger bed to
(c) share her seat with
(d) to stay away from
Ans: (d) give somebody/something a wide berth: to not go too near somebody/ something; to avoid somebody/something He gave the dog a wide berth. The best option is to stay away from

Q21. Russel Peters really brought the house down with his spectacular performance at the Club yesterday.
(a) passed a bill unanimously
(b) amused the audience greatly
(c) pulled down a
(d) defamed a family building
Ans: (b) bring the house down: to make everyone laugh or cheer, especially at a performance in the theatre. She really brought down the house with her comedy. The best option is amused the audience greatly

Q22. Tripti gave her report quoting chapter and verse.
(a) spoke like a preacher
(b) taught like a teacher
(c) referred to religious books
(d) provided minute details
Ans: (d) chapter and verse: the exact details of something, especially by the exact place where particular information may be found. I can’t give chapter and verse, but that’s the rough outline of our legal position. The best option is provided minute details

Q23. Sunil’s dog in a manger attitude did not help to settle the matter.
(a) cold (b) selfless
(c) selfish (d) warm
Ans: (c) a dog in the manger: a person who stops other people from enjoying what he or she cannot use or does not want. Stop being such a dog in the manger and let your sister ride your bike if you’re not using it The best option is selfish

Q24. If the speaker continues with his boring speech, the audience will probably vote with their feet.
(a) kick him out
(b) show their disapproval
(c) stop him from speaking
(d) choose him as leader
Ans: (b) vote with your feet: to show what you think about something by going or not going somewhere. Shoppers voted with their feet and avoided the store. The best option is show their disapproval

Q25. I threw up my cards for want of funds.
(a) put my whole income at stake
(b) looked out for help
(c) gave up my plan
(d) gambled all my money
Ans: (c) throw up cards: to give in ; to confess defeat Things looked black for her, but she did not intend to throw up the cards on that account. The best option is gave up my plans

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